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(The Restaurant I work at specializes in serving smoked meat, burgers, and salads. All of the items on our menu are made fresh and on average take at least 5-10 minutes to prepare, when we’re not slammed by a rush. We also have a gourmet soda station which we’ve set up at our drive through window. Due to the time it takes to prepare our food, we do not take meal orders through our drive through window. We use it only to sell our drinks, which we clearly state using a sign underneath the window.
One day, a man drove up to the window, with the intent to purchase one of our large meals. My female coworker happened to be the one to answer his request.)

Customer: But this is a drive through window, restaurants always sell food out of drive-through windows.

Co-worker: I’m sorry sir, but we can’t serve food out of this window. It would hold up the line both outside, and in the restaurant.

Customer: If that’s the case, then why don’t you have any signs up that say that?

Co-worker: (refrains from pointing out that there is in fact one underneath the window) I’m very sorry sir, but if you’d like to order a meal, please park and come inside.

(The Customer proceeded to tell her off on the way the restaurant was designed and how it was confusing before parking and coming inside. In the time between when he left the window, and entered the restaurant, my co-worker related the story of the man to me, and explained how long it took her to actually get him to listen to her and to come inside. I laughed and gave her my condolences for her having to deal with someone like that, then proceeded to walk back to the kitchen to continue washing some dishes. A couple of minutes later, I noticed a man was hanging around the side entrance of the kitchen, right outside of where I was washing the dishes. I looked at my kitchen coworkers, who all shrugged, and then walked out to talk to what looked like a concerned customer.)

Me: Can I help you?

Customer: Yeah, I wanted to talk to you about the drive through window.

(I realized that this was the customer that my coworker was talking to earlier)

Customer: It’s ridiculous that you have a drive through window, but refuse to sell food out of it, I mean, it just doesn’t make sense.

Me: I’m sorry to hear about your confusion sir, but as we’re not a fast food restaurant, we simply cannot keep up with orders from both the window, and the front register.

Customer: Then you should put up a sign!

(This was my favorite part)

Customer: To an adult mind like mine, I think that when there’s a drive through window, I can order food through it. (He kept shaking his head and smiling, as if I were some naieve kid that didn’t understand anything)

(He continued to explain how with his superior intellect, as I was obviously a high school student, he was justified with his confusion about the window, and continued ranting about it for another five minutes. I apologized for the umpteenth time and returned to the kitchen. Me and the rest of the staff had a great laugh about him and his “adult mind” getting confused.)

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Our store has child sized grocery carts used by anyone between barely walking and preteens. I spot two in use by a seven or eight year old boy. He is sitting in one and ineffectually attempting to push another one in the vicinity of the public restroom.
Me: That seems a tough way to get the shopping done.
Boy: My sister was pushing me but she laughed too hard and peed her pants.

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Our grocery store has a small postal outlet so you can purchase postage and mail letters and packages and the main P.O. will come pick them up from us and take them to be delivered.

P.O. Employee: Someone just dropped this letter into the drop box. It’s addressed to <Our Store Name>.
Me: They didn’t just hand it to you?
P.O. Employee: Nah, it’s got a stamp on it and everything. So it would get picked up by the P.O., get sorted, and then brought back here…
Me: Weird…

Even This Conversation Is Out Of Tune

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Customer: “I would like to order a pack of Martin Strings in the gauge of 9-46.”

Me: “Great, do you have an item number or SKU number for those strings?”

Customer: “No, I don’t, I just thought you would have that already.”

Me: “Well, sir, we sell thousands of different musical items every single day and it’s hard to keep record of everything. I would be happy to look that up for you, though.”

Customer: “Okay, thanks!”

As I’m pulling up the item on our website, the customer is mumbling something under his breath.

Me: “Okay, sir, I believe I found the set you’re looking for?”

Customer: “Now make sure it comes in the right tuning of EBGDAE, okay?”

Me: “Well, sir, the strings come how they come and it is up to you to tune them correctly.”

Customer: “So, you mean to tell me that they don’t come tuned?”

Me: “Sir, you have to put the strings on the guitar before you can tune them.”

Customer: “Well, I believe that is bad customer service. If you expect me to order, then you must make sure they are in the correct tuning.”

Me: “Sir, the strings don’t come in a tuning; the term ‘tuning’ refers to the tension you set the string on the guitar that creates a certain pitch. There is no such thing as strings that come in a standard tuning.”

Customer: “Fine. Then I will order from a different company that will tune them for me, so I can play my guitar without sounding like a [disabled slur].”

Me: “Okay, sir, make sure the next company you order from gets the standard tuning for you on the strings!”

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Can’t Drive Through This Deal

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I’m working the drive-thru of our newly-remodeled store and we are having promotions all month long. The current day’s promotion has been heavily advertised, even on the radio: the first 200 people to buy one [value meal] will get one free [sandwich] per week for a full year.

A man comes through the drive-thru during the promotion and demands the free sandwich deal. I calmly explain to him that we have repeatedly stated that the promotion is for dine-in only because we can’t have a line of hundreds of cars in our drive-thru. He continues to complain, even after I state that the giant line of people around the block have already ordered the promotion and he is not eligible.

Eventually, after several managers have explained the same thing, he peels out of the parking lot, nearly running over several small children and a radio station’s van.

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