Entitled And Empowered

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(An “entitled” woman — rich looking with a fur coat — on our flight gets to the baggage claim with the rest of us. The baggage belt takes a while to start. When it does, only about seven bags come out and then the belt just stops for some reason. It stays “off” for about two minutes. The “entitled woman” actually walks up to the door flaps, moves them aside a bit, and yells into the back loud enough for all of us to hear:)

Entitled Woman: *very condescending tone* “HELLO! Can we get some more bags out here?!”

(We all looked at each other. Unfortunately, within about five seconds of her little rant, the buzzer buzzed and the belt started again with the remaining bags coming out. We wished the belt hadn’t coincidentally started because it appeared she thought she “had the power” to make things happen by yelling at the employees. We ALL had to wait, but apparently, she was more important than the rest of us.)

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Will Not Have A Good Day Or A Good Three Years

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Customer: “I’d like a large milkshake and I have this coupon.”

(She hands over a coupon for fifty cents off that expired three years ago.)

Me: “I’m sorry, but this coupon expired three years ago.”

Customer: “Can’t you take it anyway?”

Me: “No, it’s too old to take.”

Customer: “Fine, just get me my milkshake.”

(She reluctantly pays and I hand her the milkshake.)

Me: “Have a good day!”


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Unfiltered Story #184645

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(I work for a tour company. A woman calls up to get information about one of our upcoming tours.  She wraps up with this:)

Caller: “And, I wanted to tell you that your tours are way too expensive! I’ve been on several of them, and they’re putting me in the poorhouse!”

Me: “…”

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(I am the customer and I am picking up cough meds and an inhaler because I have bronchitis/walking pneumonia. Also, I haven’t slept much in the last week because I’m up all night coughing.)

Me: Hi, I’m here to pick up a prescription.


Me: Obviously, since I’m at a pharmacy.

Pharmacist: laughs

Tightening Security By Loosening Some Belts

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(I work in a very popular tourist attraction that has very high security, with folks having to go through a screening process to enter. We often get large foreign tour groups that can sometimes slow the process down due to not understanding directions. The outside company guide for an elderly Chinese tour group have the idea to make things easier for me by giving the instructions himself, pantomiming and repeating in Mandarin if he isn’t understood.)

Me: “They know no food, no drink?”

Guide: “Right. No food, no drink! All on the bus?”

Group: *nods*

Guide: “We will now go through security. To go fast, listen to me! We take off our metal!” *takes off watch dramatically*

Group: *take off watches and large jewelry*

Guide: “Good. Now—” *undoes belt* “—we take off our pants!”

Me: *in a panic* “You do not take off your pants!”

Guide: “I meant belt! Take off belts! Because metal! Keep the pants!”

(We then spent a minute reassuring the mortified seniors that they could, indeed, keep their pants on to go through security. Thankfully, everything went fine after that.)

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