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(I’m a cashier at a New England grocery store chain. We still have paper bags if customers prefer them over plastic, but hate using them because they take a long time to open and pack.)

Customer (approaching my lane with a cart OVERFLOWING with groceries): Hello.

Me: Hi, how are you today?

Customer: Fine, I need my groceries to be double paper bagged.

Me: Okay, just the cold things doubled?

Customer: No, ALL of the groceries.

Bagger (With shocked expression): Okay….we can do that…

(Luckily, the bagger ended up getting a shift leader to help her open bags. Double paper bagging takes such a long time, especially for so many groceries. Even with two baggers her order took FOREVER. She ended up having $470 worth of groceries!)

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I work in an almost fast food restaurant, working the front counter and taking orders/making drinks. This happens more often that not, making me worry for the future of the world.

Customer: “How much are your wings?” Waving towards me of course, and not looking down less than a foot to the open menu on the counter they’re leaning on.

Me: Taking the menu and putting my finger to the wing section. “The [small price] has five wings and the [large price] has ten wings, the [small price] boneless has six ounces and the [large price] boneless has twelve ounces.”

Customer: Barely a second after I’ve spoken. “So how many wings do I get/can I buy?”

Me: Very calmly without popping the vein in my forehead. “We have orders of five wings and ten wings, as well as six ounces and twelve ounces.”

Customer: Stands there until they figure out they don’t have enough to get the thirty or so wings they wanted after all and tells me that I charge too much as they walk away.

If any of us had a choice over the price of food, why would we be working there?

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I was working at a supermarket chain a few years back.
One afternoon, a customer at another cashier’s register hears something he doesn’t like. Apparently he had tried to buy something that was not included in the weekly sale.
The manager had already come over to explain everything to him, but it wasn’t good enough for this guy.
“Sir, the sale is only on Coca Cola products. This is a Pepsi product”
“I don’t care what your circular says that’s from last week! Coke is on sale this week!”
“No, sir, I’m sorry but this one is current, this sale just started today.”
“You’re telling me that because you started this new sale today you’re going to ignore the ad that I have here in my hand?”
“I’m sorry sir, our sales change every two weeks, and once the new sale starts, we can’t honor the previous one without a rain check.”
He then proceeded to grab the shopping cart and stormed out of the building in a rage.
The customer behind him in line stood there looking around, confused for a few minutes, until the angry customer came back in, red faced with the cart in tow… And returned it to the customer behind him.
It was the wrong cart! This guy was so invested in telling the cashier and manager that they were wrong that he wound up humiliating himself in the process!

Reset The Temperature To Setting Number One

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(I work as a lifeguard during the summer at the local park pool. Being an outdoor pool, it is hard to regulate the temp. The pool tends to be warmer in the afternoon when the sun is directly overhead. A lady comes up to me mid-morning:)

Customer: “The water is too cold!”

Me: “You will have to wait until the afternoon; then the water will be warmer.”

(To most, the reason would be obvious, but she blankly stares at me.)

Customer: “Why?”

(I’m not certain what comes over me, but I reply:)

Me: “Because the water is always warmer after the kiddie swim classes.”

(She contemplated my answer for a minute before it dawned on her and she walked away, disgusted.)

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The Wrong Kind Of Whistleblower

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I work at a department store, and I am helping a teenage girl with her items. Suddenly, an old gentleman appears and snaps at me. I turn to him politely and say, “I’ll be right with you, sir; just a moment.”

He waits for about five seconds and then snaps at me again. I give him the same response. He waits about thirty seconds before snapping, and without seeing a reaction, does an ear-piercing taxi whistle. All the other people in the vicinity cringe except for the young girl I am helping.

Without missing a beat, she responds, “Sir, if you’re going to whistle at them like dogs, then you’d better be prepared to get b****y service.”

Everyone laughs, and the man slinks off, embarrassed.

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