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(I work as a cashier at a Walmart. On my lunches, I usually pick up something in the store to eat in the break room. I have grabbed my purchase and make my way into my line. In front of me is a friendly elderly customer discussing something on her cellphone. Unlike most rude customers who pretend the cashier is a robot while they’re on their phones, this woman smiles and bounces back and forth between talking to the cashier and whoever is on the phone with her. She pays with a check, and just as she hands it over to the cashier, a customer steps into line behind me. It literally only takes a few seconds for her to start bellowing from behind me to the customer in front of me.)

Customer behind me: Excuse me, LADY!?? Can you hang up your phone and, I dunno, FUNCTION?

Me: (Turns around and gives her a look that silently screams “Can you NOT?”)

Customer on phone: …I’m sorry. (She doesn’t hang up, but she finishes her purchase and apologizes to the cashier, myself, and the customer behind me. Said customer scoffs.)

Customer behind me: Jeez…call couldn’t have been THAT important.

((I honestly could not have wished for my purchase to go any faster, that customer was making me so uncomfortable.))

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I’m sitting at my desk at the teller line. My desk is lower than everyone else’s because I also deal with foreign money and account services. The customer walks in and sees I’m the only one on the teller line.

Me: Hello! How can I help you?

Customer: Are you available?

Me: Yes, sir.

Customer: Where are you?

Me:…Right here, sir.

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(Working on following up on some open cases, so I started making calls back to customers)

Store employee: (deep voiced man answers) Thanks for calling [company], what can I do for ya?

Me: My name is [me] and I’m calling from [my place of work], is the manager available?

Store employee: (away from phone, he yells out) Hey manager! Sounds like der’s a white boy on phone for you!

(I had to mute my phone and take about 30 seconds to laugh. I couldn’t argue with him, I am a white boy).

A Member To Remember

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(I am the only one working the ticket counter on a very slow weekday evening at a movie theater. I get a phone call from an elderly woman who does not know how to use the Internet, and needs me to look up tomorrow’s show times and read them to her over the phone. I’ve switched my monitor to read her tomorrow’s movies and times when a woman storms into our lobby and comes directly up to me.)

Customer: “Get off the phone!”

Me: *to the guest on the phone* “I… Er, excuse me one moment, ma’am—”

Customer: “I said, off the phone! One ticket for [Movie], next showing.”

Elderly Woman: “Wait. I just need to know one more thing: will your show times be the same on Thursday?”

Me: “Our movie times change daily. I’m sorry, ma’am, I need to put you on hold for—”

Customer: “I am a guild member! Get off the phone and serve the customer in front of you!”

(She reaches over the counter and presses the button on the phone to hang it up.)

Me: *somewhat flustered, as I’ve never had a customer this rude before* “You said [Movie]? The next showing? Where would you like to sit?”

Customer:Ugh, I hate this new assigned seating. I will be complaining to your bosses about this.”

(She jabs the screen selecting a seat, at least.)

Me: *staying polite and as pleasant as possible* “You said you were a guild member; could I see your card for the discount, please?”

Customer: *literally throws the card in my face with a flick of her wrist, so it smacks into my cheek* “Hurry up. The movie will start soon. My ticket will be free, too. Run the card. I don’t pay for movies; I’m a member.”

(I retrieve the card from the counter, and run the card so she can get her discount. The ticket and receipt print out, and I offer them both to her.)

Me: “Your ticket, ma’am.”

Customer: “It’s about time!”

(She snatches both from my hand, and storms off. It’s not until moments later I realize my register is still set for tickets for the next day, because of the phone call I was taking. She will end up having to sit in the theater for an hour before the movie starts, IF she manages to find the correct theatre, which she must do because she doesn’t come back out again during my shift. I do enjoy the little bit of unintentional Karma, though. I also realize moments later that I have forgotten to give her her guild card back. I flag down my manager and tell him what happened.)

Me: “So, that woman who came in earlier threw this at my face, and I was so shocked I forgot to give it back to her.”

Manager: “What? She threw it at you? Actually?”

Me: “Yeah. Bounced off my face and everything.”

Manager: “Well. We’ll just put this in the lost in found for her, then.” *dumps the card into the nearest trash can* “After all, we definitely want to keep her as a customer.” *rolls his eyes angrily*

Parenting So Bad You Can’t Make It Up

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(I get a call from an employee about a child who is causing some issues, and has been wandering unsupervised for a half hour. The kid is about two or three years old, no parent around. The child has taken makeup samples and is smearing them on the floor and on himself, “finger painting,” and making a huge mess. Besides this, the kid seems dirty and his clothes are torn.)

Me: “Hey there. What’s your name? Where is your mommy?”

(The kid doesn’t answer. One employee talks to the kid and get his name out, but when asked where his parents are, the child shakes his head and starts crying loudly. Security for the store comes down, and we take the kid behind the counter where it’s quieter and give him a promotional plush toy to calm him down. Security starts making an announcement.)

Security: “One of our smallest shoppers seems to have lost his adults. Please report to any cashier if you need help.”

(No one responds, and mall security shows up and says the police are on their way. It’s now been over an hour since my initial call, and because of all of the circumstances, we are worried the child was abandoned at the mall. Store security takes the child to their office. I get a call that police have arrived with a CPS officer, and I go down to meet them and take them to the office. Halfway down to the door, a well-dressed woman stops me.)

Woman: “Hey, where did you take [Son]? I’m ready to go now.”

Me: “I… What? We’ve been paging you for a while.”

Woman: “Oh, I thought those were for someone else. I knew where he was. I left him to play by the makeup while I bought a purse. I saw he even got a free stuffed animal! But it’s time to go now. Where did you put him?”

Me: “Ma’am, wait right here. There’s some people you have to talk to.”

(The police and CPS found her story to be as weird as I did, and I spent the next month receiving angry phone calls from her and threats of lawsuits because CPS investigated her.)

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