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(Certain Allergy medicines have to be purchased back in the pharmacy due to New York State law. You can get a script for them, but most people just buy it over the counter. At this time, Allegra-D 24 hr is completely unavailable.)

Customer: “I need to get Allegra-D 24-hour for my daughter.”

Cashier: “I’m sorry, but it’s currently unavailable right now. All we have is the 12 hour.”

Customer: “Really? You don’t have any?”

Cashier: “Yes. I’m sorry.”

Customer: “What is my daughter going to do? She needs it!”

(The Cashier shrugs sympathetically. The customer starts to walk away, but turns around.)

Customer: “If I call her doctor and get a script for it, will you have the Allegra-D ready for her then?”

Cashier: “No. It’s unavailable.”

The Alarm Tag Wasn’t Designed For This Alarming Situation

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(I work in a big retail store. Our clothes have those annoying plastic tags on them that require a cashier to slide them into a magnetic setup at the registers to remove them. This happens one day as I am working the returns counter, and an elderly woman approaches me.)

Customer: “I bought pants here, and they didn’t remove that alarm tag. Can you do that?”

Me: “Oh, I’m so sorry about that.”

(I see that she has no shopping bag, but I think perhaps they are in her car or purse.)

Me: “I can take care of that for you right here. It is store policy that I ask to see a receipt before removing any tags, though.”

(The woman places her purse on the counter and takes the receipt out. I can see there is, indeed, a pair of pants on her receipt.)

Me: “Okay, I can see the pants here on the receipt, so if you want to go ahead and bring them in I can certainly take care of that for you.”

Customer: “Perfect! Where should I stand? Should I sit up here?” *gestures to my counter*

Me: “Pardon?

(The woman then lifts up her leg a bit, and I can very clearly see the nub of the tag on the seam of her pants, near the hem.)

Me: “Ma’am, I’m sorry, but I can’t remove the tag with them still on you. That’s quite impossible with our setup.”

Customer: “You mean I need to take them off?”

Me: “Yes, ma’am. I’m sorry. I have no way to remove that tag while you are wearing them. You would have to come back with them not on so I can take off that tag.”

Customer: “Okay, then.”

(She steps back, and I assume she is going to leave and come back, when, I kid you not, this woman then proceeds to unzip her pants and starts to remove them.)

Me: “Ma’am? I’m sorry, what are you doing?”

Customer: “You said you can’t get it off while I’m wearing them. What does it look like I’m doing?”

Me: “I’m sorry, but I can’t have you do that, here, in the middle of the store.”

(I begin looking around now because there is a line behind her, and I am nervous that at any point my manager will come around, and that I will somehow be blamed for this woman trying to strip down.)

Customer: “Well, how the f*** are you going to get it off?”

Me: “You will have to come back on another day with them not on?”

Customer: “That’s a waste of my time! I came all the way here, just to find out you can’t take this tag off! You deserve to be fired for lying to the elderly!”

(She stormed off. I saw her again a week later, wearing the same pants, with the same alarm tag still on.)

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(I work for a sizable company. It’s a name I can almost guarantee you have a product of in your house. I’m in accounts, billing, and technical support when I receive a call.)

Me: “Hello, thank you for calling [Company] support, this is [Name] speaking. May I ask who I’m speaking with?”

Caller: “My name is [Name].”

Me: “Hello [Name], how can I help you?”

Caller: “Ah, yes, in December, I get refund, but I did not get refund.”

(I pull up her account.)

Me: “Well, I see here that your refund was processed on 12/29. It reflects as completed.”

Caller: “But I do not get refund.”

Me: “I see here that your refund went through paypal. Have you checked your paypal statement?”

Caller: “Yes, I no see refund.”

Me: “Alright, what I can do is transfer you to paypal.”

Caller: “But you do not give me refund. I need to talk to paypal?”

(I realize the customer is the type to be easily lost. I stay on the line while patching them through to paypal. The caller just sits there silently through the prompts, until I personally just start punching in her information for her.)

Agent: “Thank you for calling paypal, my name is [Name]; how can I help you today?”

(The caller sits silently for a few seconds until the agent repeats.)

Caller: “Oh, you want to talk to me?”

Agent: “…yes.”

Caller: “I did not get my refund.”

Agent: “…all right, is [information] your account?”

Caller: “Yes.” *addressing me* “Can you explain?”

(I briefly explain the situation.)

Agent: “Alright, well, looking at the date, it appears the refund was immediately processed to your account.”

Caller: “But I no see refund.”

Agent: “As per your statement, it was posted on 12/29. It appears that you purchased products from [website] and [website], spending off most of the balance.”

Caller: “But I no see refund.”

(I audibly face-palmed at this point.)

Agent: “…yes …ma’am. That would be because you spent it.”

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(I go to a big chain grocery store at night after I get off of work. My fiancé is with me. We are ringing up our groceries when this occurs. Tonight my fiancé wanted a few cans of sardines.)

Employee: “Oh haha.” *to me, indistinctive mumbling* “Got sardines!”

Me: Oh….yeah. Hah. My fiance wanted some.

My fiance is halfway done ringing our groceries up.

Employee: (To me. indistinctive mumbling) Sardines!

Me: (smiles and nods while laughing nervously) Hah…yeah…sardines….They aren’t for me.

The employee repeats this again, but realizes he won’t get much of a response from me. So he turns to my fiance to chit chat about…you guessed it…Sardines.

Fiance: All right, you have a nice night.

We finish up and begin walking out, but the employee follows us till we walk out the front door commenting about sardines. Once he heads back into the building, I turn towards my fiance and point at him.


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(So my number is very close to Safeway Pharmacy. Becuase of that, I get a lot of wrong numbers for people wanting to get their prescriptions filled, check in on some info, etc. Unlike most people, I do answer the phone because I know that making sure you know about your medication is important (I have multiple family members who need to take meds and if they felt like they were being ignored by the pharmacy, they’d either be incredibly stressed or incredibly annoyed). I Normally when I tell people they have a wrong number, they either apologize and hang up or just hang up. This time, I have someone who is obviously foreign with an accent I can’t really identify)
Me: *Answering the phone* Hello?
Man: *Immediately starts to give me a list of medications that he needs and his information*
Me: *Kindly interrupting him* Sir, I’m sorry but you have the wrong number.
Man: This isn’t Safeway Pharmacy?
Me: No, sir. It isn’t
Man: Why not?
Me: … Because it’s not…
Man: Well transfer me to them!
Me: I can’t.
Man: Why?!
Me: Because this is my personal cell phone.
Man: Just transfer me! I just moved from overseas and I need my medication filled here! I’m almost out!
Me: Sir, if I could, I would, but I can’t.
Man: I want your manager!
Me: That’s not possible.
Man: Why not?!
Me: Because I don’t work.
Man: Now you’re making excuses! I’m going to complain about you! You’re being incredibly rude! Give me your manager or I’ll report you!
Me: Sir, I’m trying to be nice. This is my own personal cell phone. You have the wrong number.
Man: I do not! (He hangs up)
(Yes, I know, most people who just hang up after saying that they have the wrong number if they even pick up in the first place but I’m a nice person. I just wonder what the pharmacy got an earful of when he actually called the right number because I never got a call from him again)

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