Not Your Regular, Regular Request

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(I have just started at my new job and have been here for about a week when a regular from my old job comes in.)

Regular:There you are! Why aren’t you at that other gas station?”

Me: “I work here now. Want me to brew you some coffee?”

Regular: “No! I want you back at that other gas station! I like that station better, but the other people who work there are mean, and they never have coffee ready. So, quit here and go back over there. That’s what I want!”

Me: “Um, sorry, but one of the reasons I don’t work over there anymore is because the other workers weren’t so nice. Why would I go back?”

Regular: “Because you’re nice! And you’re the only one who would make the coffee right!”

Me: “Why not just come here, instead? It’s still a gas station with coffee, and I work here, so you know it’ll be ready for you.”

Regular: “No, I like that place better! I just want you to go back there!”

Me: “That is… not going to happen.”

(The regular didn’t like that one bit and stomped away. Shortly after that, my old job went out of business. I have no idea what he did for coffee after that.)

Getting An Icy Reception

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(I am a huge coffee drinker. I only like hot coffee; I can’t stand the iced stuff. Even in triple-digit weather, I will drink hot coffee. I travel a great deal and always have trouble with the person taking my order giving me iced coffee, even AFTER telling them to make sure it’s hot. They tell me they thought I just misspoke, because there was no way someone would want a hot drink in the middle of summer. Usually they just remake it and apologize, I tell them it’s no problem and that it was an honest mistake, and I go about my merry way. I am at a hospital taking care of a relative. I go down to a fast food restaurant to get a much-needed coffee.)

Me: “Good afternoon. May I please have a hot mocha coffee, medium.”

Cashier: “Okay, that is one coffee… Are you sure you want hot?”

Me: “Yes. Please make sure it is hot. I do not like iced.”

Cashier: “Um, it’s over 100 degrees.”

Me: “Yes, I know. I want hot, not iced, please. I think the iced coffee is nasty.”

Cashier: “Okay.”

(I go and wait for my order. I wait about ten minutes. People come in to order after me and leave with their orders. I go up and talk to who I believe is the manager.)

Me: “Excuse me. I have been waiting for ten minutes for my coffee order.”

Manager: “Oh, here it is, ma’am, on the counter.” *gestures to an iced coffee*

Me: *sigh* “No, I ordered a hot coffee. I said it three times.”

Manager: “It’s over 100 degrees out . Nobody orders hot coffee on hot days like this.”

Me: “I do.”

Manager: “Tell you what. This drink is more expensive than what you ordered; you can have this one, instead, without paying more.” *he tries to walk off*

Me: “No. I do not want iced coffee; I think it is nasty. I ordered hot coffee and that is what I want, please.”

(At this point the original cashier comes over. She just shakes her head.)

Cashier: “I told you to make sure it was hot.”

Manager: “Who orders hot coffee when it’s 100 degrees out?”

Me: “I do. Now, please, either make my coffee the way I ordered it, or you can give me a refund. I really am done arguing.”

(He just stands there. The cashier goes around him and makes my coffee. I thank her, but as I start to leave, the manager tells me in a bit of a snotty tone I should take the iced coffee, too, because it would just go to waste.)

Me: “I. Do. Not. Want. Iced. Coffee. Seriously, what part of that do you not get?”

(As I am leaving, I hear him telling the cashier:)

Manager: “I don’t see why she wouldn’t just take the coffee we already made. It’s better than the hot stuff she is drinking.”

(Unfortunately for him, my receipt had a “How are we doing?” survey code on it.)

It Be-Hooves You To Listen

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(I work in a pet store. I have just clocked in and am a little out of it, when I spot a woman in the rawhide section looking confused.)

Me: “Hello, did you need help finding anything?”

Customer: “Yes, did you stop carrying cow hooves? I can’t find any.”

Me: *reaching into a bin next to us* “You mean these?”

Customer: “No, those are beef hooves. I’m looking for cow hooves, but all I can find are beef hooves!”

Me: *struggling to keep it together* “I assure you, these are cow hooves. They’re the same thing.”

Customer: “Well, all right.”

(She bought one, but I still don’t think she was convinced.)

Here We See The Bagels In Their Natural Habitat

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(I am at work and we are close to closing, so my coworker and I have started to clean up. My coworker is closing the bakery section of our cafe, and I am making fun of him having two empty bagel baskets out. My manager then looks at the bagel wall and says:)

Manager: “What is that?”

Coworker: “What?”

Manager: “The bagels, why are they like that?”

Coworker: “I wanted them to look nice?”

Manager: “No, you don’t see bagels in line like that in the wild.”

(My manager then just walked away. My coworker and I just looked at each other and started laughing. We started making jokes about bagels being little living creatures in the wild the rest of the night.)

A Select Style Of Bad Attitude

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(I work in a retail sporting goods store, where we sell a variety of footwear. Requests for men’s size 14 shoes occur frequently. Though the styles are limited, we do carry this somewhat uncommon size.)

Me: “Can I help you find anything, sir?”

Customer: “No. You don’t have what I need.”

Me: “Well, if you let me know what it is, we might.”

Customer: *clearly skeptical* “I need size 14 shoes.”

Me: “Oh, we do actually carry them! I know it’s a tough size to find, but we do have 14s in select styles—”

Customer: *cutting me off mid-sentence* “’Select styles’ just means ‘no.’” *walks away without waiting for an answer*

(I’m still not sure how he expects to find shoes with that attitude!)

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