You Don’t Need Training To Prevent Fraud

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(I have been working at a smoothie place for a few months. Despite putting in that I would like to work 12 to 16 hours a week, I am lucky to work four, but I still can’t schedule social events because I’m scheduled for my full hours and get cancelled on the day of, even an hour before my shift. This has resulted in me only being trained in the register, and I am nigh completely inept at making smoothies. I do my best with what little training I have. My general manager doesn’t see a problem with this, and I have a number of issues with her. A customer comes in. I recognize her but don’t know her name, which we ask for, for the smoothies. She places her order and we have no problems doing so. She hands me a card to pay.)

Me: “All right, may I see some form of ID?”

Customer: “Oh, yeah. I left it in the car; I’ll be right back.”

Me: “Sounds good. Your smoothie should be done by the time you get back.”

(This is pretty typical procedure for me. I put the order through and run the card when they get back. This lets the customer be in and out, no hassle. The general manager comes out of the back after hearing the exchange and pipes up when the customer leaves.)

General Manager: “Hey! Don’t harass regulars like that, okay?”

Me: “O… kay?”

(The customer came back and got her smoothie, no problems. The two of us were both all smiles. All right, GM, sorry for harassing this customer because I’m trying to follow the law, and sorry for not recognizing her as a regular because I don’t work nearly as much as you said I would.)

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It Takes A Real Jerk To Make Someone Think They’re A Jerk

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(I am filling up my car at a gas station when a fairly disheveled man comes up and tries to open my passenger door. When I call out, he walks around, gets up really close to me, and tells me that he needs a ride. I am leery, given that he is twitching and quite a bit bigger than I am. The gas station attendant comes out and ends up shooing him away. Immediately afterward, a man standing at the next pump over pipes up.)

Man: “Wow. You’re a real jerk, aren’t you?”

Me: “What?”

Man: “That man has nothing, and you couldn’t even give him a ride.”

Me: “I didn’t see you offering to give him a ride, either.”

(He gave me a little glare before driving off past where the man was standing on the sidewalk. I did consider driving over to give the man a ride, but a police car pulled up and the officer got out and started talking to the man, so I left it at that.)

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Unfiltered Story #160060

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I used to work at a call center that was contracted with an insurance company. Right out of training, the very first call I took was for a customer looking for a gynecologist in her area. It was a pretty simple phone call, except she spent five minutes explaining, in graphic detail, why she needed to see a gynecologist. A wonderful first call…

Orange Is The New Black

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(I’ve been a swim coach for the past ten years, and every summer I get at least one moment that reminds me of how nine-year-olds always keep you on your toes. The swimmer is this story is a nine-year-old girl with a rainbow swimsuit and a pink glittery swim cap. Just a little bundle of bubbly girl power.)

Swimmer: “Coach, coach, I know what car is yours!”

Me: “Oh? What car?”

Swimmer: “The orange one, because orange is your favorite color.”

Me: *looking down and realizing I’m in my bright orange swimsuit and sunglasses today* “Yeah, I guess it is.”

Swimmer: “Why is orange your favorite color?”

Me: “Because it’s a happy color.”

Swimmer: “I like black.”

(Before I can ask why black is her favorite color, the nine-year-old swimmer flexes her arms and squats down as she scream-growls:)


(The swimmer proceeded to stand up, giggle, and run over to the pool to dive in like nothing had happened and leaving me to burst into fits of shocked laughter.)

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(Today is the first day of my store’s big clearance sale, where all clearance items are an additional 30% off the orange sticker price. A woman comes up with a pile of items and I begin ringing them up. A few scans in, we encounter a problem.)

Customer: No, no, no. Those all have clearance tags on them. They’re ringing up as full price!

(I look down at the clothes and see that these are all new merchandise items we have just put out on the floor today, all ranging about $30-$40 a piece. However, they all have orange stickers on their tags for less than $10, albeit a little torn and obviously tampered with.)

Me: I’m sorry ma’am, but we just got these in today. They’re at the front of the store, and our clearance is in the back. There’s no way these are supposed to be marked down as clearance.

Customer: Well, they have the stickers on them! I should get 30% off that clearance price!

Me: I’m sorry, I don’t know how they got there. And I’m really not allowed to do overrides this big, I could get in trouble.

Customer: But someone messed up, that’s not my fault! I should get what the sticker says, plus my percentage off!

(Though very uncommon, there are times when our markdown team may mark the wrong items down on clearance. I quickly have someone check the identical items on the floor, and of course none of the others have clearance stickers. At this point it’s becoming very clear that the woman tore the stickers off actual clearance merchandise and put them on these new items. At the same time, my manager comes up to help.)

Customer: These have clearance stickers on them, but she won’t give me the clearance sale price!

Manager: I’m sorry, but the best we can do is give you the sticker price. I can’t give you the additional percentage off.

Customer: That’s ridiculous! You’re robbing me!

Manager: It’s the best I can do. This is already a bigger override than our policy allows.

(The woman huffed for a while, but in the end only bought one of the items, and my manager gave her the fake sticker price. Sometimes I wish we would actually stick to policy and not give in to customers like this… hopefully she never tries it again!)