Taking Regular Checkups To The Next Level

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(We’ve had a horrific week. My toddler came down with chicken pox, then an ear infection. My husband had an accident, causing first, second, and third degree burns all over one hand. I am also seven-months pregnant, and joke that the only thing that HASN’T gone wrong is my going into premature labor.)

Monday Morning: Trip to doctor’s office to confirm chicken pox.

Monday Afternoon: Trip to doctor’s office. We went there instead of the ER for the burn.

Tuesday Morning: Recheck on nasty burn.

Tuesday Afternoon: ‘Well Baby’ check for me.

Thursday Morning: Toddler earache visit.

(We walk into the examination room. A few minutes later, our doctor walks in.)

Doctor: “It’s the [Our Last Name]s! My favorite family!”

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(In our restaurant there is a desk with our computer on the opposite side of the entrance. We generally greet people from this desk when they come in. Our restaurant is small, so it’s not hard to hear us from across the room).

*customers walk in*

Me: “Hello folks! Have a seat wherever you’d like.”

*Customers stand there looking like deer in the headlights*

Me: “Y’all can sit wherever you’d like.”

(They stand around a bit more. I’m not allowed to choose their seat when I work with another waitress because we have sections, so as to reduce competition between waitresses, we let the customers sit wherever).

Me: *smiling* “Have a seat folks!”

*Customers move forward, looking like they are going to sit down at a booth, so I grab menus. Instead they go up to the desk*

Customers: “So…do we order up here or sit down?”

Me: (stifling my impatience) “You are welcome to sit wherever you would like. I will be with you in just one moment.”

(This happens multiple times a day).

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(I’m actually the customer in this story that took place when I was in the 2nd grade. A local bookstore had come to our school and had various books and products available for purchase during a special event out school was hosting. I was very young and I walked up to the person doing the transactions with 2 items in my hands. One was a book for roughly $7 and the other was a special book that came with a toy for roughly $22, and there was a Buy one Get on special on all items.)

Me: “Hi, I’d like to buy this-” gesturing to the $7 book, “and get this free.” raising the $22 item.

Cashier: “Oh I’m sorry honey, I’m afraid it doesn’t work like that. You have to buy the more expensive one to get the cheaper one for free.”

Me: “Oh, I guess I won’t get these then.”

Returner Burner: On Location

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(I start off my shift at my main store, where I am called over when an angry customer requests the manager on duty. I look over the receipt.)

Me: “The cashier is correct. You’re well outside the 90-day return policy, and formal wear has to be unworn to be returned. You can see that here.”

Customer: “Bulls***! I paid $250 for this; you have to take it back! Do you know who I am? I’m Mrs. [Customer]!”

Me: “I’m afraid the final answer is no.”

Customer: “We’ll see!”

(Almost immediately afterwards, I have to run to a meeting held at our next closest location, which is about an hour drive away. I get there, and I am talking to another manager when I see a familiar, angry face at the returns desk. I can’t help myself, and walk up behind the counter.)

Me: “Hi there, Mrs. [Customer]! As I told you in [Home Store Location], we can’t return formal wear, and you’re outside the return date.”

Customer: “I, uh… I mean… Give me that receipt!”

(At this point I take a wild guess, as there is another store location only a twenty-minute drive away.)

Me: “I’ll give it to you, if you promise I won’t see you at [Third Store Location] trying to return this again.”

(The customer’s eyes go wide and she stares at me for a few seconds, in shock.)

Customer: “What? How did you know?!”

(She picked up her dress and ran out of the store, leaving the receipt behind.)

Creating Your Own Problems

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(It’s very busy at our restaurant due to a one-day deal. I’ve been either the only one or one of two people on till, and we are just finishing up with the post dinner rush.)

Customer: “Hi, I was wondering what goes on the create-your-own pizza?”

Me: “You get to choose your own toppings.”

Customer: “No, I know, but what goes on it?”

Me: “Well, it has sauce and cheese, and then you get to pick what else you want on it.”

Customer: “Okay. But what—”

Customer’s Daughter: “Mom, never mind; I don’t want the pizza.”

Customer: “No, you do. We’ll get one with chicken, bacon, and olives.”

(They later demanded a refund because they wanted pasta, not a pizza.)

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