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(I’m working a stat holiday that falls on a Monday. On our door is a sign with our holiday hours on it, and we are close to closing. I let any customer that comes in know that we are closing in a few minutes.)
Me: *as customer walks in* Hello! Just letting you know we close in ten minutes.
Customer: But your hours say you close at nine!
Me: Yes, but it’s a holiday so our hours are different, we close at six today.
Customer: Oh.
She quickly finished her shopping, and we had no other problems with people coming late.

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Me answering phone: [greeting]
Client: put me through to [name]
Me: so sorry i didn’t catch that, you’re after [my closest guess to who he means]?
Client: NO! I mean [NAME!] (he then spells the name, no one i know)
Me: I’m sorry, we don’t have anyone here by that name.
Client: yes you do.
Person pops up from behind partition “it might be for me?”
Me: are you after [completely different name?]

This Caseworker Threw Away Their Shot To Pay Attention

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I am disabled, on benefits, and living in affordable housing. As a result, I have a caseworker. I am also transgender and have to give myself a hormone shot every week. I keep all of my shot supplies in a basket, but I don’t make any effort to conceal it because A, I have nothing to hide, and B, I practically never have anyone over.

Caseworker: “So, where do you go for your injections?”

Me: “Oh, I do them myself.”

Caseworker: “Okay, but, who prescribes it?”

Me: “Oh, it’s [Doctor].”

A few months later, my caseworker is in my home and points to my safe needle deposit box.

Caseworker: “Umm, [My Name], what is this?” 

Me: “Oh, that’s for my hormone injection needles.”

Caseworker: “You do that yourself?!

Me: “Uh… yeah? I told you that months ago.”

My girlfriend also once had a worried friend ask about my box, but they reassured her that we were most definitely NOT using intravenous drugs and it was for entirely medical reasons.

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I Guess We Can Give This Driver A Pass

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I use my bus pass as a bookmark, figuring that with how much I love reading there would be no possible way I could ever lose it. One day, I am distracted while getting off, and only while it is pulling away do I realize I left my book on the bus. Since there isn’t really anything I can do about it, I just walk to the exchange stop, and when the next bus I need to catch pulls in, I approach the driver.

Me: “Are you able to contact the other buses?”

Driver: *Immediately hostile* “WHY?”

Me: *Startled pause* “Well, I left my bus pass on the #3.”

Driver: “No, I can’t contact the other buses. Do you have any idea how many there are on the roads at one time? Now, there are other people wanting to get on, so…”

He makes a dismissive shooing motion.

Me: “But… I also need to get home.”

Driver:Where’s home?

Me: “[Area he’s headed to].”

The driver sighs and waves me along. I take my seat and settle in for the hour-long trip. After maybe thirty minutes, we get to another hub and the driver comes up to me.

Driver: “Hey, I’m sorry about how I acted. I just get a lot of people trying to pull s***, so… here. This is a temporary pass that’ll let you ride for the next three days. Hopefully, you’ll be able to get your card back from the lost and found before it runs out.”

Unfortunately, it took over a week before the lost and found people recovered my book and pass, resulting in me spending a significant amount of money on tickets. But in the end, I was finally able to finish the story, and now I have one of my own I can tell people.

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I’ve worked in video stores for a few years now to support myself through university. Because we are one of the very few left, customers tend to think they can get away with a fair bit. Note – we offer a 50% off deal on late fees that are paid on return.
Customer: (to his little girl) give it to the lady. (To me) I need to fix the late fee up on this one
Me: certainly, sir. That’s (small amount). There is also (another small amount) still owing on your account, did you want to clear it all up today?
Customer: why is there money owing? I came in and fixed $5 of it up the other day!
Me: yes sir, but this was for a movie returned yesterday, that was 14 days late.
Customer: I don’t understand why you can’t meet me half way.
Me: I’m sorry sir, that’s why we have to pay on return deal, beyond that I can’t do anything else
This goes round in circles for a few minutes – and I can’t actually manipulate fees once they in the system besides the pay on return deal (a previous employee had taken advantage of it so the feature was taken away from anyone not a manager)
Customer: (getting frustrated and very annoyed) I don’t know why you can’t just meet me halfway! I should be able to give you this $5 (shows it up in the air to me, like I couldn’t understand him) and it all go away
Me: I apologise but there is nothing I can do. Beyond the pay on return deal, I can’t change fees once they are in the system. That function is only available to managers. She’s in during the week if you would like to follow this up?
Customer: just bloody take this! (Throws the $5 on the counter and storms out, kids in tow, muttering about late fees)
I’ve worked at other stores, and our late fees are the cheapest I’ve worked with and are very reasonable.