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(I’m sitting at the front desk like usual, when my coworker comes up. Note that we’re both female. I’m from the US originally and she’s not.)

Me: “Hey [Coworker].”

Coworker: “Hey, do you have a rubber?”

Me: *eyes bug out* “Umm, no? I don’t keep condoms at my desk?”

Coworker: “WHAT?! NO! NOT WHAT I MEANT! A rubber band! A rubber band!”

Both: *dissolve into laughter like children*

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(I’ve had a rough day and have come home in a sour mood, so my husband suggests we grab a burger from a burger place popular in Texas. The drive through contains five vehicles, so we opt to go inside. No one else is there, we’re the only customers inside. There’s only one cashier there, as all the others are in the back making food and hanging around, talking to each other while the manager cooks food.

The cashier sees us come in and instantly swings around to face the opposite direction, staring at the food prep area. He stands there for a minute or more, so I think he’s waiting for an order to come through the heating station. He finally mumbles something over his shoulder at us to disappear in the back office for another three or four minutes.

In this time, no one else has bothered to look our way, or acknowledge we are there. We stand at the register and wait for the first cashier to come back. He ignores us again so he can ring something up. I have assumed he’s either logging on the register or something similar, so my husband and I move to the register the cashier is at – please note there are only two registers, so it isn’t as if another person couldn’t have come up front in the meantime to take a register over.

The cashier continues to type on the keyboard while my husband and I discuss openly what we would like to order. We finally turn to the cashier, who continues still to type. We wait nearly two more minutes before he finally prints out a receipt, highlights it, showing that he has clocked out for a ten minute break. He then tells us, “Someone will be with y’all in a minute.” All in all, this has taken about ten minutes, and still no one else in the restaurant has even made a point to turn around to acknowledge us.

I instantly realize that he has clocked out so he doesn’t have to serve us, though he could have done so within the five minutes he had wasted between staring at the food prep area and back in the office. I turn to my husband and state loudly, “I have dealt with three incompetent people today. Do I really want to deal with four?”

I look at the cashier, at everyone else who has ignored us, and decide, “Nope. We’re going somewhere else.” We walk out and go down the road to another burger place. Best decision made.

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I’m the nutty customer here. I bought a new, mid-priced vaping device. Not 2 weeks later, it vanished. I know where it should be (my car), but it’s not. In frustration I go back to the store with the box so I know what unit to get again. The clerk is just finishing with one customer and eyes the box in my hand.

Clerk: [suspiciously] Can I help you?

Me; Yeah, I got one of these here a couple weeks ago.

Clerk: [with more suspicion] What’s wrong with it?

Me: It’s missing.

Clerk: It’s what?!

Me: I had it in my car and I was sure I put it on the passenger seat and then there was a big traffic jam and I hit the brakes and a few things slid on the floor. But when I went to find it, it was gone. I’ve torn the car apart and can’t find it.

Clerk: [brightening and laughing] Oh, so there’s nothing wrong with it, it’s just missing.

Me: Yup. Missing.

When he realized I wasn’t there to complain about something that was my own fault we had a nice conversation and he gave me a small discount on my replacement.

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(I deal with incoming purchase orders a lot as part of my job, and one of the things I need to do is check them for accuracy. The following was an e-mail chain that was part of my attempt to get a purchase order corrected through my coworker in sales. This was all contained in the same e-mail as replies were added to it, so every person along the way could see everything written before.)
Me, to coworker: “The vendor on the PO should be [Our Company]. According to my spreadsheet, [Customer] should have us as vendor #### unless that’s changed.” (I then had typed in the exact address they should have us under)
Coworker to customer, a week later: “Just realized I did not send you the update for the PO.”
Customer to coworker: “Is the address below correct?” *types in the address again, exactly as I wrote it a couple messages ago*
Coworker to me: “Is this correct?”

(All they had to do was scroll down, and they could have saved all three of us some time. I know it’s nitpicky, but some of the people I have to deal with make my head hurt.)

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I am picking up a gift for my husband and the cashier offers to put it in a gift box and a bag with tissue on top.

Cashier: “Here we go! Let me just get a few more pieces of tissue. I’m a little tissue-happy sometimes!”

Me: “Oh, I used to work at [Popular Lingerie Store]. I know *all* about being tissue-happy!”

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