Banking On Common Sense

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(I am out taking care of some errands one afternoon when I turn down the street for my bank and see several police cars, all with lights flashing, in the bank’s parking lot. I immediately pull off into an empty parking lot and turn around going back the way I came. Just then one of the police cars comes FLYING out of the bank’s parking lot and pulls me over.)

Officer: “Do you know why I pulled you over?”

Me: “Um, no, sir. I don’t.”

Officer: “Well, I noticed you headed for the bank but you turned back around.”

Me: “Yes, sir, I did.”

Officer: “Well, I just noticed that when you saw us you immediately turned around.”

Me: “This is true.”

Officer: *staring at me expectantly* “Okay…?”

Me: *confused* “Okay?”

Officer: *clearly still waiting for an explanation* “Sooo…?”

Me: *still confused about why I got pulled over* “Sooo… why am I going to go into a bank surrounded by cops?”

(He literally jumped back in surprise like that question had never crossed his mind. He let me go with a warning to “Be careful out there.” Way ahead of you, buddy.)

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I have just gotten my first job. It’s at a sandwich shop located inside a convenience store. Most people only work one or the other but because I can only work during the summer, I need the extra hours so I ask to work both.

Our “register” at the sandwich shop is really just a computer that prints out a ticket of what the customer orders. The customer then has to pay up front at the convenience store.

I have just finished printing out the order ticket for a woman who easily has a hundred dollars worth of food and I don’t have a line, so my boss has me come up front to get some register training.

I am not the only high schooler there but I’m the youngest and most recent hire. My boss notices a couple people purposely get in my line and try to pull the “I paid in the back” trick before they realize it’s me. He is getting madder and madder at customers obviously just trying to take advantage of the youngest/newest employee when the woman with several sandwiches walks up to my register.

She places several items on the counter but refuses to hand me an order ticket. She vehemently argues that she doesn’t *have* a sandwich ticket and even leans on the counter so she can get in my face and scream at me when she starts cursing.

My boss steps up, physically moves me back from her, and gets in HER face.

I have no idea what he whispered to her but she immediately turned around and searched the entire store until she found the order ticket she had crumpled up and thrown on the floor.