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(I work in a candy store in a mall and it is an agonizingly slow day. I am reading a book to pass the time as an enormous woman stomps in, one that is at least 400lbs. I am very engrossed in my book, so I don’t immediately look up when she enters.)

Woman: “Look at me! When are you getting M&M’s?”

(I immediately close my book and look up at her, giving her my full attention, as I do with every customer asking questions)

Me: “Ma’am, we have M&M’s right there. We have Normal, Mini and Peanut.”

(I gesture to the chocolate section where the candy is located.)

Woman: “Not that crap! The other ones!”

(She flails a large arm in the direction of an empty M&M dispenser in the back of the store. The machine is meant to hold a dozen different colors of candy but because of the price to fill it, it’s sat empty since I started working here.)

Me: “I apologize ma’am, but we haven’t been able to fill because of how expensive that candy is.”

Woman: “Well that is just stupid! Why do you even have that stupid thing if you can’t get it filled with stupid candy! Your store is worthless!”

Me: “Again, I apologize ma’am, but if you’d like, I can order you some specially. It will cost more than the normal price, but you can get exactly what you want.”

Woman: “How much for that stupid candy?!”

(I quote her a price that might’ve been a little high, but it’s hardly outrageous. She’s already been incredibly annoying and it’s taking everything I have to not snap)

Woman: “Are you mad? I’ll just go to [Grocery Chain] and get ten times that amount for the same price! Your store is a complete rip off!”

Me: “Well ma’am, I hope you can get what you want there.”

Woman: “Because I clearly can’t get it here!”

(She stomps out of the store, muttering a dozen more ‘stupids’ before she’s gone. With her out of the way, I gratefully return to my book.)

The Second Customer Was A Nice Change

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(I am 16 and working my very first job at a fast food place. I have been there for a total of two weeks, and we are slammed with a line out the door. I am doing my best to keep calm and not stress out, when this guy comes through.)

Me: “How can I help you today?”

Customer: “I’d like a number one and a number five, both mediums.”

Me: “Absolutely! That will be [total].”

(The customer hands me a large bill, I notice him counting change but don’t think anything of it. I get into my drawer and give him $.47 back in change and close my till. As I try to hand him his change back, his face turns bright red in anger.)

Customer: “You idiot! Don’t you see I am counting change here?! I don’t want $.47! I want to give you this $.53 and you give me a dollar! Why would you hand me my change so fast? I obviously wanted to use the change I already had to finish paying! I can’t believe how stupid you are! Take this handful of change, and you give me a dollar, like you should have in the first place!”

(I don’t know what to say. I’m trying to open my till, but it won’t open without a manager code. My managers are both busy dealing with other customers.)

Me: “I’m very sorry, sir. It’ll be just one moment; I can’t open the drawer until a manager comes back over here.”

Customer: “You’ve got to be kidding me! I just want a dollar in change back instead of all these coins! Why is that so hard for you to understand? Are you that stupid?”

(Another customer in line behind him steps forward. I’m crying and can’t even hide it anymore. [Customer #2] is a very large, intimidating guy. Without saying a word, he holds out a dollar and puts his hand out for the change. [Customer #1] sheepishly takes the dollar and hands the guy the coins and goes to wait for his food.)

Customer #2: *breaks into a huge friendly smile and says very loudly for everyone to hear* “Don’t worry about him, honey. Some people just have nothing better to do with their boring, useless lives but come and pick on teenagers. Must be pretty sad!”

(Pretty much everyone in line laughed as [Customer #1] grabbed his food and left. These days, I pause for a second before counting back change, even if they show no signs of holding coins. Just in case.)

Harry Potter And The Chamber Of The Kessel Run

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(I’m a bit of a geek and regularly wear a necklace that is a leaf of Lorien from “Lord of the Rings.” A couple friends and I have stopped in at a sandwich shop for dinner.)

Girl: *rings up my order and notices my necklace* “Oh! That’s really pretty! What’s it mean?”

Me: *glances down to confirm* “Oh, that’s a leaf of Lorien from Lord of the Rings.”

Girl: “Oh, like Harry Potter?”

Me: “No… It’s the Lord of the Rings. You know, the movies?”

Girl: “So, like Star Wars?”

Me: “No, Lord of the Rings. Movies and books? Elves, dwarves, hobbits? A ring? Tolkien? The Hobbit is part of the series, too.”

Girl: “Oh, I watch TV!” *hands me my change*

Me: *blinks and walks away*

Dislocated From Reality

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(When I was in middle school, I dislocated my shoulder for the first time. Since then, I have dislocated it several times in a few different ways. This is the first time I dislocate it while sleeping. I wake up and realize my arm is not in the right location. I manage to get upright and moving out of my room. I make it to the door to my parents room and knock.)

Me: “Mom?” *muffled grumbling* “Mom, it’s [My Name].” *more grumbling* “My shoulder’s dislocated again.”

Mom: *sleepily* “No, it’s not; you’re dreaming. Go back to bed.”

Me: “Um, no, it’s really dislocated. I need help.”

Mom: “You’re dreaming. Go back to bed.”

Me: “No, it’s dislocated. My arm is six inches longer than normal.”

(There was a flurry of movement as both of my parents realized I was not dreaming and did, in fact, have a problem.)

You Have No Idea And I Have No Words

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(I work in a restaurant.)

Guest: “My girlfriend is only 20 years old. But I’m 21 years old. So I’m going to order a piña colada and give it to her. Okay?”

Me: “…”

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