Reasons Why Customer Service Should Be Mandatory: #2

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(This comment is left on a satisfaction survey a customer filled out online, which gets posted in the break room.)

Customer Comment: “I came in the other day during your summer sale and you guys were super busy. There were employees on the sales floor, but they were too preoccupied helping other customers, so I was never able to get any help. When I was ready to check out, all of the registers were open and the cashiers seemed to be going fast, but the line was way too long, so I just put all my things on hold and left. I don’t think I’ll come back for them, though. I think you guys are doing something wrong. Maybe hire some more people and have your employees stay later after closing, so the store isn’t such a mess when you’re busy like that and customers are leaving their crap everywhere.”

(The survey also stated that this customer came in five hours after we opened for the day, on one of our busiest days of the summer. I don’t think they’ve ever worked a day of retail in their life!)

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So I normally like mess with scammers and try to keep them on the line. But lately it’s became a little tiring to me. So I still answer the phone but I answer it totally different and have gotten some hilarious responses. This is one of those.

Me: you tag’um, we bag’um clean up services. What’s the address?

Scammer: What?

Me: did you recently kill someone and need my clean up services or not?

Scammer: umm… no… you know that’s illegal right?

Me: yeah but hey whatever to pay the bills. How much do they pay you to scam people?

Scammer- *hangs up*

The Smallest Of People Getting The Biggest Support

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(I work in housekeeping at a hospital. My job is pretty simple: clean rooms, mop vomit, and pick up trash. One day I’m making my rounds, getting trash from patient rooms, when I pass by a mother who has just found out her newborn son has some serious medical issues and they don’t know when he can leave. She is sobbing as she goes back to her room. My sister was a NICU [Neo-Natal Intensive Care Unit] baby when she was born, and I know my mom had a hard time when she was told the same thing. I want to comfort this mother. My heart is racing as I go into the room. I just keep thinking, “Should I say something? What would I say? Am I allowed to even talk to patients on a personal level like this?” I enter the room and the mother is still sobbing. I decide I have to say something.)

Me: “Ma’am, I know I am just a housekeeper, but I want to tell you about my sister.”

Mother: *looks at me, surprised, and smiles* “Go ahead, dear.”

(My heart is racing and I am terrified.)

Me: “My sister was a NICU baby like your son. When she came out the doctors broke her arm, her umbilical cord was wrapped around her neck, and my mother was told she probably wouldn’t live long. On her first birthday we took her in for another appointment; doctors were amazed that she was alive and healthy. They told us she probably would be mute. It took her a while, and she does have speech issues. But she can talk. There have been many other things they doubted her on. But what I’m saying is that her whole life doctors have doubted her, and every time she has jumped over the hurdle and proved them wrong. Don’t give up on your son before he has the chance to do the same.”

(The woman breaks into complete tears and asks me over for a hug. She then asks, as I’m pulling away:)

Mother: “How old is your sister now?”

Me: “She is 16, going to her first homecoming next month.”

(The woman cries, holding me, for five minutes.)

Mother: “Thank you. Thank you so much. I needed to hear that he would be fine and you have given that to me.”

Me: “It will not be a easy road. But with your love and support he will jump through those hurdles, too.”

(I have to leave to get the rest of the patient trash. A week passes by. I am cleaning the lobby when the child’s father passes me and recognizes me.)

Father: “Were you doing trash last Thursday?”

Me: “Um, yes, I believe I was.”

Father: “You gave my wife the words she needed, and she has completely changed her feeling on the situation.”

Me: “I’m so glad to hear that! How is your son?”

Father: “He is still in the NICU, but he should be getting out in the next couple of days. My wife and I have been reading up on how we can help him grow up strong like your sister. Thank you so much, and tell your sister thank you, as well.”

(That day was the moment I had been waiting for, for the last year. Four months later, it is still amazing, and I still cry at the fact that they remembered a housekeeper. I guess the quote is true: “People may forget what you did for them, but they will never forget how you made them feel.” I don’t know their names; I don’t even know the boy’s name. But I really hope their son is well and is a strong, happy four-month-old. I’m glad I could be the light in the mother’s life and make the difference for her.)

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(We keep seeing ads for a new unlimited data plan with our current phone service provider and decide to go into the store to see about switching over. Their competitor is doing a very similar plan, so we’re also thinking about possibly switching over to them. We walk into one of our current provider’s stores, which is practically empty except for one customer and two employees.)

Worker: can I help you?

Me: yeah, we keep hearing about this new unlimited data plan and would like to talk to someone about switching over to it.

Worker: are you current [provider] subscribers?

Me: yes, we are.

Worker: this plan is only for new subscribers only.

Me: oh, ok. We’ll go talk to [competitor] instead.

Worker: ok, bye.

(A bit flabbergasted that we were dismissed so easily, we walk to the competing store, which is so busy that we realized that we wouldn’t be able to get a quote before they close for the night. We eventually get a quote from them. They’re very nice and the price is almost exactly what we’re paying on our current plan, only with more benefits.

We decide to wait on switching at the moment because of some personal situations. A couple of weeks later, we walk past a different store for our current provider. When asked if they could help us, we relay the above situation and tell them that we’re probably going to switch to the competitor soon. They were appalled that we were dismissed so easily and wrote us up a quote and offered us some fantastic discounts on a new plan. We told them that we would have to think about it because of how we were treated before.)

Worker at new store: can you describe the guy you talked to before?

Husband: I can’t, but she probably could. She’s better at stuff like that than I am.

Me: erm –

Worker: did he have glasses?

Me: yes, he did.

(Every employee at the store exchanged a look that could only be described as “Oh. Him.”)

Worker: I’m so sorry about that. He’s… Interesting. You shouldn’t have been treated that way.

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So my boyfriend had to load money on his pre-paid credit card. He’s standing in line behind a group of non-English speakers trying to cash their paychecks.

Cashier: Please hand me your ID and the check.

Group: Hands over State ID and checks which have been signed.

Cashier: Is this a Passport?

Group: This is my ID.

Cashier: I’ll need help with this.

Lady in line behind my boyfriendf: I’ll let them use my ID if it will speed things up.

Cashier to another cashier: I think they’re trying to scam us, have you ever seen this before?

New Cashier: No I’ve never seen a Driver’s License like this before. It must be fake.

Cashier: I need to call a manager.

Lady in line: My husband is Mexican and he works really hard. I can’t believe you’d treat customers like this. It’s so disrespectful!

A manager comes up and processes the transaction: In the future just tell the cashier it’s a State ID.

Boyfriend: Are you kidding me?! (Facepalming!)

The group leaves and as my boyfriend comes us…

Manager: So that was a State Issued ID, it’s a legal form of ID. You can tell it’s an ID because it’s in Portrait layout. A Driver’s license is only in Portrait layout when a person is under 21. This helps spot minors trying to purchase alcohol or tobacco.

Cashiers: Oh, really?

Boyfriend: Can I load my card now?

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