Food By Any Other Name

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We use various outsourced delivery services for our food and they all have an option for customers to buy food using the platform, but then the customer can choose to come to pick it up themselves. This is to avoid the delivery fee. A customer walks in, lines up, and gets to the front of the line.

Customer: “I have a pickup.”

Me: “Sure, what’s the name or company?”

The customer gives me a weird “Why are you asking this?” face.

Customer: “It’s personal.”

Me: “Well, as you can see I have many bags here for many different customers. I just need a name for the order. If you are uncomfortable to at least let me know what you ordered?”

Customer: *Rolls eyes* “Oh, just give me my food; it’s that one there.”

He points in the general direction of all the bags lined up for various customers.

Me: “Can you please just tell me who the order is for?”

Customer: “It’s for [Customer], okay? Just give me my food.”

The customer took the food and left. My coworker and I just stared at each other in disbelief.

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The Chicken Is Done, And So Am I, Part 2

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I work as a drive-thru and front counter packer at a fried chicken place. During summer, it is extremely busy and the store is full of people. We have understaffed our cooks so we occasionally run out of some chicken items like tenders, chicken fillets, etc.

Customer: “Hi. I’d like a large zinger box, please.”

Me: “Sure, was that all?”

Customer: “Yeah, that’s fine, thanks.”

About five minutes pass. and now he and several other customers are waiting for food. I am told that there will be a ten-minute wait on the chicken fillet for his burger, but I have already made the rest of the meal, so I decide to compromise.

Me: “Hi, sir, I’m really sorry, but I’ve just been told we’ve run out of the fillets for your burger and it’s going to be a ten-minute wait. As you can see, we are really busy, so if it helps I can give you the rest of your food while you wait?”

The customer sighs but seems understanding.

Customer: “Yeah, no worries; that’s fine. I’ll just have the rest of my food now.”

I hand him his food and he sits down and eats it while he waits. Ten minutes later:

Me: “Hi, I’m so, so sorry about the wait, but here is your burger.”

The customer is suddenly in a full fit of rage.


He then slams the burger on the floor amidst all the customers, stomps on it so it goes everywhere, picks up the remainders, and throws it all at me behind the counter.

Customer: “CLEAN THAT, YOU STUPID C***!”

Me: “At least I didn’t spend $13 and wait fifteen minutes to throw my food on the floor like a child.”

He could’ve just gotten a refund! Thankfully, he then stormed out of the store.

The Chicken Is Done, And So Am I

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Thinking Outside The Box, Part 6

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I work as a packer at a fast food chain. A couple has come through the drive-thru with a massive order that comes in boxes so they won’t need a bag.

Me: “Hi, here are the meals!”

I begin handing out four boxes of food.

Me: “All right, there you are. Have a nice day!”

The customer looks at me, shocked and confused.

Customer: *Getting frustrated* “Um… no. I want a bag for the food. Are you serious?”

Me: “Oh, I’m really sorry, but we don’t actually have bags that big to fit the boxes of food.”

Customer: “That’s ridiculous; you’re lying to me.”

I go and get the biggest bag we have, which is too narrow to fit the boxes.

Me: “This is the largest size, sorry. Unless you maybe change the way you put the boxes in it?”

Customer: “You’re literally no help! Have fun getting a complaint, honey; then maybe you’ll do something about the bag sizes for next time.”

She threw her food in the back seat, wound up the window, and zoomed off.

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Our store is closing down and has been busy for the last few months. We are about 3 weeks away from closing so our clearence stock has gone down even more. My job is to put as much stock as I can onto the floor but serve as soon as a customer comes up to the register. We only have two so the line can form quite quickly if you take longer for your purchases.
My coworker had been serving and I noticed a customer waiting so I went up to serve her. She was with a friend and had mentioned she wasn’t sure about a few things which I understood, (usually customers will look as they are putting it down and then tell me if they want it or not). She had about 11 items in her trolley. I scanned 4 that she wanted and waited for her to make a decision on the rest. She asked the prices for the remaining items which I told her and then she turned back to her friend and starting talking to her about the item. At this point she had been there for 5 minutes. I looked at my manager across the store and she gave me a sympathetic look. The customer asked the prices again, so I scanned them again and told her. She turned again and started speaking again. At this point it had been 10 minutes, the line was quite large and my coworker was trying to go as fast as she could. Not knowing what to say to the customer, my manager stepped in and told her to make a decision or step aside as we have other customers to serve. So she made a decision and only took the 4 items I scanned first. I quickly finished the purchase and handed her the receipt, thinking it was over so I could serve others waiting, but she took the receipt and did the math in front of me making me double check if the prices she paid for was correct and it added up fine. When she was satisfied, she finally left taking up 20 minutes of our time and leaving the store a mess!

There Was A Time When Men Were Kind

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I have worked at a movie theatre for the last few years. In that time, there have been fairly obscurely-named releases, but nothing that I would say was TOO difficult. We have a large LED screen on the wall behind our ticket box, displaying the movies playing and corresponding session times. Due to the large number of movies playing at this time, occasionally there are two “pages” of sessions, meaning that the sign will change every thirty seconds.

Me: “Hi! How are you?”

Customer: “I’m great, thanks. I’d like to see the movie above your head.”

I turn to look at the screen.

Me: “I’m sorry, there are more than a handful listed. Which one were you referring to?”

Customer: “Oh, for f***’s sake; it just changed. Can’t you just do your job and sell me the d*** ticket?”

Me: “Well, no. I apologise but I’m not a psychic. You have to tell me the name of the movie you wish to see. I’m more than happy to give you a quick description of the films we currently have playing so you can figure out which one it—”

Customer: “NO! I demand to see your manager.”

Me: “Actually, I’m the one in charge right now, and honestly, I don’t see the need for a manager to intervene. All I need to do is sell you your ticket and direct you to one of our theatres.”

Customer: “It’s one of those movies about the miserable lesbians.”

Me: *Stifling laughter* “I’m sorry, we don’t have a movie about miserable lesbians.”

Customer:You would know, wouldn’t you?”

Me: “Well, yes, I would. I’ve worked here for years and run the ticket box and the candy bar section, and if needed, I work on the floor, too. I don’t think that I would have missed a movie about miserable lesbians. Besides, if there was one, I would have taken my girlfriend to see it with me.”

Customer: “What?”

Me: “It’d probably be titled, The Life And Times Of [My Name]. Maybe starring Katherine Moennig or Jodie Foster.”

Customer: “You’re one of them?

Me: “Look, I’m just trying to lighten the mood. Now, which movie was it you were after?”


Me: “Wait. Do you mean Les Misérables?”

Customer: “That’s not how you say it! You’re wrong.”

Me: “I assure you, it is. It’s French. It’s based on a French novel written in the 1800s, and the film adaptation still uses the same name.”

Customer: “I know what it’s called. Some of us are more culturally involved than others.”

Me: “Sure. Well, let me just process your ticket and—”

Customer: *while storming out* “No. I don’t want to see some French homosexual s***.”

Me: “Okay. Have a nice day!”

On that note, I think they should make a movie about miserable lesbians. I would happily play the main character.

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