Trailer Failure

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(We are renovating our building, so the customer service department is now located in a trailer sitting in plain sight in the customer parking lot. We have been there for a week, and the following has already occurred several times. A customer gets out of car and heads towards the building. They stop to read the sign we have placed on the grass that says, “Customer service in trailer.” The customer turns around and looks at the trailer, then turns back toward the building and walks up to the — locked — door. They read the sign posted on the door, which says, “Pardon our dust while we remodel! Our customer service reps are ready to assist you in the trailer”. The customer then tries to open the door. They finally realize they have to come to the trailer. The customer walks into the trailer and says:)

Customer #1: “What’s going on?”


Customer #2: “This is pretty inconvenient.”


Customer #3: “Your sign needs to be more clear.”

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(I work for a power company as a meter reader. My job involves going house to house and taking a reading from each electricity meter so the customer gets an accurate power bill. At one particular house, the customer is outside watering her flowers and gives me a wave as I walk around the side of her house where her meter is. Her gas meter is just below that, and I can smell a suspicious odour that seemed to be coming from the gas meter.)

Me: Excuse me, miss? I think I can smell gas coming from your gas meter. You might have a gas leak.

Customer: (smelling gas) Oh, I can smell it too. Yeah, what should I do?

Me: You need to call your gas company right away so they can send someone over to fix it.

Customer: Cool. I’ll get on it later.

(The customer goes back to watering her flowers. The smell of gas becomes so strong I start to feel sick. I also notice she has parked her car only metres from where the leak is. After finishing reading her electricity meter I get her attention again.)

Me: Hey, just letting you know, that gas leak seems to be pretty bad. You better call someone straight away.

Customer: Yep, I’ll get on it later.

Me: (concerned) Okay, but just so you know, your car is parked right next to it, so if you start it, it could ignite and possibly blow up your house. Get on it immediately!

Customer: Yes, yes, I know. I’ll get on it later! (Finishes watering garden) Geez, I need a smoke now…

(The customer pulls out a packet of cigarettes from her pocket. I’ve never run so fast in my life.)

They Asked For Your ID Card, Not Your Race Card, Part 2

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(While waiting in line to pay a bill at the local water company, this happens in front of me.)

Customer: *an older gentleman, notably Mexican* “I want to open an account at [Location] in my daughter’s name.”

Cashier: “I’m afraid I can’t do that. I either need her to come in here to do it herself, or you need papers signed by her, including a copy of her driver’s license.”

Customer: “What? Why do I need all that?”

Cashier: “Company policy, sir.”

Customer: “You know what I think this is?”

Cashier: “What’s that, sir?”

Customer: “This is a brown-skin issue.”

Cashier: “No? That has nothing to do with it.”

Customer: “Yes, it does! This is a skin issue! I’ve been paying bills here for 40 years and never had a problem before now!”

Cashier: “Paying a bill is entirely different from opening an account; that has nothing to do with this.”

Customer: “Then explain why you’re making this so difficult!”

Cashier: “It’s company policy!”

Customer: “This is racism!”

(It went around and around for a while before the guy left. The hard-headedness of this blew me away. It seems pretty obvious that you can’t just open an account in someone else’s name, because that’s a fraud risk. This guy was incapable of understanding that. I hope he eventually understands and just gets his daughter to do the work, since the account is supposed to be in her name.)

They Asked For Your ID Card, Not Your Race Card

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Not Indebted To That Refund

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(I work for a utility company in a department called “aged debt.” Basically we handle all accounts where we have not had payment for 18 months or longer.)

Customer: “I want to speak to a manager right now!” *continues shouting incoherently so I have no idea what is actually wrong*

Me: “I’m sorry, sir. I’ll be happy to put you through to a manager, but I need to know what the problem is first, or they won’t take the call.”

Customer: *sighing irritably* “Fine. I got a nasty letter from you saying I haven’t paid my bill and I owe you all this money, but I paid you. How dare you send me threatening letters telling customers they haven’t paid when they have?! I’m going to sue you for harassment and defamation!”

Me: “Oh. I’m terribly sorry, sir. Can I get your account number so I can look into this?”

(The customer begrudgingly gives me details, and I see that, true to his word, his balance is at zero.)

Me: “Yes, I can see your balance is paid. Do you have the letter with you?”

Customer: “Yes, I have it in my hand right now.”

Me: “What is the date on the top corner of the letter?”

(The customer reads the date and it turns out that it was sent out the day before he paid the bill off in full.)

Me: “The letter was sent the day before you paid. It can take three to five days to receive them. It just crossed in the post. I’m very sorry, sir. Please disregard it. I can confirm your account is all paid and up to date, and no further letters have been issued.”

Customer: “So, you think it’s okay to threaten customers who paid?”

Me: “I’m sorry, sir, but as I said, the letter left our office the day before you paid. At that time, you did have a balance.”

Customer: “Well, I want to be refunded all the money I paid, to compensate me for the stress of having to read a letter that you never should have sent.”

Me: “I’m terribly sorry, sir, but as I said, that letter went out the day before you paid the bill. By the time you did pay it, it had already left the office.”

Customer: “That’s not good enough! I demand compensation!”

Me: *now getting a little irritated at the cyclical conversation* “There wasn’t anything we could have done, unless you think we should have chased the mailman and taken it from him before it got delivered to you.”

Customer: “Don’t be f****** stupid. Just don’t send out letters that say customers haven’t paid when they f****** have.” *hangs up*

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Credited With The Sound Of Silence

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(I’m getting ready to move two hours away and need to set up electricity for the new apartment I’m moving to. The power company at my new apartment is different than the one at my current apartment, so I call the new company to get an account set up.)

Representative: “You need power turned on at [date] for [address]; is this correct?”

Me: “Yep, you got it.”

Representative: “Okay, since you have never had an account with us, there will be a deposit.”

(Several seconds of silence follow as I’m hoping there will be a followup to his last sentence.)

Me: “Is that just because I’ve never had power with you before, or can you do like a credit check?”

Representative: “If you had let me FINISH, I would have said that you would have to pay a deposit assuming you fail a credit check.”

(Yes, he yelled the word “finish” and I’m pretty angry at how much of a jerk this guy is being.)

Me: “Then run my d*** credit. Are you running it yet? Are you finished talking? Is it credit check time? I’m assuming that you not talking means you are finished with your sentence. Of course, I thought that before, when you were quiet for five full seconds, but maybe I’m wrong. Go ahead… Run my credit.”

Representative: *a little bit nicer* “Um… Okay. I will go ahead and run your credit, now.”

(A few more seconds pass.)

Representative: “Okay. You do not have to pay a deposit. Your credit score is really good.”

Me: “Didn’t think I would need to pay one.”

Representative: “Your account is set up. I’m going to send you over to a survey to rate our conversation. Remember to rate me fairly based on the service I have provided today.”

(I rated him VERY fairly based on the service he provided.)

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