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(I got to a tiny elitist college in a larger university, where my graduating class is less than 40 people. The large majority of my classmates, including myself, are from upper middle class families so their parents are paying for college and even their rent, and growing up “poor” is considered at least $85,000. These /year are people who don’t have jobs outside of 10 hr/week research positions and, therefore, rely on their parents to pay for their food. They also like to eat out 2-3 times a day during the week and frequently go out drinking on the weekends. While not important, I on the other hand get sick of eating out more than 3-4 times a month, so I typically don’t go with them. As a result, they don’t really have a good grasp of money and how much the cost of living is. They do, however, enjoy bestowing several “pearls of wisdom” on me.)

(Incident #1:)

Classmate #1: You should totally get [Music Streaming App]! It is only $10.00 a month! That is like one meal. Just don’t go out to eat one time a month. It isn’t that hard.

Me: I already don’t eat out so….

(Incident #2:)

Me: *talking about jobs* I am looking for offers of at least $70,000 a year to stay competitive and make a decent living. I will go as low as $67,000 if I really like the job.

Classmate #2: *eating expensive fast food* I am a relatively cheap person. I think I could survive off a salary less than $25,000 a year.

Me: *skeptical* Sure you can. *thinking* But you don’t want to.

(Incident #3:)

Classmate #2: Ugh! I am so hungry! I can’t afford to eat out though, if I want to go out tonight.

Classmate #3: Yeah, man, I feel ya. I spent sooo much this week.

Classmate #4: At least food is so cheap here.

(It averages at around $10-20 a meal to eat out.)

Classmate #2: Oh look! [Boyband] will be in [Town] tomorrow! Tickets start at $150. Let’s go!

(Incident 4:)

Classmate #4: *planning an outreach trip* So [Classmate #5] said that [College Club] can pay for $80/day when we are gone.

Classmate #6: WHAT?! Is that for BOTH of us?! That is sooo little.

Classmate #4: No, per person. Thankfully. And I think we can use it to buy alcohol. At least I am hoping to.

Classmate #6: *is underage* Yay, hahaha. Thank goodness. That is still such a little amount. I will probably starve.

Classmate #4: Haha, me too.

Me: Isn’t lunch and dinner already covered by the the event?

Classmate #4: Yeah, so?

(Call me petty, but I think they are in for a rude awakening when they can’t spend someone else’s money on frivolous things they do not need.)

Human Sheep: The Movie

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(I work at a movie theater, and this happens almost every time there’s a line for a popular movie.)

Me: *collecting tickets* “Theater four, last door on your right. Enjoy the movie. Theater four, last door on your right. Enjoy the movie. Theater four, last door on your right. Enjoy the movie. Theater fo— your movie started ten minutes ago. Theater one, first door on your left.”

(Apparently, some people see a line, and they just get in it.)

Passenger Alert

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(I am heading home on a packed train that requires you to pay your fare by inserting a ticket into a turnstile before getting on. [Passenger #1] gets on, stays near the door, and begins obviously looking around for something, but nobody knows what. This is not a big deal, though; the doors close, and the train gets moving.)

Passenger #1: “Does anybody have $40? Does anybody have $40? I need $40! Does anybody have $40? I need to get home! I can’t afford the bus! It’s only a short trip!”

([Passenger #2] quietly shakes their head and rolls their eyes, refusing to make eye contact with her.)

Passenger #1: “Come on, guys! Somebody has money! You, in the suit! I know you have $40! I need $40 to get home on the bus, or I will be sleeping on the streets tonight!”

Passenger #3: “Ma’am, I don’t have cash on hand, and besides, the bus fare is about $7 at most for one trip.”

Passenger #1: “No! You are lying to me! I need $40 to pay for the bus! You, with the nice jacket! I am broke! I have no money on me and I need to go home! I only need one trip!”

([Passenger #4] puts her head down and laser-focuses on her phone.)

