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(I go to a walk-in clinic because I have a bad poison ivy rash on my face. My eyelids are swollen almost shut and my eyelashes are stuck together with gunk. I am sitting in the room waiting for the nurse practitioner when she opens the door.)

Nurse Practitioner: “Hi! How are y… Oh!”

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Me: hello

Customer: I need to cash a check *shoves check in my face*

Me: takes check looks to see its $750 , sir I cannot cash this check here because we are not aloud to cash checks at registers anymore and also we do not have that much money in the till….

Customer: I can cash checks at any register I want

Me: let me call a manager * call manager and she says no go to customer service or money center*

Customer: no I’m doing it here!

Me: there is no line in money center you can do it there

Customer: holds my line up for 30 minutes arguing with me and manager then finally leaves

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I answer the phone at work.

Me: We’re having a great day at [restaurant] in [city]. This is [my name]. How may I help you?

Them: Is this [hospital]?

Me: I’m sorry, what was that?

Them: Is this [hospital]?

Me: No… This is [restaurant]…

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I had been help a customer with questions about our site and everything was normal until the end of the chat.

Me: Is there anything else I can help you with?
Customer: do have any other questions?
Me: I am sorry but I do not understand your question. Can you please elaborate?
Customer: is there anything else I can help you with?
Customer: hope that i answered all you questions
Customer: byebye
Me: Have a nice night

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(This is my second month working at a large coffee chain, and its a rather slow night when we have someone pull into the drive-thru.)

Me: “Welcome to [Coffee Shop] my name is [my name] what can I get for you this evening?”
Customer: “I want a Red Bull.”
Me: “I’m sorry sir, we don’t carry that drink. Can i offer you something else?”
Customer: “No. I want a Red Bull. I know you guys sell them, I come through this drive-thru everyday.”
(At this point my manager has walked out of the back room with her own headset on, listening.)
Me: “I’m very sorry sir, but we have never sold Red Bull, we do however have [company drink] which is also an energy drink, and comes in different flavors.”
(At this point I’m not sure what else I can do and my manager takes over the order for me.)
Manager: “Sir, I have worked here for 9 years and we have never sold that drink. I assure you [my name] is not lying to you. I will gladly make you any other drink you would like.”
(After roughly 5 minutes she finally has hi convinced we don’t carry red bull, and he orders a different drink and pulls up to the window.)
Me: “Alright sir, that will be $3.75. (He hands me his card and I run it but it comes up declined.) “I’m very sorry sir, but it says your card has been declined. Do you have another form of payment?”
Customer: “NO! I don’t have another form of payment, and there’s no way my card declined! I used it to buy a red bull here yesterday!”
(I call for my manager and she attempts to calm the man and offers him the drink on the house hoping to get him to leave. The customer takes the drink from her hand and dumps it on the ground between them and drives off.)
Me: “Has he ever been here before?”
Manager: “Never.”

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