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I work in a small food store where we sell all prepackaged food. I have just started my shift when a customer and her husband come to the registers.

Me: Hello, how are you today?

They both ignore me, so I scan their items. The woman stands there staring blankley and her husband is putting their purchases in his bag. He drops a box of muesli bars on the ground, he quickly picks them up and throw them at me.

Customer: I’ll take another box of these now!

Me: Please don’t throw items at me, it’s not very nice.

Customer: I demand another box of these now! They fell on the floor! Get me an uncontaminated box!

Me: Sir, the muesli bars are perfectly fine. They are individually wrapped inside the box and then have the box layer around that so the food  is fine!

Customer: Listen mate! I don’t eat c**p that has hit the floor now f****** get me another box!

With that another customer who has been waiting behind them steps in.

Customer 2: Listen, you dropped the box, which is fine by the way. Then you assault him by throwing the box at him and now you cause a scene! Do you want me to get his manager so you can be escorted out of the store?

With that customer 1 and his wife abruptly leave and mumble profanities under their breath as they go. Customer 2 apologized to me on their behalf and asked me if I was ok. When I came to work the next day  I found out that customer 1 and his wife had done the same thing to my co-worker.

It Will Be All Reich In The End

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(I teach computers at a small school. I’m working with a grade 3/4 class on coding. A student puts up her hand for help and I come around. She’s on a level where you’re supposed to program a character to skate around on a frozen lake and trace snowflakes into the ice with their skates.)

Student: “I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, but it doesn’t look like the example. It just keeps drawing squares!”

(I notice that the student has forgotten one important element of code that makes the character jump back to their original position after moving around.)

Me: “Oh, see here, you need this new block of code. See how in the instructions they tell you what it does? I’m guessing you ignored it because you haven’t seen it before. I’ll show you how it works and then I’ll let you play around with it to make whatever design you want.”

(I drag the missing block of code randomly into the student’s work, just to show her how it changes it. To my horror, when I press run, the character now draws a perfect swastika into the ice!)

Student: *excitedly* “Oh, cool. That’s really pretty!”

Me: *flustered* “Uhh, well, you can move it around in the code and maybe add onto it to make a proper snowflake—”

Student: “No, I like it! It looks so cool! Thanks!”

(And that’s how I taught an eight-year-old girl how to draw a swastika. Not my proudest teaching moment.)

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Smoking Might Kill You, But It Will Definitely Kill Your Computer

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(I am in line behind another man who is holding a computer tower. He approaches the sales desk.)

Man: “My computer made a bang noise, stopped working, and then there was a bad burning smell. Is that a bad thing?”

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Getting A Holy Health Check

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(My father has always attended church on Sundays. He’s not overly religious but thinks once a week is enough. Mum joined a couple of church activities during the week. Then, after she retired, she took on some more, such as running the craft activities and being on the craft board, as well as ferrying older parishioners to and from the church.)

Dad: “Looks like the church has gotten their claws into you; you keep getting forced to take on more duties. You should be home just relaxing instead of all this running around.”

Mum: “But I like it; it keeps me active. Anyway, I volunteered; no one has forced me to do anything.”

Dad: “Well, you won’t see me there. I’ve worked enough in my life and am ready to put my feet up.”

(Dad retires and does just that. He happily putters around at home for six months. One day I call in to see him.)

Me: “Where’s Dad?”

Mum: “Oh, he’s cleaning the church.”

Me: “Cleaning the church? What did he say about the church getting their claws into you?”

Mum: *laughs* “Well, he had a check up at the doctor last week. Apparently putting his feet up doesn’t agree with him. The doctor told him he needs to be more active or he won’t be around much longer.”

(That was over ten years ago. He now is on the church board, helps Mum run the crafts, and still cleans the church, as well as other duties. He loves the activity, is healthier than ever, and has more friends than ever.)


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The Flowers Would Have Died In That Toxic Environment Anyway

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(We have just had Mother’s Day, the busiest weekend of the year. We do not ever guarantee times of delivery; we just say it’ll be delivered before 5:00 pm.)

Customer: “I asked for it to be delivered before 1:00 pm. It’s nearly 2:00, and they haven’t been delivered. My mum has now gone home from work and won’t receive the flowers for her birthday. I want my money back. I am very angry.”

Me: “Hi, [Customer], we apologise for the delay. We usually deliver up until 5:00 pm and do not guarantee delivery times; however, as you’ve requested it, I’ll refund you in full and cancel the order. It may take five to seven business days for your bank to process this. We apologise for any dissatisfaction caused.”

Customer: *about 3:00 pm* “The flowers still have not been delivered. I never asked you to cancel the order! I am furious! I want to make a formal complaint. You have ruined the whole surprise. I never asked for them to be cancelled!”

Me: “Hi, [Customer], you asked for a refund and we provided one. When a refund is processed, we are then unable to deliver the flowers. I apologise for any dissatisfaction caused. Thank you.”

(Did she want the refund — which is out of policy but we did anyway — AND the flowers? Hell, no!)

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