Heavy Duty

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My store has just gotten used railroad ties in and they’ve gotten pretty popular with customers for use on farms. I’m a small female, and though I’m used to doing heavy loads, these can be tricky as the ties are probably about 200 pounds each. 

Today, one customer buys ten of them. I go out with the forklift and get ready to load these on a trailer. The customer — a big farmhand kind of guy — greets me, I sign his receipt, and… he gets back in his truck.

I don’t have an issue loading heavy stuff, but people normally tell me why they can’t help — bad back, not allowed to lift, etc. — but this guy said nothing else and got into his truck to talk with his wife. Okay. 

So, I proceed to load the first couple ties onto the forklift, drive it over to the trailer, and start to unload. One tie slips and falls right onto my foot. I scream in pain, keeping obscenities from bursting out of my mouth, but I keep working. 

The windows are down and I know they can hear me, so I know my pain is being ignored. 

As I limp back to the forklift to get the last few ties, my boss’s husband comes over, as he was getting something from the lot we were next to, and offers to help me out. I take his help, gratefully, and we get the last of them in the trailer. As the last one lands on top, the customer calls out, “Have a great night!”

He couldn’t be bothered with cries of pain but offers a thanks when he gets what he came for?

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License To Be Difficult

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A woman comes up to the customer service counter to pick up an order that was shipped to the store. Where I work, we are required to fill out a form with the customer’s name and address as it appears on their driver’s license so that we can track them down in case the order is picked up by the wrong person.

Customer: “I need to sign for my order.”

I find her form in the book.

Me: “Okay. I’ll just need to see your driver’s license, and then you can sign and be on your way.”

Customer: *Groans* “I left it out in the car. Do you really need it? You guys know me; I come in here all the time.”

I don’t recognize this woman. We get lots of customers who come in all the time.

Me: “I’m sorry, but it’s our store’s policy. I have to copy your name and address on your license before you can sign for your order.”

The customer goes out to her car and comes back with her license.

Customer: “Okay, here it is.”

The customer flashes her license so I can barely get a glimpse of it.

Me: “Ma’am, I need to copy your name and address on this form. Please let me see your license.”

Customer: “I’m not letting you look at it anymore.”

Me: “I’m sorry, but I need to see your license, please.”

Customer: “Nope.”

I get a manager. After he argues with the customer for a minute, he advises me to just let her give me her name and address.

Customer: “My driver’s license number is [number].”

Me: “I don’t need your driver’s license number. Just your name and address.”

Customer: “My name is [Customer] and my driver’s license number is [number].”

Me: *Sigh* “All right, now what’s your address?”

The customer gives me her address and signs for her order.

Manager: “If she was gonna give you all the information off her driver’s license, why wouldn’t she just show it to you?”

Me: “I don’t know.”

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Unfiltered Story #207204

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(At our store, we have our own price tickets on items. Clearance stickers go on top of the bar codes on the price tickets. Each item has its own identification number, and cashiers must check that the numbers on the original ticket and the clearance sticker match, to prevent ticket switching.

A customer comes up to my counter with a buggy full of items, all of which are “final clearance,” which means once at that price, corporate will not allow them to be marked down again for any reason. After removing the hanger and sensor from the first item, I notice that the item numbers on the ticket and clearance sticker do not match. Policy states that I must remove the incorrect sticker and do an item lookup to see what the price actually is.)

Me: I’m sorry, ma’am. The clearance sticker on this ticket does not actually go with this item. Let me look this up so that I can tell you how much it actually is.

(The customer instantly becomes irate.)

Customer: How do I know that you’re not just taking that off so you can charge me more and make more money?

(A bit stunned by her reaction, I try to explain to her how the numbers on the ticket and clearance sticker need to match. She looks me dead in the eye and says,)

Customer: I don’t care about the numbers.

(Shaken, I continue the rest of the transaction in silence. Once I have finished ringing up the last item, she demands to see my manager. I call my manager over, who also confirms that the item numbers need to match. The customer makes a disgusted noise and throws the article of clothing at me.)

Customer: Well, I don’t want this. I’m not paying that much.

(She purchased 28 items for about $112 USD. That’s about $4 each. Quite a few of the items were worth about $40-$50 each normally. It was obvious she was purchasing the items for resale. The item she didn’t want to pay extra for? An $8 shirt which was originally about $40.)

We Have A Feeling There Was No ID… Or Grandmother

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I am a supervisor at a large supercenter that sells groceries and general merchandise. A new cashier calls me over to her register to help her. She has a woman who is trying to use a check but doesn’t have proper identification. The register will randomly ask to key in the ID number before the check can be processed. There is no way around it.

Me: “Ma’am, I’m sorry, but without showing us your ID, we cannot process your check.”

Customer: “Why? I come here all the time and I never have to show an ID!”

Me: “The registers will randomly ask for an identification number. It is a type of security feature. Unfortunately, there is no way around it. I’m sorry about that.”

Customer: *Getting slightly aggravated* “Well, I don’t have my ID because I lost my wallet in here a while back and you guys haven’t found it yet! So, what are you going to do for me?”

I’m slightly taken aback because she is acting like it is our responsibility to find her wallet in a huge store that gets literally hundreds of customers a day.

Me: *Calmly* “Well, there isn’t anything I can do. Do you have another form of payment?”

Customer: “No. This is my grandmother’s check. She’s waiting in the car. She’s an older lady and that’s why I’m doing her shopping.”

Me: “Well, if it isn’t your check, I need your grandmother here to process it. And I’ll need her ID.”

Customer: “Fine! I’ll go get her!”

She never did come back with her grandmother.

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Apparently, Not Everyone Hates Needles?

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My coworker is working registration in the emergency department. A visitor for a patient comes in, and after my coworker checks with the nurse, she tells the gentleman to have a seat in the waiting room and she will get her as soon as he can go back.

Shortly after, a nurse comes out calling the names of a few patients ready to be seen. 

She is busy helping a new patient check in when she believes she sees the gentleman sneak in with the group of patients.

She is busy and doesn’t have time to stop him and she figures staff will end up sending him back out.

After a few minutes, she has everyone checked in and a patient comes out of the waiting room enquiring how long until he can go back.

Once he tells her the name, she instantly recognizes it as one the nurse had just called. She looks up the name, and sure enough, it’s showing him roomed in the ED.

She quickly calls the nurse who is about to put an IV in the visitor’s arm.

Unlike sneaking to visit a patient like my coworker expected this guy would do, instead, he followed the nurse to the room pretending to be someone else.

I don’t know how he faked his way that far since all nurses ask for name and birthday confirmation before they do anything.

Security removed him quickly after they realized what was going on.

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