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(So we had someone today ask about our 2 for $5. And the cashier tells him about it, he’s in drivethru, anyone with a headset can hear him)

Cst: “I’d to try the teriyaki chicken, but I want an original. chicken.. I want a rodeo chicken”

Cashier: “… So which two sandwiches would you like?”

Cst: “The one you have up on the screen right now, and the other one”

Cashier: “… Which other sandwich sir? I have the teriyaki and which other?”

Cst: “The other one”

Cashier: “… The… other… chicken?”

Cst: “The original”

Cashier: “So you want the teriyaki and the original chicken”

Cst: “Yeah”

(This whole conversation spanned almost 5 minutes.)

When Gift Cards Are A Curse

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I work at a coffee chain on drive-thru. Some lady hands me a gift card to a popular chain store. I hesitate and ask a coworker if these can be used as payment.

He comes to the window and helps me explain for fifteen minutes on why her “perfectly good gift card” cannot be used as payment for her coffee… even though “IT HAS MONEY ON IT!”

We’re explaining this long enough that a decent line forms and our manager takes notice. Our manager comes to see what the problem is, looks at the gift card in shock and shakes their head.

Eventually we convinced the lady to pay in cash… all while she mutters “never in my days have I seen someplace deny my perfectly good money!”

Maybe He’s Planning On The Ice To Be Yellow?

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(For reference, our bags of ice are stored outside, and you can’t see the storage containers from inside the store. If you were to point toward them from the registers, you would be pointing directly at our customer service desk.)

Customer: “I need yellow.”

Me: “Yellow? Um…”

Customer: “Yellow.”

(The customer points to the customer service desk, right at these yellow Western Union card things we have.)

Customer: “Yellow book.”

(Note: he could have also said “yellow bag”)

Me: “The Western Union?”

(A manager conveniently walks up.)

Me: “Hey, [Manager], do you know if we have… uh…”

Manager: “How can I help you, sir?”

Customer: “I need yellow.”

(My manager wanders off after looking at me seriously confused, and the customer leaves the store. Two minutes later, the customer walks back inside carrying a bag of ice.)

Customer: “Yellow, yes?”

(The bags of ice at my store and the storage containers for the bags of ice do not have anything about them that are yellow, nor has anyone put anything on or near them that are yellow. And no, my manager couldn’t make sense of it either.)

Cutting Down On Cutting In

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(A prolific chain has started the ability to order online and have them load up your car when you arrive for groceries. I have never used it before this because they aren’t all that close to where I live, and the grocery store is literally two blocks away. Normally, my wife does the shopping herself while I watch our son, but I do not want to be in the house on my day off, so I go with her. She knows where everything is and it doesn’t take us too long to get what we need. The store is pretty busy in anticipation for a winter storm coming in, and it looks like almost every register is open. We are waiting in line when the previous people move up, and suddenly a woman and her three kids cut us off with a cart full and start to unload directly onto the belt.)

Me: *to my wife* “What the…”

Wife: *sighs* “People here do that all the time!”

Me: *to woman* “Take it all off, now.”

(The woman ignores me and starts to unload faster.)

Me: *to cashier* “Hey, I know you saw that. Are you going to do anything about this?”

Cashier: *just looks at me defeated* “I can’t, really…”

Me: “Okay, then. You deal with the consequences.” *to my wife* “Leave it. Leave all of it. We’re going somewhere else.”

Wife: “What?!”

Me: “Leave the cart here. If there are no consequences, people will keep doing it. Make them suffer for it. Come on.”

(I take my son out of the cart and start to walk away. At first, my wife doesn’t know if I am serious, and after I take a few steps away, she follows me.)

Cashier: “Sir! SIR! You can’t leave that here! SIR!”

(I keep walking out and wave him off as a manager comes rushing up to us, trying to stop me, but I keep walking.)

Manager: “Sir, what is the problem?”

Me: “A woman ran in front of us as I approached the belt and began unloading. Your cashier said he wouldn’t do anything about it. You can put all those groceries back yourself, then. If you’re going to encourage bad behavior, encourage this.”

(I continue to walk out, and when we get into the car my wife is a little heated.)

Wife:Now what?”

Me: *pulling out my phone* “Drive to [Specific Store]. I’ve got this covered.”

(I proceeded to do the shopping through their app from everything on our list. By the time we got there, the order was ready slightly ahead of us and we had them load it up into the car. Turns out my little stunt/temper tantrum had a small bit of an effect, because my wife said the next time she went in that store, they were telling people they couldn’t cut ahead in the lines anymore and she has only had it be a problem a handful of times since then.)

911 Is Now Offering Coupons!

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(I’m a police officer. A woman in her mid-50s calls 911 stating she has been robbed at one of our local stores and she needs the police quick, and then she hangs up abruptly. Naturally, the dispatcher puts out an urgent call and we all drop what we’re doing. I am first to arrive, followed by two other officers from my department, several sheriffs vehicles, and a highway patrol trooper who was on the highway next to the location. We get there and start looking around for the victim when I see a woman with her hand in the air, waving at us.)

Woman: “Yoo-hoo! Officers, over here!”

(A deputy and I walk over to her while the others prepare to do a search. One of the deputies who responded is getting his dog ready to track.)

Me: “It’s our understanding you’ve been robbed, ma’am? How long ago was it? What did they rob you of? Which direction did they go afterward?”

(She replies that it happened about ten minutes ago, that they robbed her of about $5, and that they are still inside the store! The deputy and I both look at each other.)

Deputy: “No, he can’t be that stupid.”

(I whistle over to the other guys and tell them that the suspect fled into the store, so they gather around so we can get more details on what the person looked like.)

Me: “What did he look like? What was he wearing?”

Woman: “Oh, he’s wearing a store uniform. It was the manager, [Manager].”

Me: “Wait. You’re telling us the manager came outside, robbed you, and then went back into work?”

Woman: “No! He robbed me inside the store. He wouldn’t accept my $5-off coupon for my purchases, so he robbed me of $5. I want him arrested, and you can be sure I am going to be calling his bosses to get him fired, but I can’t imagine him having a job after you guys arrest him, anyway.”

(The deputy and I exchange a look of disbelief, and we tell the other officers they can resume patrol as we have the situation under control.)

Me: “Okay, ma’am, I am going to go inside and get his side of the story since we got your side.”

(I walk in and the manager is already waiting for me. He is waiting to see if we need anything from him, as he thought there was an incident in the parking lot. He had no idea we were there about him. I tell him why are there and what she said and everything.)

Manager: *does an actual facepalm* “Oh, my god. She actually did it? That woman is f****** bonkers. We have issues with her every time she comes in, trying to use fake coupons she finds online, and when we tell her they can’t be used, she always says she’s going to call 911 and say I robbed her.”

(We talked to the cashier who checked her out, and she confirmed the woman was nuttier than a fruit cake. I walked back outside. I didn’t even have to say anything; the deputy knew by the look on my face to hook the lady up with some shiny new bracelets. She promptly started fighting with us and ended up on the ground after she tried to back-kick the deputy between the legs. As we dragged her to the deputy’s cruiser, she was screaming about how the police never believe her when she tells them she’s been robbed, and just carrying on. She was charged with misusing the 911 system, filing a false police report, and assaulting a law enforcement official. Last I heard, she spent a little bit of time in jail for that stunt and was banned from just about every store in the area as she caused trouble at all of them.)

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