Turkish (De)Lights

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(I don’t smoke, but I’m heading over to the home of an adult friend who does. They ask me to pick up a couple packs of cigarettes on the way. They tell me exactly what type they want, but I unfortunately forget almost as soon as I hang up the phone. No matter; I know what the cigarettes LOOK like, and the brand, so I figure I won’t have any issues getting them.)

Me: “I’d like two packs of [Brand] 100s, long.”

Cashier: *picks up two packs of cigarettes in a red package*

Me: “Oh, no, I’m sorry. I meant the ones in the gold package.”

Cashier: “Lights?”

Me: “Uh… Sure?”

(The cashier picks up two packs that are blue instead of red.)

Me: “No, I’m sorry, the gold ones.”

(I point at the clearly visible gold ones, just under the red and blue. The cashier puts back the blue ones, and picks up the red ones again; he seems to be laughing at me not knowing what to call them.)

Me: “No, no, the gold ones, there.” *points again*

Cashier: “Oh, you mean the Turkish ones.” *finally picks up gold pack*

Out Of Touch With The Kids

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(I’m working near the checkout line at my store, recovering items from the floor. A large biker man gets in line, talking to his two young girls and younger boy as he goes.)

Customer: “Girls, we’re getting in line. Stop touching things.”

Daughters: “Okay.”

(About thirty seconds later, both girls curiously pick up some of the items set around the queue line.)

Customer: “Hey, I said not to touch anything else.”

Daughter #2: “But why?”

Customer: “We’re going to buy our stuff. You have to put those back where you got them.”

Daughter #1: “I want to look at it.”

Customer: “You don’t see [Son] touching things.”

Daughter #2: “That’s because he’s sitting in a cart.”

Customer: *pause* “True.”

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I work at a retail liquor store.  A couple of days ago, I received a weird phone call.  I answered the phone in the back warehouse.  Not verbatim but close:

Caller: “Do you have any red Beringer wine?”

Me: “I’m sorry?” (as it was hard to hear due to background noise in the store)

[Immediately after my reply she sounded annoyed or something]

Caller: “*Repeated the question*. I know they have a White Zinfandel and white wines but do you have any reds?”

Me: “Yes, I believe we do have some of their reds in stock. Is there a particular red you were you looking for?”

Caller: “Obviously I’m bothering you. *Click*

Me:  *Confused*

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at the end of my shift, waiting for my replacement who’s 10 minutes late because of a heavy storm that flooded their quickest way to work.
me: Hello,
customer: (begins tapping on the display that shows the sizes of take home icecreams, the part that is holding the three together so i can’t see what size she’s pointing at.)
me: um, miss, what size did you want?
customer: (taps viciously on the display, causing it to shake violently).
me: miss, i can’t see which side you’re tapping on, would you please tell me the size?
customer: the middle one! duh!
me: okay, (turns to grab a container from behind me) what did you want in it?
customer (names one of our signatures with nuts in it)
me: okay, (starts pulling ice cream and putting it in the container to measure it out)
customer: wait i said i wanted the creation, not plain ice cream.
me: i know, but i have to measure the ice cream first ma’am.
customer: fine,
so i make the tub of icecream,
customer: by the way, there aren’t any nuts in that right i’m allergic.
me: yes there are nuts in it, (and we have a sign that says if you have any allergies tell us before you order, (what would you like me to make for you?
customer: are  you sure there’s nuts in it?
me:(i list the ingredients) i can make you something else if you want.
customer: no, it’s fine, i’ll die,now i have a coupon for this, (she hands me an expired coupon for a cake)
me: um, miss were you ordering a cake as well?
her: no, but the coupon says three dollars off.
me: of a cake purchase.
customer: i demand to talk to your manager!

and since i’m the only one in the store i have to call him, and i explain what happened and i hand the phone over to the customer who was yelling about my poor preformance and how she was waiting for 5 minutes before i came and helped her (i was cleaning up front so i helped her as soon as i saw her, which was when she walked in the store) my manager told her to givve me thoe phone and said to not give her a discount and hung up. i told her that i did give her a discount and she ended up just paying full price.

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(I work in a big box retail store.  A coworker has just asked for help running a customers credit account.  It has been taking him a few minutes.)

Customer:  (to me).  You stay right here! If you leave I’m canceling my order!

Me: Don’t worry,  I’m not going anywhere.

As my coworker tries to run the credit again I fidget on my feet.  I have ADHD and sometimes do this.

Customer:  I said don’t go anywhere or I’m leaving!!!

Me: (louder to her cause I can’t believe how rude she is to me). Ma’am,  I said I was staying right here.

She gives me a death stare but I just look away at the register.  It’s time for her to enter her social security number in our credit card scanner.  She messes up and has to enter it again.  After the second time it goes through.  She then takes the scanner,  throws it on our register.

Me:  Do not throw our property!  We are just trying to help.

Customer:  you can kiss my a–!!!

Me:  that’s it!  I’m done with you, (pointing to my coworker) he’s done with you,  I’m getting management to have you removed!

Customer:  well you just do that.  I ain’t going anywhere.  This is …

My coworker and I just walk off. I get the manager and he deals with her.  As my coworker and I go out to have a much needed break, I say loud enough for the customer to hear.

Me:  and that’s why I’m having a double shot tonight after work.

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