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(I am working the box office with an employee who needs to be trained in a few things—he knows the basics, but hasn’t worked a busy night. A man exits the theater and waits in the line to buy tickets from my coworker. Neither I nor my coworker recognize him. Note that it is our policy not to assume anyone is a senior.)

Customer: I asked for senior tickets!

Coworker: Alright, sir, just a moment, I’ll take care of that. [To me] How do I do this?

[I have my own line, but give instructions as best as I can—he’s having to learn on the fly, but he’s patient as I walk him through, as is my customer.]

Coworker: Okay, do I just give him the five dollars?

Me: No, you have to click “Sell,” and it’ll take you to the screen—it will say how he paid. [I finish my current customer and look at my coworker’s screen. It appears that he paid with a gift card, and we have to put the balance back on that, or we have to have a manager.] Okay, sir, I just need the gift card you paid with to give you the refund for the lower price.

Customer: I don’t have it!

Coworker: [To me] What do I do?

Me: You’ll have to get a manager.

Coworker: Okay.

Customer: You should’ve sold me the right tickets in the first place! You don’t know what you’re doing!

[I’m already taking care of another customer, and the family behind him has children—they’re snickering at how abrupt and mean the customer is being.]

Me: Sir, he’s learning.

Customer: I SEE THAT!

Me: No one learns instantly, sir, and he’s doing his best.

Customer: Well, while he’s doing that, my movie’s ticking away! You stay out of it!

[I’m utterly appalled. I can’t even find something to say to him, and turn back to my customer, who’s waited with utter patience for me to help my coworker.]

Customer: I’ll just come back AFTER my movie, when you figure it out!

[My coworker stares, just as I do, and watches him stalk away.]

Coworker: …What do I do?

Me: Go ahead and sell tickets. When we find a manager, we’ll explain what happened. I’ll write a note to go with the tickets. [Turning back to my customer, I can tell I’m shaking—I’m upset, as there was no reason for him to abuse my coworker that way.] Sorry about that, sir. Here’s your tickets, and your 3D glasses.

My customer: I hope he was abused as a child to treat you like that. [Scowling, but then he smiles.] Thank you. [Meets my eyes.] You look like you could use a genuine one of those.

Me: [My mouth falls open, and I don’t know what to say to the first part of that, but I’m thankful he’s not angry for the wait.] …Thank you, sir. Truly.

[The following customers are also very kind, and when the line is gone, a manager finally arrives. After explaining the situation, she puts the refunded amount on a new gift card, and promises she will wait outside the theater as the movie ends so that he can’t cause more trouble, and assures both of us that we’re not in trouble.]

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(At 9pm on a Sunday night…)

Customer: Excuse me, do you have a notary public?

Me: No, sir, I’m sorry, we don’t.

Customer: <scoffing> What, libraries don’t have notaries?

Me: I wouldn’t know, sir.  This isn’t a library.  It’s a bookstore.

Customer: <pause> What’s the difference?

Me: Libraries loan books; we sell them.

Customer: <another pause> Do you know where I could find a notary?

Me: At 9pm on a Sunday?  No, sir.  Try the mall tomorrow morning.

A Siri-iously Nice Office

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(My doctor has gotten a new office and I am visiting it for the first time.)

Doctor: “This is a nice office, isn’t it?”

Me: “Yes.”

(Somehow, I have pressed the Siri activation button on my Apple Watch.)

Siri: “I agree totally!”

Doctor: “See? Even Siri likes my office!”

Their Knowledge Of Limitations Is Limited

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(Sometime after I cease attending a local university part-time, I get a parking ticket on campus in February of 2014. The statute of limitations on such tickets is three years in my state. Aside from a form letter, they make no attempt to collect it in that time, and there’s a three-and-a-half year gap in communications afterwards. About four years out, they apparently re-contract their collections account to a firm in another state, and they get rather aggressive out of the gate — threatening to garnish wages or intercept tax returns. I send back a letter initially disputing their claim — I have no recollection of the ticket by this time; initially, I am not even sure I owned the car in question at the time — and get all of the information from them. Okay, it’s valid… but time-barred. I call them, and this rough conversation transpires in May of 2018, four years and three months after the initial offense.)

Phone Agent: “Hello, [Collection Agency]. Can I have your name and account number?

Me: *gives them the information*

Phone Agent: “So, how much would you like to pay on the account?”

Me: “Actually, that’s the thing: this debt is statute-barred under Virginia law. There’s a three-year time limit.”

Phone Agent: “What year was the offense?”

Me: “2014.”

Phone Agent: “Oh, we have four years to collect, not three.”

(This is patently false, but…)

Me: “Well, the ticket was in February 2014. It is May 2018. So, even if you were correct, by your own admission just now, you’re out-of-statute.”

Phone Agent: *after a moment of silence* “Uh… we’ll make a note.”

(About a month later, the university tried to bill me for it again. I told them the same thing and they tried to pass the buck on the “oversight,” but they seem to have otherwise let the matter drop. We’ll see if that’s truly the end of it, but I feel like I may be dealing with this at odd intervals for a long time to come.)

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(I work in an ice cream stand that offers a lot of items, but is rather small, and looks like it belongs in a carnival. All the tables/chairs are outside so it’s clear that it’s not open to customers to come inside. My coworker and I are seated on stools since there’s no customers when a driver pulls up to the window, walks past the open window where I’m sitting, and yanks open our door, trying to walk inside.)
Tourist: Yeah, is [National Park] down this road? I need directions.
Coworker: *standing in front of door to stop him from entering* Yes, sir, if you follow that road it’ll take you there.
Tourist: Can you draw me a map? I’ll just take a seat inside.
Coworker: Sir, you can’t come in here, due to health reasons and our boss’s rules. If you’ll take a seat at the tables outside my coworker will finish up the map and we’ll bring it to you- or you can come to our open window there.
Tourist: What the f***? I’m a customer. You have to let me in!
Me: Sir, we aren’t allowed to let anyone in. *hands him a drawn map to the park* Here you go. Have a nice day.
Tourist: F*** all you uneducated southerners. This is why you all lost the war! *storms off*
Me: ….He didn’t buy anything, did he?
Coworker: *jokingly* Yankees, am I right?

(It should be noted that my coworker is from VA, but I am a military brat who grew up all over the country and in Europe, and neither of us have southern accents.)

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