Anti-Vaxxers Are Dumber Than Cats

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(I work as a veterinary technician at a vet’s office. I’m the first one to greet the clients and get some background before the doctor comes in.)

Me: “So, it looks like both your cats are due for the Feline Distemper Vaccine, so we can take care of that today.”

Client: “That’s great! Are the vaccines safe?”

Me: “Well, with all vaccines there is always a risk of an allergic reaction. If you’d like, we can pre-treat both of them with Benadryl before they get the shots.”

Client: “That’s all right. They’ll be fine. But that’s not what I meant.”

Me: “Do you have other concerns with the vaccine?”

Client: “Yes, I’m concerned that the vaccine might mess up their little heads.”

Me: “Sorry?”

Client: “I don’t want my babies getting autism or anything like that.”

Me: *screaming internally* “Well, I can certainly check with the doctor before we give the vaccines to make sure they’re safe.”

Client: “Good. I want to keep my boys healthy!”

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The veterinary hospital specializes in small animals, with the vast majority being dogs and cats. One day a customer brings in a sick rabbit. The vet is not too familiar with the going-ons of rabbits so is looking through text-books to make a diagnosis. The guy who works at a local animal rescue group happens to be there as well and is just now walking past this veterinarian. The vet says to him “Hey, you work with a lot of animals, what do you know about rabbits?”. The rescue group guy says “I know they make good stew!”.

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The doctor hands me a client’s information and asks me to call a local Walgreens since the client called us and said the pharmacy didn’t have her prescription. I look up the client’s file and remember calling in the prescription myself two days earlier, the interaction with the pharmacist seemed to go off without a hitch and the medication isn’t too unusual. On a hunch, I call the client before I call the pharmacy.

Me: Hi, Ms. Smith, this is [My Name] from [Vet Clinic] and I wanted to check which pharmacy you wanted Smokey’s medication called in to since [Doctor] said they didn’t have a record of it when you went to pick it up. I called that prescription into the Walgreens on Main Street, is that the one you wanted?

Client: Yes, and they didn’t have it.

Me: Did you give the pharmacist your name or your cat’s name?

Client: My name, of course.

Me: I will call the pharmacy back and double-check that they have that prescription ready for you, but I suspect that is the problem. You see, we call medication in under the pet’s name.

Client: But it’s a human medication

Me: Well, it was prescribed to your cat, so we call it in under the cat’s name. Legally we can only prescribe your cat medication so there is no way it could be under your name.

Client: But they searched my name, date of birth, and phone number and they still couldn’t find it.

Me: We gave them your cat’s name and date of birth, we have no way of knowing your date of birth. I will call the pharmacy and make sure they have the prescription ready, then give you a call back.

I call the pharmacy and confirm that the prescription is ready under the cat’s name. I explain what happened and give the pharmacist the client’s address and phone number so she has more ways to look the prescription up, then call the client back.

Me: His Ms. Smith, I just spoke with the pharmacist at Walgreens on Main Street and they’ve got Smokey’s prescription ready, it was under his name and not yours. Just ask for it under Smokey Smith. They took down your address and phone number too.

Client: Oh, thanks.

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( I work as a veterinary nurse, and one of my tasks is to sell food and other stuff to customers or take payment for appointments. A lady walks up to the reception with a bag of dog treats. )

Her: ´ Is this an organ or is it just meat? ´

Me: ´It´s an organ. ´

Her: *with a skeptical ¨do i want to know¨ look* ¨ uhm, which organ is it?¨

Me: ´uh, it´s the penis´

Her: ´oh.. okay´

(Her husband walks up to her)

Her to her husband: `You were rigth, it´s ox penis!´

Some People Are Terrified Of Even A Sniff Of Gay

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(I’m at a vet’s office for my pug when I overhear this:)

Receptionist: “No, ma’am, your dog is not gay. They sniff each other’s rear ends to introduce themselves. All dogs do it.”

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