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(Before I start, you need a little physical description of me. I am a very pale redhead male, about 4’4″ at the time of this event. I was at a store with my boyfriend, shopping with him and his dad)

Middle-Aged Lady: F****** gays! Can’t even go in public without holding hands and s***! Y’all are gonna go to hell!

Boyfriend: Looky here madame, if ya don’t like it, then walk away and stop talking about us. We aren’t bothering you now are we?

(By this time, his dad was away on a different aisle, oblivious to the situation.)

Middle-Aged Lady: You are a disgrace! You don’t deserve to be in this store, much less alive!

Me: First off, shut the bloody h*** up. Second, I see no reason that we shouldn’t be in the store, as we have a right to love each other as we please. Now, kindly scuttle along lass, I don’t want a scene.

(The lady promptly decided to start throwing merchandise at us and screaming homophobic terms at us. My boyfriend’s dad finally noticed the lady, and told an employee of the situation, who called security.)

Lady: Don’t you know who I am? I could make you never be able to have a job! I could make you homeless!

(Security shows up, and is a tall, ripped lady with short hair.)

Lady: *Points at security* And you! F****** {lesbian slur}, you aren’t any better! Why the actual f*** do you people get to be alive?!?

Security: Ma’am, I’m afraid I will have to forcibly remove you if you don’t immediately leave. You will be banned my the manager if you don’t comply.

(At this, the customer threw an absolute fit, and started to scream even louder and attempted to punch the security guard.)

Security: *Picks up customer and walks out the door*

Employee: I’m sorry folks, she does this everytime she comes in, just not always this bad. We’re giving y’all a %20 discount because of this!

(Afterwards, the police were called and she was taken to jail. Everyone else we talked to at the store was so nice to us the rest of the day!)

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While working Black Friday there’s huge lines for all of the check outs except the check out lane thats 10 items or less which has only two people in that one getting checked out. I see a couple customers who are trying to get in line and I tell them they can check out in the 10 items or less. Their reaction goes like this:

Me: you can go to this one and get checked out

Customer: But it says 10 items or less

Me: its fine you can go to that one

Customer: but are you sure

Me: Yes just go, it doesn’t matter.

(You’d think that any other time since no one actually abides by that lane sign that they would start doing that during the biggest day of the year with long lines of people in other check out lanes waiting to be checked out with their carts piled high.)

Meet The Tornado Family

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(About half an hour before close, we start working through the store to put things away so we can leave soon after close. We also remind customers that we’re closing soon and ask if they need assistance. At about a quarter to close, a mom and four kids walk in. We let them know the time and the mom ignores us. Five minutes later, I hear a coworker over the radio.)

Coworker #1: “Hey, you guys know that family that came in a bit ago?”

Me: “Yeah, what’s up?”

Coworker #1: “They just left the T-shirt aisle and it looks like a tornado hit.”

(I go check. Sure enough, shirts are thrown everywhere, including the floor. As we’re folding them back up and trying to put things away, another coworker comes over.)

Coworker #2: “Yeah, they’re over in the kid’s section. They’re giving it the same treatment. I asked them if they needed help and the mom said she didn’t need us.”

(They stayed until ten after closing wrecking the store. The three of us had to keep following the path of destruction to keep up with the mess. They left without buying anything.)

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Not Enough Spanish In The World To Say How Sorry You Are

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(I work at the front desk in a hotel. One fine morning, just before dawn, we get a call from one of the rooms plaintively asking if we could please call an ambulance. The voice on the phone is rather weak, but is very apologetic, and keeps saying she’s sorry to be such a bother, etc. I send my coworker down the hall to see if he can help her any while I make the call. The ambulance arrives quickly and the woman is bundled off, with my coworker coming back to the front desk.)

Me: “How bad is she? She going to be okay?”

Coworker: “Yeah, but you wouldn’t believe the mess in the bathroom. Whatever hit her, it was bad.”

Me: “How bad is it?”

Coworker: “Trust me when I say you wouldn’t believe me. It’s really bad in there.”

(Gentle readers, I have insufficient words to describe the mess in that bathroom. Apparently, whatever illness had the guest in its grip had her expelling from both ends, with great force. Further, she had been gripped with dizziness and vertigo, so there wasn’t any aiming for a proper target. There is vomit and fecal matter over everything — and I do mean everything — in that bathroom. A bit later, the head housekeeper comes in, and I get to practice my Spanish:)

Me: “Ah, [Housekeeper]? Por favor… 104 no es bueno.” *Please, 104 is not good*.

Housekeeper: “¿No?”

Me: “No. Es baño.” *No. It’s a toilet.*

Housekeeper: “¿Baño?”

Me: *handing her the key* “Si… Lo siento mucho.” *Yes, I am very sorry.*

(She took the key with a skeptical look; as a housekeeper, she’s seen it all. A moment later, I heard a loud “¡Ay-yi-yi!” from down the hall.)

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Well, Color Me Disappointed!

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(I’m working at the circulation desk. We keep the public printer there so patrons have to come up and pay for their printed items once they come out. Printouts are black and white only. But for some reason, when previewing it on our screens for them before hitting the print button, the prints show up in color, so we’re always letting patrons that aren’t regulars know that the prints come out in black and white. Most are unbothered by this. If they are bothered, I have the option to cancel their print job from my computer so they won’t have to pay anything.) 

Patron: *approaches the desk* “I need to pick up my prints, please.”

Me: *cheerfully* “Sure!” *goes to the preview screen and pulls hers up* “Okay, so, I see you’ve got some pictures in color. Just so you know, they’re going to come out black and white; is that okay?”

Patron: “You don’t have color printing at all?”

Me: “No, ma’am, I’m sorry.”

Patron: *huffs and rolls her eyes*

Me: *thinking she may not want them because of her response* “If you’d like, ma’am, I can cancel them for you; you wouldn’t have to pay a thing.”

Patron:  “Did I say I didn’t want them?!”

Me: *completely floored because she has been completely normal so far* “I… I… No, ma’am, you just looked disappointed so I—”


(My face is on fire, and this woman is glaring at me like I committed a crime.)

Me: *hits “print” from my screen* “That’s [price], please.” *makes my way to the printer while my coworker processes her payment*

Patron: *to my coworker after I hand her the prints* “Oh, thank you so much, sweetie!” *flounces towards the doors with a huge smile on her face like nothing happened*

Me: *looks at my coworker with an awkward laugh from both of us* “Okay, next time, she’s all yours.”

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