Eating Them Was A Missed-Steak

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(A customer hands me an empty, smelly meat package that once held a value pack of steaks.)

Customer: “I would like to return this steak. It was awful and grainy.”

Me: “Ma’am, there must me a product to return in order for me to process it. There are no steaks in this package.”

Customer: “I know. We ate them. But they were awful.”

Me: “Ma’am, I’m sorry you did not like the steaks, but we must at least have a significant unused portion to process a return.”

Customer: “But we ate them. We didn’t like them and I want my money back. I don’t know why you are giving me a hard time. I am a customer and I am not satisfied!”

Me: “I’m sorry. I cannot process a refund based on an empty food wrapper.”

Customer: “Who is the manager here? I want to speak with a manager!”

Me: “I am the manager.” *points to name tag*

(The customer struggled for a moment with what to say.)

Customer: “I’m calling corporate!”

Me: “Okay. Have a nice day.”

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It’s my first day working box office by myself. I had two training days and I was given an easy Wednesday night as my first shift. The entire night goes by quickly and without issue. I sell barely 200 tickets for an entire 8 hour stretch. The last show we have starts at 10:30 and we stop selling tickets at 11. At 10:45, a family of 17 people come in. Their “leader” walks up to the box office window.

Customer 1: [Speaking very broken English with a heavy Romani accent] 12 ticket to see …

He then breaks away, speaking what I assume is an Eastern European language to someone else.

Customer 2: [Better English, but still very heavy accent] Do you have any horror film?

Me: We currently are not showing any horror. Closest we have is [action film].

Customer 1: [Language] [Film title] [Language] [Forced laughter] [Film title again] [Language] 12 ticket to [comedy film]

Me: Sir. That film is rated R, and your group seems to be made up of many children, and also, I count 17, not 12.

Customer 1: No no no. [He then starts pointing at the children, who are running around and trying to hide their numbers, while he is counting them out and gets to 14.] I’m sorry. 14. 14 ticket.

Me: Sir. You still have too many children to see the film. You have to be 5 or older to get into an R rated film.

Customer 2: They are 5 and up.

Not wanting to argue at this point, I shrug, ring up at 14, just to get them out of my hair and hope that my manager doesn’t find out.

They then spend 10 minutes getting food for the film already 30 minutes into playing.

When they enter the theatre, all of them end up causing so much of a noise that people demand a refund, and the group is kicked out of the theatre.

My brother, who used to work at the theatre and now works as a manager of a theatre further North hears about this.

Brother: So I see you met the Gypsies.

Me: Are they a common problem?

Brother: Large group. Eastern European. Lies about how many. Always come in very late. Always ask for Horror. Usually end up disrupting a place. And then they’ll come in later and demand a refund saying they had to leave before the film was over. We get them all the time up here. That’s the furthest south we’ve heard of them ever going.

A Couple Of Problems With That

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(Working in the deli we have customers who just want a certain amount of slices which is usually no problem. This was one of those other times.)

Customer: “I want a couple of slices of ham.”

Me: “Okay, two slices of ham.”

Customer: “No, a couple of slices.”

Me: “So two.”

Customer: “No! I said a couple of slices!”

Me: “How many do you want?”

Customer: “Three.”

Seasoned With Laughter

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(I’m known as the picky eater in my friend group. I never get anything on my sandwiches, no seasoning or anything. On this occasion, I go to get a sandwich from a restaurant where my friend works.)

Friend: *quietly* “I need to tell you something, but I need to wait for the other customers to leave.”

Me: “Okay…?”

(I’m very confused as to what he’s talking about. The other customers leave and his manager walks into the back room.)


(It took me a few minutes to stop laughing and actually get my sandwich made.)

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(We run a campground. Our main office, where people stop when they enter the park, does not have a public restroom in it. Naturally, we have a sign on the door that no one ever notices).

Customer: I need to use your bathroom.

Manager (me): I’m sorry, we don’t have a public restroom in here. The closest one is in the bathhouse, next to the playground.

Customer: But you do have a bathroom?

Me: Yes sir, but it’s behind the counter and only for employees. I’m afraid I can’t let you back here.

Customer: Well, that’s BULLSHIT. (Turns, exits the store and walks about four feet down the road before entering his motorhome. After several minutes, he comes back in to register his site, grumbling about having to use his own bathroom. As I am checking him in, he is slinging abuse at me and finally I’ve had enough.)

Me: Sir, do you have a bathroom in your RV/

Customer: Yes! I actually have two.

Me: And did you just go use it?

Customer: Yes! Because you wouldn’t let me use yours?

Me: So…what exactly is the problem here?

(He didn’t have an answer for that.)

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