Artfully Suspended

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When I was a senior in high school, the two industrial manufacturing teachers were unexpectedly absent. This was not expected to be a particular problem, as the course work for those classes was constructing a year-long project; the previous three years had been focused on technique and safety, so the primary role of the teachers was consulting on design issues or troubleshooting, which were problems that can wait a day if needed. Nonetheless, district regulations required a teacher to be physically present, so a substitute was brought in. I didn’t even notice this at the start of class, because I went straight to work.

An hour into the three-hour class, I noticed that I didn’t hear anything else going on — no machines running, no conversations, not even any hammering. I found out that the sub had gathered up all the students he saw and had them working on a special project in the CAD room. He was also the owner of a local nightclub, and had them designing art for it using the school facilities.

This turned out to be his very last day as a substitute teacher, for some inexplicable reason.

Behaved Without Cockroach Reproach

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(I work with a few other people at the front desk of a suite-based hotel. It’s vacation season, and the lobby is super busy. A girl who looks about 17 comes in and bee-lines for the concierge.)

Coworker: “Hello, miss, how can I help you today?”

Girl: “Uh, there’s a problem in our suite.”

Coworker: “I’m sorry to hear that. What seems to be the matter?”

(The girl glances around, leans across the counter, and beckons [Coworker] towards her. She says something to him in a very low tone, and he immediately goes pale.)

Coworker: *leaning back* “Oh, wow! I am so sorry you have to deal with that. We will take care of that right away. Is there anything I can do for you or family in the meantime?”

Girl: *at a normal volume* “Nah, don’t worry about it. I took care of most of it. Just thought you ought to know before you get anyone else in. Take care!”

(She turns and leaves.)

Me: “What was that all about?”

Coworker: “Only the chillest guest ever.” *lowers voice to whisper* “She wanted to tell me that she found some cockroaches in their room and that we should take care of it before we rent the suite out to anyone else.”

Me: “Are they asking us to comp them on the suite?”

Coworker: “She isn’t even asking to be moved! Said they’re checking out tomorrow, anyway!”

Me: *stunned silence*

Coworker: “I’m going to go make her a basket.”

(We have gift baskets with candy bars, snacks, and coupons to various local businesses and restaurants for VIPs. With all the unreasonable complaints we get, it was MIND-BLOWING for someone to come in with a legitimate issue like that without getting angry or making any demands. We still thank our lucky stars that someone that polite got the room with cockroaches. And yes, we immediately scheduled an appointment to have the room treated after they left.)

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I’m walking the store, cleaning up and trying to restore some order. I notice a woman following slowly behind me, but as she’s always at least at the other end of the aisle and looking at our products, I assume she is just shopping on the same path as me. After about 15 minutes of me walking the store, helping customers, etc., she approaches.

Customer: Hey! I need help!

Me: Oh, okay, what do you need?

Customer: Well, first of all, I need you to acknowledge that I need help the FIRST time.

Me: Oh, I’m sorry, did you ask me for something earlier? I must not have heard, I’m sorry.

Customer: No, I didn’t ask. But you should have known.

Me: Um…yes, okay. Anyway, what did you need?

Customer: So, this item is $7.99 and 50% off. So that means it will cost….$10.00, right?

Me: ………… (trying to wrap my head around all the stupidity coming at me)

Customer: Oh my god, are you really this stupid? They hired someone who can’t give good customer service OR do math?! I did the math on my phone, forget it.

Me: No, ma’m, I can do both things well. I’m just trying to figure out how you—nevermind. Half of $8 is $4, not $10. Have a good day.

(I walk off before I catch her stupid. Apparently, she took the item and went and waited in line, only to get up to the register and say, “I’ve been waiting here to say that I actually DON’T want this, because that girl didn’t help me.”)

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I am working the computer and business machines (faxes, small copiers, etc.) section of a chain store in the late 90s. I have a co-worker who is on his final week before taking a new job, and he is increasingly impatient with rude customers. He is walking the aisle where we keep RAM, Hard Drives, and other upgrade components locked in a case. A customer approaches him angrily.

Customer: You! You sold me memory for my computer and it doesn’t work!

Co-Worker: I’m sorry about that sir, what kind of computer is it?

Customer: It’s a Packard Bell.

Co-Worker: Do you have a model number?

Customer: No, it’s a Packard Bell, about 2 years old.

Co-Worker: Okay. Without any more information than that, I probably told you that one of these three types will work with your computer **indicating into glass case**. Most likely this one, but definitely one of these three. Do you remember when you purchased it?

Customer: A few weeks ago.

Co-Worker: Okay. We have a 90 day return policy with your receipt. If the memory didn’t work, you could just bring it in to exchange it. Do you still have your receipt?

Customer: No! I don’t have my damn receipt.

Co-Worker: I am sorry, sir. We do have the 90 day return/exchange policy. We will need your receipt, however, because…

Customer: I don’t have my receipt! Fix it!

Co-Worker: Sir, without your receipt, I’m not sure what…

Customer: I guess you’re just an ignorant f*** then aren’t you?

At this point, my co-worker has had enough of retail. He looks the customer dead in the eyes and replies:

Co-Worker: Dude, you can just s*** my n** s***.

Customer: I want to see your manager!

Co-Worker: I am sure there is one up front somewhere.  **he waves in the direction of the service desk**

As the customer stared in horror, my co-worker turned on his heel and walked back to the office/break room area. He looks in at the manager working at the desk, tosses his keys onto the desk along with his polo shirt, and looks at her.

Co-Worker: I just can’t do this anymore.

He walked out without another word, and they mailed him his final check. His telling off of that customer was the story of legends from then on in our store.

Airing Their Grievances

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(I work at a gas station that has an air pump owned by a different company. It costs $1 in quarters for about four minutes. They basically rent the space from our corporate office.)

Customer: “You need to give me a receipt for the $1.50 I had to spend on air from your machine so I can get reimbursed from my boss!”

Me: “I’m sorry, sir, but we don’t own the machine. They rent the space from our corporate office.”

Customer: “But it’s on your property! You’re making a sale! And I need a receipt so I can get my money back from my boss!”

Me: “Sorry, it doesn’t work that way. I cannot give you a receipt, as it’s not ours to give.”

Customer: “So, you’re making a cash sale with no record?!”

Me:We didn’t make a sale; the other company did.”

Customer: “Well, surely you can appreciate my situation? I need a receipt to give my boss so I can get my money back.”

Me: *sighs* “There’s a number on the machine you can call.”

Customer: “I guess I’ll have to do that!” *storms out*

(Yes, he was seriously flipping his s*** over getting reimbursed for $1.50!)

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