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(It is the 4th of July weekend, and the SPCA in our town is running an adoption special. All adult dogs are $17.76 to adopt in honor of the holiday. I volunteer at this shelter and my boyfriend and I have come to visit the dogs frequently. We’ve finally found one we love and fits with us and we’re signing the adoption papers. This conversation happens with another member of the public at the front desk.)
Shelter staff: “There you go (my name)! I’m so happy you guys finally found a dog you love, and for a great price!”
Me: “Yeah, Brandy is a great dog and we can use the money we’re saving on her adoption fee to buy more stuff to spoil her with!”
Teenage girl standing in lobby looking at the cats hanging out in a cage there: “how much are dogs this weekend?”
Shelter staff: “they’re only $17.76 to adopt adult dogs! Did you wanna look at one?”
Teen girl: “I don’t get it, why is it $17.76, is there tax or something?”
Me: “No…it’s Independence Day. $17.76 like the year? 1776? Declaration of Independence?”
Teen girl: “oh! Like that Nicolas Cage movie!”
(Slightly stunned silence from all of us. She grins and walks off to join her family.)
Shelter staff: “I literally don’t even know what to say to that girl. Enjoy the new fur friend, (my name).”

Stocking Up On Toilet Paper Is A Sign Of The Apocalypse

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(The store manager authorizes a woman to purchase 42 packs of a particular brand of toilet paper, thus selling out our entire inventory, which is usually not allowed. The customer then uses coupons for each one, requiring me to do 11 different transactions because of coupon limits.)

Customer: “These won’t all fit in my car. Can I leave them here while I make multiple trips to my house?” *gestures right in front of guest service desk*

(Usually this is not allowed, but I am feeling nice and there isn’t much else she can do.)

Me: “Actually, if you could move them right over there around the corner, that should be all right.”

Customer: “Okay, thanks.”

(The customer leaves them right in front of desk and begins to walk off. My supervisor [not the manager from before] walks up.)

Customer: “Actually, can I get help to my car?”

Supervisor: “For insurance reasons, only cart attendants can help, and we don’t have any in right now. I’m sorry! Someone is coming in 20 minutes, if you’d like to wait.”

(The customer left angrily, came back an hour later, took the rest of the toilet paper, and would not accept help to her car, even though someone was now available. She then demanded I give her the name of my supervisor, and later called to complain about how we were all so rude and unhelpful. Later that day, we had four or five customers come in asking for that brand of toilet paper, but we didn’t have any. When we called other stores to see if they had any, we found out the same woman had bought out the inventory of two other stores.)

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Food Banked That Money Immediately

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The store where I work is doing a promotion where one customer per day gets up to $100 dollars worth of free groceries. It’s a completely random process, and they aren’t doing a great job of advertising it, so most of the people who are getting free groceries have no idea that could happen.

Today is the first day that I have been the cashier for a winner. He’s a regular at my store, and always polite. So, he wins, and leaves. A few minutes later, though, he comes back with more groceries, and when I comment that he is back so soon he says that since he doesn’t have to spend that money on his family’s groceries, he is spending the same amount he would have spent on his family — for his church’s food bank. $80 worth of groceries.

I am personally grateful for his kindness and thoughtfulness, especially since sometimes my family has to go to the food bank.

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