This Boss Needs Work

| Houston, TX, USA | Working | April 30, 2013

(I’ve submitted my notice on December 1 that my last day will be December 21st. On the 21st, I come by to turn in my uniform and collect my paycheck. As I do so, I happen to glance at the work schedule for the next week.)

Me: “Hey [boss], why do you have me scheduled to work Christmas Eve?  And Christmas day? And…” *flips page* “….New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day!?”

Boss: “You didn’t ask off!”

Me: “You’re right, I didn’t. Because I quit.”

Boss: “Hey if you don’t want to work a holiday you have to submit your off-time requests EARLY, you KNOW this.”

Me: “No I don’t… because I don’t work here anymore.”

Boss: “Look, if you don’t want to work your shifts, you need to find someone to cover for you!”

Me: “Or what? You’ll fire me?”

Boss: “You bet your butt!”


Boss: “Find someone to cover your shifts if you want to skip work on a holiday. Good luck!”

(I turn to a customer who has been listening.)

Me: “Excuse me sir, will you cover my shift on Christmas Eve?”

Boss: “He doesn’t work here!”


(I then left. She called me, furious, each and every day I was supposed to work, and ended up forcing one of her assistant managers to work the store alone on New Year’s Eve, promising I would be there. The assistant manager called me in tears and begged me to come in. That three hours of work screwed up my taxes for two years because the store manager reported it wrong.)

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Signs Of Trouble

| New Orleans, LA, USA | Working | January 7, 2013

(My six year old and I are at the movie rental store. After searching and finding the movies we want, we proceed to the check out counter.)

Me: “Just these, please.”

Cashier: “No problem.”

(The cashier rings up the movies and tells me the total. However, as I move in to swipe my credit card on the kiosk…)

Cashier: “Oh no! Our credit machines are down right now due to a power failure yesterday. Cash only!”

Me: “Oh, I didn’t know. I must have missed the sign.”

Cashier: “Oh, there’s no sign. We are just telling people about it.”

Me: “Why didn’t you tell us when we came in? We’ve been here walking around for 20 minutes picking out our movies and you are just now telling us?”

Cashier: “Well, it’s not my job to track you down in the store and tell you things. You should know already!”

Me: “Fine… is there an ATM nearby that I can get money from?”

Cashier: “How should I know? That’s not my job!”

(We ended up just walking out after that. Horrible customer service!)

Citizen Profane

| Powell, TN, USA | Working | December 18, 2012

Me: “I’m looking for a copy of Citizen Kane.”

Clerk: “Oh, we keep that in the children’s section.”

Me: “You… keep… Citizen Kane… in the children’s section?”

Clerk: “Well, it doesn’t have any dirty words in it!”

This Dollar Is Noncents

| Sydney, NSW, Australia | Right | November 27, 2012

(Every Monday, my video rental store has a special where you can rent any movie for $1.)

Customer: “Excuse me, can you tell me more about this dollar Monday thing?”

Me: “Of course. Every Monday, all of the DVDs in store are just $1 to hire!”

Customer: “What does that mean?”

Me: “It means you can come in and rent any movie you want, new or old, for just $1!”

Customer: “So, does that mean weekly movies?”

Me: *smiling* “It sure does, everything is included!”

Customer: “Well, what about 5 night hires? Are they included?”

Me: *still smiling* “Yes, sir. All of the DVDs are included in this special.”

Customer: “Okay, so what about 3 night hires?”

Me: “They are. Everything is included in this deal—new releases and weekly movie rentals.”

Customer: “Okay, good. And what about overnight hires? Are they $1 too?”

Me: “Yep. As I said before, all movies are $1 to hire.”

Customer: “Well, that’s stupid! Why does it have to be so confusing? You people need to make it less complicated so normal people can understand!” *storms out*

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Re-Cycling DVDs

| Toronto, ON, Canada | Right | November 23, 2012

(Our store releases new DVDs every Tuesday. A customer comes in on Wednesday, visibly angry.)

Customer: “What the h*** is wrong with your movies? This doesn’t work!”

(I open the case and discover that the brand new DVD is broken in several pieces, and has a large tire tread on the back.)

Me: “Sir, what happened? The DVD is completely destroyed!”

Customer: “I ran over it with my motorcycle. Why?”

Me: “…You ran over it…”

Customer: “I wanted to see if they still made them like they used to! Back in my day you couldn’t destroy things like this! I demand a refund!”

(He continues to yell and rant until my manager shows up. I explain what the story is, with the customer agreeing with me word for word on what happened. Finally, my manager speaks.)

Manager: *to the customer* “What are you, an idiot?”

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