Her Argument Has Your Foot To Stand On

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(I am a 20-year-old male. I completely destroyed my foot in a soccer game two months ago, and I’m now returning to work. I have a full cast on my leg and have to get around on a little scooter. I sit in a disabled seat on the bus that is close to the door, put in my headphones in, and start watching a show on Netflix. About halfway into the ride, a woman stands in front of me; I think nothing of it, until she decides to reach forward and rip my headphones out of my ears.)


(I look up and realize she is pregnant.)

Lady: “I’m pregnant.”

Me: “Okay. Is it mine?”

Lady: “What? No! I just need to sit there.”

(I look around the bus; there are seats available everywhere.)

Me: “I seem to be missing why I should give a d***. You could sit over there.”

Lady: “I’m pregnant! I demand to sit here! I can’t stay on my feet, and walking all the back there isn’t going to be good for me!”

(I now look at my cast, at my scooter, and back at her.)

Me: “And you think it’s going to be great for me?”

Lady: “You’re probably just faking it! Move!”

Me: “No! I got here first! Also, this is a hard cast. I would have to be very dedicated in order to go through the trouble of making a fake cast.”

Lady: “Move! I’m bringing a baby in the world; I deserve this seat!”

Me: “No. You don’t. I don’t owe you anything. This is a disabled seat. If you want, I can pull out my temporary disabled sticker. But go sit elsewhere.”

(She tried to tell the bus driver, and asked him to tell me to move, but he told her to stop being a whiny b****, sit down, and just shut up. She glared at me the whole time. It was so worth it.)

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A minor note before I go into this story. I work in tech support. We’re not talking the “have you rebooted it” outsourced type, but serious tech support. The kind that deals with digging through code to fix issues, patching, and some hardware support.

Recently I found myself thinking about upgrading my graphics card, not because I really needed one, but I thought it’d be just a nice change compared to what I had. So with that in mind, I headed down to the local big box tech store on my way home after work. I head inside, wander back to the parts department, and start looking through the shelves for the specific card I’d had my eye on. It’s about this time that one of the salesmen approached.

Sales: Finding everything you need?

Me: Not entirely sure.

Sales: Well what do you need help with?

Me: I’m looking at getting a new Graphics Card, but…

Sales: (Cutting me off) Well, it depends what you’re doing with it. Take this (Grabs a cheap card) It’s good for most things, but you don’t want that. Nah, you need this. (Grabs the most expensive card.)

Me: You think so huh?

Sales: Oh yeah. I’m an expert!

Me: -muttering “sure you are.”- (aloud): I get that you’re trained in these things to some degree, but you didn’t let me finish explaining the issue.

Sales: -rolling his eyes- Oh, go on then.

Me: As I was about to say, I’m looking for a Graphics Card, but I’m not sure what kind of connector this type has or if it’s for a Laptop or Tower. It doesn’t say it on the box, and I need a specific type to fit my system.

Sales: They’re all the same thing! I don’t know what gives you the idea they’re different.

Me: Education, training, experience…

Sales: What?

Me: Ever hear of [well known tech support company]?

Sales: And?

Me: (producing badge) I’m a technical support agent for them. So yeah, the connections are different. I don’t need the up sell into something more expensive than what I want, and I don’t need the condescending “I know everything” attitude. I just need to know what kind of connection this is, or if it’s for a Laptop or tower.

Sales: Whatever. They’re the same <censored> thing! Here. (Grabbing a box off the shelf.) That’s the one you want.

With that he left.

I ended up having to go back a second time, returning the one he picked up when I found out that yes, it was a Laptop card. I also had a long talk with the department’s manager, and the store manager about my experience. They ended up trading me the PC version (which was 50 bucks more) even for the laptop card I’d picked up, and assured me that they were going to have a long sit down with that employee. I got the impression that this wasn’t the first time something like that had happened.

Magic: The Embarrassing

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(I am a girl who has grown up as a nerd from a young age, enjoying comics, card games, etc. I go to a comic book store where I’m a regular, to play Magic: The Gathering. Since I’m a girl, a lot of guys tend to think I’m a ditz and that I have no idea how to play the game. We have just finished “drafting” and creating our decks, and I am extremely confident in my deck. I am assigned to play with a guy I’ve never seen before.)

