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(It is the day of the 2016 presidential election. I am a transgender man who has not yet come out of the closet. I am checking out an older man and his wife, and having a really nice conversation with them, until…)

Customer: “You know, I’m glad that [Department Store] still knows the difference between a man and a woman and your bathrooms are clearly labeled. Tell your manager that I said so.”

Me: “…Okay, sir.”

(I remained polite to them for the rest of the transaction, but after they had left, I sighed and shook my head because that really upset me.)

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Where I work, we offer a bulk discount on certain items when you buy so many of them. As the cold season starts in, our bulk discount on our winter jackets and overalls becomes active and we advertise the bulk discounts just above these in red sleeves. Granted, some of the text is hard to see against the color scheme and printed in smaller letters, but they are spaced every 4 feet, top and bottom. Easy enough to point out.

Customer: “Hey, these jackets are %20 off, right?”

Me: “No, sir, not unless you buy more than 5 pieces.”

Customer: “Bull****! You have it advertised all over these clothes!”

Me: “Yes, sir. For the bulk discount. The print is smaller than it should be, but easy enough to see.”

Customer: “Don’t lie to me, you little b****! It says %20 off!”

I, for one, do not appreciate being yelled at, so I walk right up to one of the lower signs with the customer in tow, take the sign out, hold it in front of me at his eye level and read aloud the same thing that is printed on the other side.

Customer: “That’s false advertisement! I’m calling your corporate office to complain about your behavior and calling the Better Business Bureau!”

He just about runs out of the store, red faced and stammering all the way out. I later told a manager about what happened.

Manager: “You did good. People really should learn how to read. I’ve had maybe four of those, myself.”

And since then, I have had at least a dozen more people change their minds about buying jackets because they weren’t on sale.

Boys Will Be Boy Toys

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A little boy and his grandpa approach my counter and I ask to take their order. The grandpa orders his meal and then asks his grandson what kind of kids’ meal he would like. We are currently out of one kind of toy, so I mention it, offering to show him what other toys we have to offer. The boy starts repeatedly chanting loudly:


Grandpa and I both had to contain ourselves and he got a “boy toy.”

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(I work at a large 24-hour super center as a over night cashier, it is about 6am and I am on my last break for the day so I am sitting right across for the closed registers on my phone)

Very angry woman: “why are there no registers open?!”

Me: “oh, sorry I am on break if y-”

Very angry woman: “I do not use self check outs!!!”

Me: “okay… well if you just go down there… they have a register and the cashier will happily ring y-”

Very angry woman: “NO! No self check out!!”

(I just so happen to see a manager walking by)

Me: “hey, could you ring her up?”

Manager: “sure!”

Very angry woman: “NO! There is no light on! You know what?! Forget it! You just lost a $15 order!!”

(She stormed off leaving the two items she had which actually cost roughly $5 in her cart)

Manager: “idiot”

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I pulled into a gas station to fuel up my car – a regular gas station where you pre-pay at the pump or inside before they allow you to begin fueling. On the other side of the pump from me was a woman who I ignored at first.

Woman: *random disgruntled muttering*
Me: *fills my tank, tries not to hear her*
Woman: angrier muttering*
Me: *thinking* Oh, this sign says I can get two slices of pizza for $3 inside, what a de-
Woman: That’s it! I’ve had it! These prices are just ridiculous! I’m not paying this much for a tank of gas! *she slams the nozzle back into the pump* None of you should stand for this! Do you hear me?

Then she stormed over to her car, slammed the door open, launched herself inside, slammed the door shut, and peeled out of the parking lot, almost causing a wreck as she entered traffic. Nobody bothered to chase her, as of course she had already paid at the start!

Truly the most bizarre thing I have ever seen at a gas station. I couldn’t stop laughing the rest of the afternoon.