Passenger #1: “Nobody cares, huh!? Everybody’s so wrapped up in themselves that they cannot spare an old lady some change so she can go home to her family! Fine, I need $20! $20 is the bare minimum I need to get home! Oh, come on! Nobody?! Nobody is generous! Nobody is listening! Nobody cares at all!”

(At this point, the train stops and [Passenger #1] immediately stops her rant and tries to look inconspicuous as the doors open to let new passengers on. Not many can get on or off though, and the train is quickly moving along on its schedule.)

Passenger #1: “God, do I even exist to you people!? If I were drunk, dirty, and homeless, all of you would have given me $40! You would give all the money in the world to hopeless bums that contribute nothing to society, but not for an old lady like me with a home, job, family, and future! How do you live with yourself? Do you want me to sleep on the streets with those drunks tonight? Fine! $10! $10 from at least two of you people is all I need! Hello?! Nobody?! Not even $10?! You would give $10 to me if I were drunk, dirty, and homeless! And those bums wouldn’t even use that money to pay for the bus; they’re just looking to get drugs! I would use it for a bus fare because I have a home to go to!”

(The train stops at a popular stop, and one that I am getting off at, as well. Most of the passengers file out while others wait to get on, which [Passenger #1] takes note of and gets off of the train.)

Passenger #1: “Last chance! The people on this train are selfish and cruel!”

Passenger #5: “Ma’am, is everything all right? Do you need help?”

Passenger #1: “No! Nobody will give me $40 for the bus so I can go home!”

Passenger #5: *taken aback* “Um… Sorry, I can’t help you with that. Bus fare for a one-way trip is $7, if that helps.” *moves away from [Passenger #1]*

Passenger #1: *shoots [Passenger #5] a glare and storms off*

(It was the weirdest thing. I later witnessed her getting into a screaming match with a young adult passenger in the station’s hallway. The young adult passenger shouted that she was fed up with [Passenger #1] begging for money when nobody wanted to give it, and also that she was fed up with her being a terrible liar and having the gall to insult people who contribute more to society than she ever would. [Passenger #1] screamed over her to complain about how awful the new generation is because the young adult wouldn’t give her money. I decided to stay out of it, and when I informed a security guy nearby, he just rolled his eyes, said he was keeping an eye on it, but also said something along the lines of, “Just let her get what I’m surprised she didn’t get weeks ago, and don’t get involved,” in reference to [Passenger #1]. I hope that [Passenger #1] and the young adult’s screaming match didn’t escalate into a physical fight!)

Could Be A Haunting Number Of Reasons

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(I work in technical support. A customer has called in about a motion detector that has gone off in his home.)

Me: “Was anyone in the home at time of the alarm?”

Customer: “No.”

Me: “Okay. Was there anything moving around? Sometimes balloons or other similar things can set off the device.”

Customer: “No.”

Me: “Well, did the heater activate at that time? Sometimes sudden changes in temperature can cause it to go off.”

Customer: “I see; it must have been my mother.”

Me: “Oh, so, there was someone in the house?”

Customer: “No. My mother is deceased.”

Me: “Oh.”

(Awkward pause.)

Me: “Ohhhhhh.”

(Awkward pause.)

Me: “Is there anything else I can assist you with today?”

Making Wi-Fries With That Potato

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(My friend has been planning to quit for a while, and decides to go out in style.)

Friend: “[Company IT Department], how can I help you?”

Customer: “Hi there. My router has been having issues and my Wi-Fi isn’t working.”

(After discussing this for a few minutes, my friend figures out that it’s a simple problem; however, after trying to fix it, the customer is being difficult, so he decides to have some fun.)

Friend: “Okay, I think I know how to fix the problem, but you have to follow what I say to the letter. First, I need you to get a knife and a potato.”

Customer: “Umm, okay.” *leaves for a minute* “Okay, got it.”

Friend: “Now cut the potato in half.”

Customer: “Okay.”

Friend: “And rub each half on either side of the router.”

(To my friend’s disbelief, the customer actually did that for several minutes; however, management was listening in and my friend was soon fired, all according to plan.)

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