Guy: “Hi, I’m [Guy]. You’re [My Name]?”  

Me: “Hi, [Guy]. Yes, nice to meet you.”

Guy: “Okay, so, I’m guessing you’re new to the game. I’m willing to go easy on you so you can at least have the first round.”

(All the guys who know me just kind of chuckle under their breath, knowing that he has just signed a death warrant.)

Me: *in my best ditz voice* “Oh, thank you. I was so worried; I’ve never, like, played this game. I just came along with my dad.”

(I gesture to one of the guys close by.)

Guy: “Oh, that’s sweet. Dad-daughter time.”

Me: “Yeah.”

(We begin to play. As he promised, he goes easy on me, and I win. But he also lets me see a lot of his good cards, whereas I haven’t played mine, because I want him to believe I am bad. We continue to the next game, and he’s no longer going easy on me. He realizes over this round that I am now putting out heavy hitters and excellent combos. As I’m about to win, he stands up.)


Me: “How?”

Guy: “You had your dad build your deck! You’re supposed to make your own!”

Me: “Actually, [Guy I pointed out earlier] isn’t my dad. He’s someone who knows me because I constantly come here and win. I have done so for at least six months, now.”

Guy: “You aren’t new, then! Why didn’t you tell me?”

Me: “Maybe you shouldn’t assume that, because I have boobs, I don’t know how to play something. It’s extremely sexist. Now. Are you going to let me finish the game, or are you going to run out the door with your tail between your legs?”

(At this point he is looking around for support, and the owner says:)

Owner: “Maybe you shouldn’t be a sexist d**k!”

Guy: *looks at me* “You b****! *stands up and huffs out*

Owner: *yells to customer as he leaves* “I hope you learned your lesson!”

(He tried to come the next week. He opened the door, only to see me sitting there, facing the door, smiling. He automatically turned around and left, and he didn’t come back again. It’s always nice to put those type of guys in their place.)

Thanks For Giving Celiacs A Bad Name

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(A mother and daughter are placing an order, and they let me know that the daughter has a gluten allergy. I let them know that this is no problem, and direct them to the gluten-free items on the menu.)

Daughter: “I’d like to order the chicken flatbread, with the tomatoes and flat bread on the side.”

Me: “The flat bread is the base of the item. What do you mean by ‘on the side’?”

Daughter: “I want everything on the side, separated.”

(I explain that the flat bread is not gluten-free, and that even if we did separate the items, we could not guarantee they would be gluten-free since it’s not on the gluten-free menu.)

Mother: “Are you serious? If you can’t provide my daughter something that is gluten-free, then you’re going to have a f****** lawsuit on your hands! There will be an ambulance here to take her away to the hospital if she doesn’t have something to eat! If you can’t do this, quite frankly, someone should lose their job. Now, get this girl some food.”

(Later, the daughter came to apologize for her mother’s behavior and told me that she didn’t have a gluten allergy at all.)

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I worked at a credit card customer service center for a while, where we took phone calls from people around the United States.

Me: Thank you for calling [credit card company] how can I help you?

Customer: Well, I am at a very, very upscale store, and your company declined my credit card. I can understand if you declined my card at McDonald’s, but this is a very upscale store in New York, and it’s very embarrassing to have you just decline my purchase like that.

Me: I’m very sorry about that, ma’am, let me just check your account and see what happened.

Me: It looks like we never received the transaction at all. Sometimes the card readers malfunction, or stores have trouble with their systems. Maybe try swiping your card again.

Customer: I don’t think you understand. I am at [name of upscale store]. This is a very nice place and they would NEVER have something like that happen. This is an EXPENSIVE place in Times Square, New York. Do you really think their systems would just *go down*?

Me: Well, we never received any information from them, and it usually comes through automatically. We have no record of declining anything. So….

Customer: Are you f—ing kidding me? Now you’re denying you did anything?! I don’t think you f—ing understand how embarassing this is for me. I’m going to hang up now, and I want you to call this cashier at the front desk here, [name of cashier] and PERSONALLY apologize. The number is [Phone Number]. I want you to let her know that I have money on my card and YOU declined it.

Me: Ma’am, for security purposes I can’t speak to anyone besides you about the nature of your credit card.

Customer: Give me your manager.

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