With So Many Fillings He Has Become Very Dense

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Patient: “Why do I need an x-ray?”

Me: “To check for problems [Doctor] might have missed.”

Patient: “Problems like what?”

Me: “Cavities between your teeth and under your fillings, and gum disease.”

Patient: “If [Doctor]’s eyesight is so bad that he can’t even see cavities anymore, why is he still a dentist?”

Me: “There is nothing wrong with [Doctor]’s eyesight, Sir. It would be impossible for anyone to look underneath fillings and in between your teeth.”

Patient: “So, I just let him poke around my mouth for nothing? Why didn’t you tell me that right away? I would have skipped the exam and just done the x-ray. Now I need to pay for something that is completely useless. You are ripping me off. I’ll get a second opinion.”

Me: “You are welcome to do that. But they’d want to do an exam, as well.”

Patient: “I’ll tell them that you already did.”

Me: “They’ll still want to actually look at your teeth. Believe me.”

Patient: “So, you are trying to tell me that they’ll rip me off, too?”

Me: “Sir, an x-ray is more expensive than an exam.”

Patient: “Oh, if you do the x-ray, can I take that to my second opinion dentist?”

Me: “Yes.”

Patient: “Sox I’m right. The exam is useless.”

Me: “Do you want an x-ray or not now?”

Patient: “Do I get a refund if you don’t find anything?”

Me: “No, you can’t get a refund.”

Patient: “You people are so greedy.” 

Me: *speechless*

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( I work in a Frozen Yogurt Shop and I always seem to be the person to get the odd customers. This particular instance I was still in training, so I wasn’t alone at the store when at any other time I would be. A woman walks in with her kids in the middle to summer at night. After buying her froyo, she goes out to our outdoor patio to sit and eat with her kids.)

Customer: Excuse me.
Me: Yes, Ma’am, may I help you?
Customer: Damn right you can help me! You people are disgusting. I’m going to call the health deparment on you!
Me: I’m sorry, what happened? We are typically very good about keeping this place clean. (We have never had less than a 100 for our health score)
Customer: You need to take care of your ant problem before they become a topping.
Me: Well, it is a hot summer night, and there have been others eating out on the patio, so the ants are looking for food. I’m sorry if they are bothering you, but you are welcome to come inside to finish your yogurt.
Custome: I will absolutely not! I’m taking my children elsewhere.
( At this point she asks for a refund on her already eaten yogurt.)

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Beginning To Think It Wasn’t An Accident

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(Our store is having a huge sale while we’re trying to get the store ready for our summer merchandise. I’m helping my manager with a display. I look younger than my age.)

Customer: *storming up angrily to my manager* “HEY, YOU! Your employee—” *points at me* “—just saw me fall down and completely ignored me! I could have been gravely injured and this b**** didn’t care.”

Me: “I’m so sorry, ma’am, I didn’t see you fall. Are you all right? Was there something on the floor? Are you injured?”

Customer: “No, I just got new shoes and I tripped, but that does not excuse you for ignoring me.”

Manager: “Well, as [My Name] said, ma’am, she did not see you fall. If you would like to file an incident report I can help you with that.” 

Customer: *continues to make a long speech about teenagers and how we will push people aside to get ahead, then storms out*

Manager: “We don’t get paid enough for this s***.”

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(I worked at a grocery store gas station for about a year. It didn’t have a convenience store, just a tiny kiosk for a cashier and a few cigarette racks and that’s it. It’s a slow day and a man walks up to the window. Nothing seems unusual about him or anything.)

Customer: “I need to use your restroom.”

Me: (Looks around at the tiny kiosk) “Sir, we don’t have a restroom.”

Customer: “I really have to go. Last time I was here the lady let me use it.”

Me: “Sir, we physically DO NOT have a restroom. You have to go across the parking lot to the grocery store or the [nearby fast food restaurant]. I’m sorry.”

Customer: (Glares at me for an uncomfortable amount of time) “What goes around comes around.” (Storms off. Has peed his pants.)

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Call centre:hi, this is the call centre. I have a customer on the line who received the wrong ammo. Can I put him through?
Me:yeah go ahead.
(returning/exchanging ammo is against the law and our store policy)
Customer:(has me on speaker so his wife could talk too) I received the wrong ammo! I need to exchange it.
Me:I’m sorry sir, unfortunately, it is against the store’s policy and the law to return or exchange ammo.
Customer:but, its not our fault we received the wrong kind (I can hear his wife screaming in the background about it too)
Me:I can speak with the store director and get his verdict, but that’s all I can do.. Do you mind if I put you on hold for a second?
Customer:I guess.
(the store director happened to be walking up to the service desk where I was and I asked him about it)
Store director:absolutely not. It is against federal law.
Me (to customer):hello sir? I just spoke with the store director and he said that unfortunately we cannot because it is against the law.
Customer:its not my fault this happened! The woman who sold them to me gave me the wrong kind! Ask him if I can exchange it!
Me (to store director):he wants to know if he can exchange it…
Store director:absolutely no. Tell him he can try an ammo shop.
Me (to customer):I’m sorry sir, we cannot do an exchange either. But he’s suggested to try an ammo shop..
Customer:if it’s against the law then I can’t return it at an ammo shop!! I want my money back! It’s only $16!
((why then are you trying to return it here if you know you couldn’t do it there because its against the law..??))
Me (to store director):he’s demanding his money back. He said it’s only 16 dollars.
Store director:tell him no.
Me (to customer):I’m sorry sir, but we cannot return it.
Customer:put your store director on the line!
Me (to store director):he would like to talk to you..
Store director (to customer):Hi this is (his name) how can I help you?
Customer:(explains the situation and demands his money back)
Store director:I cannot authorise to give you your money back. It is against federal law. I can let my manager know and see what she says. But, I cannot just give you your money back.
(he took down his info and I’m not sure what they intend to do. But I hope they stick to their guns on this one and don’t just give in.)