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A young girl comes up and asks me to set pump 7 for ten dollars. It stops around 9.40, give or take. She comes back. I hand her the change and thank her. She gives me a long suspicious look and a woman comes up (her mother I assume), hands on her hips.

Customer: I gave you ten!
Me: Yes so it must be full-
Customer: *flailing her hands* I GAVE YOU TEN WHY WOULD I NOT GET TEN.
Me: You hung the nozzle up, ma’am it must be full-

She keeps on ranting and raving on how she gave me ten and why would she not get ten and I have a hard time getting a word in edgewise;

Me: Ma’am. Ma’am. I can…I can set it to [change] and you can try- Ma’am I CAN SET IT TO [CHANGE]- you hung the nozzle up it is likely full- I can set it again if-
Customer: *to girl* C’mon this bitch is dumb.
She storms off.
Me: I can do math.

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(I work at a major fast food chain. We have just introduced a new sandwich consisting of a hamburger-like patty made of ground chicken. One day a customer pulls into the drive-thru and starts with… well, this: )

Customer: Hey, that new chicken burger you guys got… is that chicken?

(Yes. Yes it is.)

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(Our site is owned and operated by the state government, so we can’t buy things without going through certain channels. People don’t realize this, so we often get phone calls like this…)

Me: (Location name), this is (Name), how can I help you?
Caller: Hello, can I talk to the owner?
Me: We’re owned by the state, but I can put you through to my manager.
Caller: Oh… never mind then… goodbye.

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(I work for a supermarket fifteen minutes away from my house. It is the only supermarket around that does not sell bulk items. For the last couple of weeks, a customer would come in and demand to be rung up at the customer service desk. We do not ring up ten or more items at the desk because it could hold up the line. Also, after being rung up and getting the total, the customer would go to the ATM to get cash out instead of just sliding their card at the register. This holds up the line for ten minutes because there is only one person working behind the desk as well as one register open at the desk. There are only a few of us trained to be in the desk. Luckily, today, I was there bagging.)
Co-worker: [My name] can you come over here for a second.
(I excuse myself from bagging and walk over)
Co-worker: Can you ring this customer up for me?
Me: Sure. Can you come over to register 3 and I can ring you up there?
Customer: I can’t be rung up at any registers!
Me: Why not?
Customer: I am disabled!!!
Me: Please go to register 3 and I will do all the work.
Customer: I can’t! I am disabled.
(I try two times to get the customer to register three. I never ask what their disability is as it is none of my business. A minute later, my co-worker decides to ring them up at the desk. Luckily, there was me who was trained for the desk. As the line built up I went onto the other register. After ringing up the items, my co-worker helps the customer to the ATM. A couple of minutes later, my co-worker comes back alone)
Co-worker: They are still getting cash.
(My co-workers register still has the customers order. We use the other register but after ten minutes our boss comes over and suspends the order.)
Boss: I need to tell them not to do this anymore and hold up other customers. The customer need sto go to an actual register like everyone else.
(Five minutes later the customer comes back and pays. After she leaves, we all shrug.)
(We have many customers who come in with different disablities. We help them all the time but they NEVER ask to be rung up at the service desk because of their disability. I could have done the same thing at register 3 as my co-worker did at the desk.)

The Cake Is A Cold Lie

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(A customer pulls a cake out of our freezer, after which he heads straight to me.)

Customer: “Excuse me, sir?”

Me: “Yes, how can I help you?”

Customer: *holds up the cake he just pulled from the freezer* “Is this an ice cream cake?”

Me: “No, sir, that particular one is a regular cake.”

(The customer pauses before he asks this brain-twister of a question.)

Customer: “Is it frozen?”

Me: “The cake you just pulled out of the freezer? Yes, sir, it certainly is frozen.”

(He stared at the cake seemingly in deep thought for a moment before putting it in his carriage and walking off.)

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