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(After a fairly long flight, I’m in line to pick up a rental car. When I reach the front of the line, a worker calls me over to some of the self-service terminals. At first, the terminal would read my driver’s license, and then it rejected my credit card. After fiddling with the machine for around ten minutes, the worker directed me to go stand in the priority member line, so they can try and help me at the counter. A man pipes up from the regular line.)

Man: If you go in front of me, we’re going to have a problem.

(I ignored him. After a few seconds, he spoke up again.)

Man: You think you’re better than me, so you can just cut in front of me?

(At that point, I lost my temper, largely because of worry that I was going to be strandeddd in the airport with no way of making the three-hour drive I had ahead of me.)

Me: I have been here for almost fifteen minutes at this point. I got pulled out of that line when I got to the front, spent ten minutes trying to get my card to work on the terminals over there, and then got sent back over here. So, I don’t care what problems you have. You’ve been here two minutes, you can wait a minute more.

Man: *sputtering* Well, I haven’t seen you. I gueess you’re supposed to be on the terminal. I don’t know.

(At that point, the man at the counter called me up. I turned back to the man.)

Me: *bowing and sweeping my arm out* Go ahead. If it is such an imposition, I can be patient and wait for you to go ahead of me.

Man: *scowls and shakes his head, but doesn’t say anything*

(I then turned and walked up to the counter. The worker managed to put my card through with no issue, and I headed out to pick up my car. As I walked away, I heard the worker at the counter tell the man that he was actually supposed to be at a different counter.)))

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(I work in a bakery. The number one thing I say to customers.)
Me: We are not a scratch bakery.

(The number one question I want to ask customers.)
Me: Why can’t you pre-order?!

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(I work at a call center as an online chat representative for a company that is well known for their coupons. While our coupon policy is pretty lenient, our exclusion list is pretty black and white as our online system won’t apply a coupon to items on this list. Sometimes stores will allow a customer to use a coupon on these items, even though they aren’t supposed to. Because of this, it’s not uncommon to get an angry customer over not being able to use a coupon on these items online. Recently, our chat system got a bug and we can’t see the name of the customer, so we have to ask for it. Often times, people just ignore that question.)

Me: Thank you for using (company) Live Chat, this is (my name). Who do I have the pleasure of speaking with today?

Customer: Why can’t I use this coupon on this item? I read a review where someone was able to use one in store, but my store wouldn’t let me!!

Me: I’m sorry about that. What is the item that you are wanting to purchase? I can check and see if it is on the coupon exclusion list.

Customer: It’s not!! I’ve already checked!! It’s a (item that actually is on the exclusion list).

Me: I do apologize, but that brand doesn’t let us use coupons on their items. *sends the customer a link to the exclusion list*


(By now, I’ve let my manager know that yet another store made a coupon mistake and that I’ve got an angry customer, she’s prepared for me to transfer the chat to her.)

Me: I’m sorry, but I cannot do that. Our online system will not accept a coupon with this brand and stores are not supposed to allow coupons with this brand either. I also cannot place an order for you, as I cannot take payment over chat.


Me: Very well. Please give me just a moment to transfer you to my manager.

(I transfer the chat, and my manager wouldn’t budge on the coupon either. The customer also accused her of discrimination as well.)

Manager: Well, they’re apparently calling Corperate to complain against both of us.

Me: So just a normal day, right?

Manager: *laughs* Yep. Funny how we’re discriminating over chat.

(We later found out that though the customer did complain to corperate, they told the customer that he/she was in the wrong after reading the chats sent by my manager.)

More Than 60% Of Customers Can’t Read

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Customer: “What are those sandals ringing up as?”

Me: “$9.99, miss.”

Customer: “Is that 60% off?”

Me: “Um… I can check.”

I check the original price really quickly, thinking how odd this request is.

Me: “No, it’s only about 40% off.”

Customer: “But your advertisement said all sandals are 60% off.”

Me: “May I see this ad?”

She shows me one of our email advertisements that says, “Up to 60% off!”

Me: “Ma’am, it says up to 60% off; it does not guarantee that you’ll get 60% off.”

Customer: “So, your ads are full of s***?”

Me: “No, they aren’t, ma’am, it just means that not all of our sandals are 60% off.”

She starts screaming at me.

Customer: “No, your ads are bulls*** and your cards do nothing useful and I want my 60% discount.”

I’m doing my best not to rip off her head and keep a calm tone.

Me: “Ma’am, I can’t further discount an item. If you want another discount, you may go talk to customer service.”

She stormed over there and the store manager eventually came up and made me give her 60% off. I’ve never been more disappointed in my manager in my life.

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Yes, They HAVE Tried Turning It Off And On Again

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I work in IT for a retail company. With quarantine stuff going on, our stores are closed, but we still have a massive online presence and the salespeople are encouraged to reach out to their customers and offer items, make sales, etc.

Because of this, we’ve had an uptick in the number of salespeople who are calling to reset their passwords for one of the selling systems. IT doesn’t have the ability, for various reasons, to reset this particular password; for this one, we can only walk the users through resetting it.

I get a call from a user who’s trying to do this on her cell phone.

Me: “If it’s asking you to register, you’re following the wrong path. You’ll need to go back to the sign-in.”

User: “How do I do that?”

Me: “Hit the back button on your browser.”

User: “I don’t have a browser; I’m on an iPhone.”

Me: *Facepalm* “Browser is how you access the Internet. So, the page you’re on is in the browser. Do you have a back button or an arrow?”

User: “Oh, I think I got it.”


User: “I turned my iPhone on and off.”

Me: *Head-desk*

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