Concierge Is Not Versed In Pillow Talk

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(My parents have checked into a hotel. They have accidentally been given a large family room with four beds. Feeling this is too much, Mum goes down to ask for a smaller room as it is just the two of them for two nights.)

What Mum Means To Say: “Can we have another room? There are too many beds in the one we have.”

What Mum Actually Says: “Can we have another room? There are too many pillows in the one we have.”

(The receptionist looked suspicious at first before Mum realised what she’d said! They did get a smaller room.)

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(I am in Wales staying with my grandparents in my gap year, since I arrive I have started volunteering pushing a trolley that sells newspapers, sweets, crisps, and toiletries. We sell them to the patients and any profit we make goes back into the hospital. Most of our customers are very old and up until this point have been lovely and understanding that the Welsh accent can sometimes throw me off and I’m having to get used to the prices of all the products, but this man was not so understanding)
Man: *quietly mumbled what he wants in a thick accent*
Me: “I’m sorry what was that?”
Man: *still mumbling unintelligibly just angrier this time*
Me: “I’m really sorry but I can’t understand”
Man: *More agressive mumbling and the biggest death glare I’ve ever seen*
(At this point I know this isn’t going to go anywhere so I get my coworker, who has lived in Wales her whole life, to try and help this man. As she’s helping him I hear this exchange)
Coworker: “I’m sorry sir, [My name] is over from Australia, and she’s just started here”
Man: *finally speaking at a reasonable volume* “Damn foreigners need to learn to speak english!”
(my coworker and I didn’t even know how to respond to that, luckily we managed not to laugh until we made it out of the room)

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I work in a food factory and products that are not up to standard are sent to a staff shop where employees can buy them really cheap.

Cashier: That’s £3 please

I gave him a £10 note.

Cashier: We don’t have any change.

Me: This is all I have

Cashier: That’s OK you bring me the money tomorrow

I returned the next night with £3 change and I was surprised how shocked he was to see me return with the money (says a lot about the people I work with), he offered me free stuff.

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A middle aged man was stomping around our store, obviously looking for something so I went over to help him out. As I opened my mouth to greet him he snapped at me.

Customer: Where’s the bl**dy suncream?
Me: I’m sorry sir, we don’t stock suncream but at the other end of the high street there’s a branch of…
Customer: (Cutting me off) Of course you do! I was in here last month and I bought a bottle but now you’ve moved it. Where is it?
Me: I think you must be thinking of another store. If you want suncream then just down the end of the high street…
Customer: I want you to tell me where you’ve moved it to! It’s the height of summer, I should be able to walk in here and see it immediately! You can’t be out of stock!
Me: We’ve never stocked it here. As you can see, we only stock stationery.
Me: Honestly, we’ve never stocked suncream. I know because I’ve worked here full time since this branch opened three years ago. I can guarantee that you’ve never bought suncream from this store. We don’t stock it.
Me: (Pointing at the very visible logo on both my badge and shirt.) No it’s [Stationery store]. As I was trying to tell you there’s a branch of [Famous Chemists chain] at the other end of the high street.

The customer went very red and stormed out without another word.

A United Kingdom But Not Always

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(My boyfriend and I are waiting in line to be served. We’re chatting about what food to order, but not in English. As we approach the cashier, she looks up and folds her arms.)

Cashier: “I hope you foreigners are planning on ordering in English.”

Boyfriend: “Pardon?”

Cashier: “We’re in the UK; you should be speaking English, not whatever [racial slur for Pakistani people] gibberish you were speaking.”

Boyfriend: “Actually, we’re in Wales, and we were speaking Welsh.”

Cashier: *turns red and runs off*

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