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[I work at a big electronics store as security and a greeter. Our store offers free recycling for all electronics. A woman comes into the store asking for assistance bringing in an old TV she wants to recycle.]

Me: Yes ma’am, let me just call for inventory to help you bring that in to customer service for processing.

Customer: Ok I will be outside.

[An inventory associate comes up, takes her big tube tv out of her mini van and puts it on a cart. She follows behind as he comes in the door. He hits the bump on the floor where the doors open and close and the tv falls off and breaks.]

Customer: (Irate and screaming) Are you serious?! I can’t believe you just did that!

Inventory: I’m sorry maam. I’m going to take care of this.

Customer: (still yelling) This is unacceptable. (To me:)I wan’t a manager right now!

Me: Ma’am it was an accident. I appologize.

Customer: (Still yelling) Appologize. Appologize?! How would you like if someone dropped your tv?!

[At this point I am over her attidue and decide i don’t really mind getting fired.]

Me: Ma’am you brought that in for recycling. Not a repair, and certainly not a return. If it was any other reason I would be a little more worried but you are acting like an idiot and you now have my permission to leave the store before I escort you out. Have a nice day!

[The customer huffed and continued yelling as she pushed through the doors going to her car. The manager heard the commotion and came over asking me what happened. He laughed when I told him.]

Ignorant Customers Can Be A Treat

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(Our store is pet-friendly. My coworkers and I bring in treats to give to the dogs at our own expense. I am working self-checkouts and have placed a full box of treats on the counter to put in the container we have for them. A customer approaches to ask a question. After I answer her this happens.)

Customer: *reaches for the box of treats* “Oh, I’ll buy these.”

Me: “Ma’am, these are mine; they’re not for sale.”

Customer: “Oh, you’ve already bought them?”

Me: “Yes, ma’am. The other associates bring them in for the dogs.”

Customer: “This store has its own dogs? Why would there be dogs in the store?”

Me: “…”

Freeze, Turn Around, And Go Back

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(I’ve worked at a convenience store for almost three months, and a common problem we’ve been having is the customers not closing the sliding door to the ice-cream display freezer when they’ve chosen their treat. Because of this, I have to close it quite often, which is annoying to have to constantly do. Today, I close the door while a customer in their mid-30’s is browsing the popsicle freezer next to me.)

Customer: “Oh, that must be such a hassle, having to close that after some careless idiot!”

Me: “It’s really no problem, though I wish people would think about what they’re doing a bit more often.”

Customer: “Well, I hope it gets better!”

Me: “Thank you!”

(The customer then left the freezer door open and walked away.)

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(I am doing an online/web-call training with my manager and supervisor.  Supervisor is manning the desk and has to leave to answer the front desk phone)

Supervisor:  OMG I just got the dumbest question ever.

Manager:  What Happened?

Supervisor:  Guest is due to checkout and wanted to know if she needed to extend another night if she had to pay for it.

Me:  Let me get this straight, she wants to stay an extra night for free just because she doesn’t want to drive due to the snow that we all knew was coming over 4 days ago.

Supervisor:  Yes, and she got irate when I told her that she had to pay, since she is saying she doesn’t have any extra money.

Manager and Me:  She should have planned ahead better.

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(I’m working in a small family-run Chinese restaurant where I’m the only non-family employee and am also the only white employee. An African American customer comes in with his wife and children to pick up a take out order. Unfortunately, there was an error made in their order; we were busy so mistakes do happen. The customer has been beligerent since coming to the counter. Regardless, it is our screw up and I want to do everything I can to make it right:)

Me: “I’m very sorry about the mix up! I’ve got the kitchen fixing your order and made sure it’s getting done first before anything else being made. It should only be a few moments; if you’d like to have a seat it’ll be out shortly.”

Customer: “Well I think I should get something since you people screwed up!”

Me: “Yes, sir, we’ve already included some free egg rolls with your order to hopefully say sorry.”

Customer: “What about while we’re waiting? What about something to drink?”

Me: “No problem. I can get you some ice tea for you all.”

Customer: “Fine, you do that.”

(I go get iced tea for him, his wife, and his three kids – who by the way have been tearing up our seating area. As I’m walking away to go get their order the customer decides to add this parting zinger.)

Customer: “Yeah, a white boy like you must not be used to dealing with black people!”

Me: *as calmly and politely as I can manage* “Sir, I’ve never had any problem with a person because of race, religion, sexuality or other. I’m sure our other customers would agree—” *indicating our dining room with a fairly diverse crowd* “—I’m sure the people who know me would agree! Please enjoy your drinks and I’ll be right back with your order.”

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