Signs Of Trouble

| New Orleans, LA, USA | Working | January 7, 2013

(My six year old and I are at the movie rental store. After searching and finding the movies we want, we proceed to the check out counter.)

Me: “Just these, please.”

Cashier: “No problem.”

(The cashier rings up the movies and tells me the total. However, as I move in to swipe my credit card on the kiosk…)

Cashier: “Oh no! Our credit machines are down right now due to a power failure yesterday. Cash only!”

Me: “Oh, I didn’t know. I must have missed the sign.”

Cashier: “Oh, there’s no sign. We are just telling people about it.”

Me: “Why didn’t you tell us when we came in? We’ve been here walking around for 20 minutes picking out our movies and you are just now telling us?”

Cashier: “Well, it’s not my job to track you down in the store and tell you things. You should know already!”

Me: “Fine… is there an ATM nearby that I can get money from?”

Cashier: “How should I know? That’s not my job!”

(We ended up just walking out after that. Horrible customer service!)

Citizen Profane

| Powell, TN, USA | Working | December 18, 2012

Me: “I’m looking for a copy of Citizen Kane.”

Clerk: “Oh, we keep that in the children’s section.”

Me: “You… keep… Citizen Kane… in the children’s section?”

Clerk: “Well, it doesn’t have any dirty words in it!”

This Dollar Is Noncents

| Sydney, NSW, Australia | Right | November 27, 2012

(Every Monday, my video rental store has a special where you can rent any movie for $1.)

Customer: “Excuse me, can you tell me more about this dollar Monday thing?”

Me: “Of course. Every Monday, all of the DVDs in store are just $1 to hire!”

Customer: “What does that mean?”

Me: “It means you can come in and rent any movie you want, new or old, for just $1!”

Customer: “So, does that mean weekly movies?”

Me: *smiling* “It sure does, everything is included!”

Customer: “Well, what about 5 night hires? Are they included?”

Me: *still smiling* “Yes, sir. All of the DVDs are included in this special.”

Customer: “Okay, so what about 3 night hires?”

Me: “They are. Everything is included in this deal—new releases and weekly movie rentals.”

Customer: “Okay, good. And what about overnight hires? Are they $1 too?”

Me: “Yep. As I said before, all movies are $1 to hire.”

Customer: “Well, that’s stupid! Why does it have to be so confusing? You people need to make it less complicated so normal people can understand!” *storms out*

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Re-Cycling DVDs

| Toronto, ON, Canada | Right | November 23, 2012

(Our store releases new DVDs every Tuesday. A customer comes in on Wednesday, visibly angry.)

Customer: “What the h*** is wrong with your movies? This doesn’t work!”

(I open the case and discover that the brand new DVD is broken in several pieces, and has a large tire tread on the back.)

Me: “Sir, what happened? The DVD is completely destroyed!”

Customer: “I ran over it with my motorcycle. Why?”

Me: “…You ran over it…”

Customer: “I wanted to see if they still made them like they used to! Back in my day you couldn’t destroy things like this! I demand a refund!”

(He continues to yell and rant until my manager shows up. I explain what the story is, with the customer agreeing with me word for word on what happened. Finally, my manager speaks.)

Manager: *to the customer* “What are you, an idiot?”

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A Brokeback Fountain Of Hate

| Springfield, MO, USA | Right | November 8, 2012

(We have a small section of movies for the LGBT community. These are clearly labelled, and none of them are too offensive. I am a straight woman in support of the LGBT community. A customer brings up one of the LGBT movies; it shows two women in wedding dresses kissing on the cover.)

Customer: “I demand you keep this trash behind the counter!”

Me: “Ma’am, there is a whole section dedicated to this ‘trash’ and honestly, I can’t keep just one case behind the counter. Our customers are going to need a way to see that we have it available.”

Customer: *waves DVD case in my face* “Who watches this trash anyway!? It’s sinful smut and I don’t want children seeing it!”

Me: “That is why it is up high on the shelves, in a little corner, behind a curtain that is clearly labelled for LGBT movies. Makes me wonder how you saw it ma’am, as you would have to walk to that corner and move the curtain. Honestly, I don’t even think we need the curtain. I think there should be more tolerance for gays and those of the LGBT community.”

Customer:You did this! You brought all of those movies from home, and put them in that section because you support f***! You should not be working where Christians shop!”

Me: “I’m straight, ma’am, but I do support the LGBT community. I can promise you I did not bring those movies from home. We are legally allowed to rent out those movies here. Now if you would please give me the DVD so that I can put it back where it belongs, I would be very happy.”

(She flings the DVD case at me. I duck in time for it not to hit me, but it crashes into the sign we have up to show what our new releases are.)

Customer: “GO TO H***!”

(She stomps out of the store. A few moments later, my manager calls. I tell her what just happened.)

Manager: “Oh dear, do you need some coffee?”

Me: “Only a lot.”

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