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(I deal with incoming purchase orders a lot as part of my job, and one of the things I need to do is check them for accuracy. The following was an e-mail chain that was part of my attempt to get a purchase order corrected through my coworker in sales. This was all contained in the same e-mail as replies were added to it, so every person along the way could see everything written before.)
Me, to coworker: “The vendor on the PO should be [Our Company]. According to my spreadsheet, [Customer] should have us as vendor #### unless that’s changed.” (I then had typed in the exact address they should have us under)
Coworker to customer, a week later: “Just realized I did not send you the update for the PO.”
Customer to coworker: “Is the address below correct?” *types in the address again, exactly as I wrote it a couple messages ago*
Coworker to me: “Is this correct?”

(All they had to do was scroll down, and they could have saved all three of us some time. I know it’s nitpicky, but some of the people I have to deal with make my head hurt.)

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I am picking up a gift for my husband and the cashier offers to put it in a gift box and a bag with tissue on top.

Cashier: “Here we go! Let me just get a few more pieces of tissue. I’m a little tissue-happy sometimes!”

Me: “Oh, I used to work at [Popular Lingerie Store]. I know *all* about being tissue-happy!”

The Key To Future Generations

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(A group of youngsters who look like they’re in their late teens or early 20s are staying in several different rooms in our hotel. Two come up.)

Teen: “So, like, none of my like, keys are like, working? And like, I need to get in my room?”

(He tosses a key at me and I check it.)

Me: “This is for [another room number].”

Teen: *to his friend* “Oh, my God! So, [Friend] has our keys! I guess we shouldn’t have thrown all our keys together in a pile and mixed them up, huh?”

Me: *big face-palm*

(I weep for the future…)

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Kid Earns A High Five

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(The young son of one of our regulars is the cutest thing. He goes up to my coworker with a pack of cards that we give away for free, as a promotion for a game his dad plays, and he says, in his tiny voice:)

Kid: “Is it okay I took this? It says ‘thirteen plus.’ I’m five.”

Coworker: “That’s okay; we won’t tell.”

(We both had a good laugh at his seriousness. Ah, the logic of a five-year-old.)

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This Stay Has Not Been Rated

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(A very stubborn customer is arguing with us about the prices changing.)

Coworker: “Sir, since you are changing your stay, the rate also changes because there is a lower rate the longer you stay. If you shorten your stay, the rate goes up.”

Customer: “That is BS! That doesn’t make sense! Who puts these darned rules on the rates?! I was told [rate] and I’ll get it; I don’t care if I do shorten my stay or not!”

Coworker: “That would be our manager who set the rules for the rates.”

Customer: “I already talked to him, and he promised me this rate! Now, are you going to give it to me or do I have to go to your competition next door?!”

Me: “Sir, you are welcome to go there!”

Customer: *angrily takes belongings and stomps off, glaring*

(There are only two hotels for miles around, and both are owned by the same company. My coworker and I laughed about that for hours. The next morning, the hotel next door sent us an email saying only “WTF?!”)

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