Maybe Find A Better Way To Word That

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(We have reached a quiet moment and I am just standing at my checkout waiting for more customers. A man walks in from outside the shop and makes a beeline for my checkout.)

Man: “Give me all your money.”

Me: *absolutely terrified* “Uh… Pardon?”

Man: *holds up his EFTPOS card* “I need [large sum of money], and I just want to remove what you have available in your till and I’ll just get the rest from the others.”

You Can Go To Bell!

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(I work in a small deli. It’s a quiet afternoon and I have my back turned to the counter while I’m cleaning the chicken oven. I get the feeling I’m being watched.)

Me: “Oh, hi! Didn’t know you were there. What can I get you?”

Customer: “I want [product].”

Me: “Okay.” *gets the item, prices it for them*

Customer: “You should get some kind of noise maker so you know when people are here.”

Me: “Well, we do have a bell, right there on the bench. Or you could say hi, and I’ll know you’re there.”

Customer: “I don’t see a bell.”

(It’s literally right in front of them, and I point that out as calmly as possible.)

Customer: “Well, I bet it isn’t loud enough; I doubt you would hear it.”

Me: “Oh, I can assure you that when someone bothers to use it instead of just staring at my back, I can definitely hear it. Anything else I can get you?”

Customer: “You should get a better bell.”

(So many customers seem to think I have eyes in the back of my head. How hard is it to say hi or tap a bell?)

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Me and a few friends decide to get some doughnuts from a popular doughnut chain that recently opened in our city.

Friend: Hi I’d like a strawberry doughnut and a glazed doughnut and…
Worker: How many doughnuts total did you want?
Friend: ummm six
Worker: And would you like those in a box or bags?
Friend: Yeah sure
Worker: Which one?
Friend: Yes
Me: Oh my god he’s asking if you want a box or bag, it’s not a yes or no question
Friend: Oh um bags
Worker (to me): Thankyou so much

I get so many people like my friend at my work that I couldn’t resist having a go

A Sizably Good Problem To Have

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(I’m working the refunds desk when a very chipper woman comes to the counter.)

Me: “Hello. What can I help you with today?”

Customer: *with a huge smile* “Hi there. I bought this shirt here yesterday but I need to return it.” *hands me the receipt*

Me: “All righty, no problem. May I ask what was wrong with it?”

Customer: “It was a couple of sizes too big. Can I get an exchange for a smaller size? God, I haven’t been able to say that in ten years. I’m so freaking happy right now.”

Me: “Excellent. Congrats on that. Absolutely you can; just bring it to the other side of the desk when you have it.”

Customer: “Thanks so much. Today is an awesome freaking day!”

(I have seen her often over the years. She doesn’t shop in plus-size anymore, and the last time I saw her she was wearing an engagement ring.)

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(I’m taking a middle-aged lady’s coffee order)

Me: So that was a (coffee). Anything else with that?

Her: What?

Me: Was that all?

Her: Oh, yeah.

Me: Was that dine in or take away?

(She doesn’t reply)

Me: Sorry, did you want that dine in or take away?

Her: Huh?

Me: Dine in or take away?

Her: Yes.

(I give up and move on)

Me: That’ll be (price).

(She hands me several coins, but not enough to cover the cost.)

Me: Sorry, that’s (price). You only gave me (money).

Her: What? How much is it?

Me: (Price).

Her: Oh.

(She does nothing)

Me: You only gave me (money). I need 50 cents more.

Her: Ohhhh! Right.

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