All Talk, And That’s It

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(I am working at a fast food chain and it is my third day on the job. Since I am new, I am put on serving, so I only have to give people their food. One of the team leaders is on dining room and often talks to the guests to make sure everything is going all right, or just to cheer people up or whatever. There is a man sitting alone in a corner, and my coworker goes over to ask if he would like a refill.)

Coworker #1: “Would you like a refreshment on—”

Customer: “Don’t talk to me; I’m fine!”

Coworker #1: *immediately turning around and rushing over to me* “Don’t go near that guy.”

Me: “I wasn’t planning on it, after that!”

(The next day I am put on register for the first time, so I am a little bit confused at times. I have a manager help me when I need it, but at one point she says that I can handle it on my own. A few minutes later, the same guy from the day before comes up to my register.)

Me: “Hi, welcome to [Restaurant]! Will this be for dine-in or—”

Customer: “I will have chicken nuggets.”

Me: “All right. Would you like that as a meal or an entree?”

Customer: *glaring at me* “A meal. I’ll have a [Soda #1] with that.”

Me: “Is a [Soda #2] okay?”

Customer: “I want [Soda #1]!”

Me: “I’m sorry, sir, but we only have [Soda #2] products here.”

Customer: “Fine, whatever.”

Me: “Will that be all for you, sir?”

Customer: “Yes.”

Me: “And can I have a name for the order?”

Customer: *glaring at me again* “Why do you need my name?!”

Me: “It’s just so we can find you with your food.”

Customer: *rolling his eyes* “Yeah, whatever. It’s [Customer].”

(At that moment, my coworker from before walks past, and this guy gives him the most horrible death glare ever. I am already impatient with this guy, but I have to deal with him since our restaurant is known for our customer service.)

Customer: *glaring at my coworker* “Tell that man not to talk to me.”

Me: “Have you experienced a problem with him?”

Customer: “I came here yesterday and all he did was talk to me. I hate it when people talk to me! Like, seriously, can’t people just shut up?”

Me: “All right, sir. I will make sure he knows. Is there anything else I can get for you today?”

Customer: “People can just be so annoying sometimes. It’s like, I just want to eat, so stop interrupting me!”

(He literally goes on like this for at LEAST ten minutes, and I am just trying to get him to pay and leave.)

Customer: “Do you ever get it where someone just doesn’t shut up?”

Me:I sure do, sir! All right, your total is $6.37. Here is your table marker, and once you swipe your card, you are all set to go. Have a wonderful day!”

Coworker #2: “You forgot to give him his receipt, sauces, beverage—”

Me: “I know, [Coworker #2]; let me live a little!”

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Check The Checking For Checks

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(My boss tends to assign me a bunch of random tasks throughout the day, many of which are given to me in the form of a forwarded email, which means a lot of extra work for me to simply have to figure out what he even wants me to do.)

Boss: “Hey, I need you to get me the phone number of the person that wanted to sell us this item. [Coworker] spoke to him on the phone yesterday, but forgot to get his phone number.”

Me: “Okay, what’s his name?”

Boss: “I don’t know. But we’ve done business with him before. We wrote him a $1,100 check last month… Or maybe the month before. Just search for that amount in our checkbook and then find the customer’s phone number for me.”

Me: “Um… So, you don’t actually know the customer’s name?”

Boss: “Don’t talk back! Just find it!”

Me: *facepalm*

(Long story short, I spent over an hour searching through our MULTIPLE checkbooks, through hundreds of checks, to find two checks written for that exact amount. Both were to companies and not an actual person. This lead to an entire day of being forced to go through our entire customer database to try to find the information on a customer whose name I couldn’t be told. When I finally found the correct customer, they had already sold the item we wanted to buy, which, of course, my boss blamed on me.)

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Five Quatloos

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(A customer is leaning against the wall at the top of the escalator when I come upstairs.)

Customer: “Hey, are you a manager?”

Me: “Yes. What can I do for you?”

Customer: *looking down at phone* “How long will it be?”

Me: “How long will it be for what?”

Customer: *still looking at phone* “I just want to know how long it will be.”

Me: “I’m afraid I don’t know what you mean.”

Customer: “Just… how long?”

(I try to glance at his screen, to see if he is referring to something on it. He snatches the phone away, shooting me a dirty look.)

Customer: “You don’t have to be a b****. You should know how long it will be.”

Me: “Five.”

Customer: “Five? Okay, thanks.” *he leaves*

Coworker: “Five what?”

Me: “I have no idea; I just wanted to get rid of him.”

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The Temperature Of The Room Just Dropped

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(My mom opens my Christmas present to her: an indoor/outdoor thermometer.)

Mom: “Oh, good! I wanted one of these.” *looks at my brother* “What? You have a funny look on your face.”

Brother: “Nothing. Don’t worry about it.”

Me: “We did not discuss what gifts we bought.”

Brother: “We did not.”

Mom: *opens his gift: another thermometer* “Well, I really, really wanted one!”

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Stressing Out Over Nothing Is Even Worse For You

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(I am a teenager when this event occurs. I am in a grocery store to buy a gift card for a Secret Santa exchange one of my high school classes is doing. I get into line at the register behind a couple in their early thirties. While standing in line, a pair of fellow high school students walk up and blatantly step in line in front of the couple.)

Man: “Hey! What do you think you’re doing?! You can’t just cut in front of us!”

Student #1: *unapologetic* “Oh, right, sorry. I guess we didn’t see you standing there or something.”

(The two students wander off to another checkout line:)

Man: “Teenagers these days! They’re so rude and have absolutely no manners!”

(He continues to rant to the woman next to him about the deficiency of teens today, all the while making it obvious that he is talking loud enough for me to hear and blatantly side-eyeing me as if he expects me to try and cut them as well. I spend the next couple minutes awkwardly ignoring him until I get close enough to place my gift card down on the counter. Note: The gift card is for a well-known chain sandwich place.)

Man: *turning and addressing me directly in a very condescending tone* “You know that [Sandwich Place] is actually very bad for you.”

Me: *calmly, after a couple seconds of surprise* Anything is bad for you if you don’t eat it in moderation. Given a lot of the other food options, I think I made a good choice.”

(The man turned back to finish paying for his groceries before storming off, apparently pissed that he couldn’t get a reaction from me and prove to the world that all teenagers are entitled and rude.)

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