Life Plans Are Kind Of My Life…

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(In my college town, I run into a friend I haven’t seen since middle school, over 15 years ago. We quickly agree to meet for dinner to catch up.)

Me: “So, we’ve been living in this same small town for the last four years, and we’ve never run into each other!”

Friend: “That’s crazy; I know!”

Me: “I do feel kind of bad about it; I’m moving to [West Coast City] in two months.”

Friend: “You’re not going to do that now, are you?”

Me: “Yeah?”

Friend: “All of my friends are my wife’s friends. I don’t really have any guy friends.”

Me: “Well, that sucks, and I’d be happy to hang out more between now and my move, but this is a big deal and I’m going to move.”

(He abruptly changes the subject. Later that same evening we are at a bar and I meet his wife.)

Wife: “So, you’re moving to [West Coast City]?! When?”

Me: “In August.”

Wife: “That’s so exciting! I’m really excited for you!”

(My friend grabs her attention quickly and whispers something I can’t hear. She gets visibly annoyed and I can make out what she’s saying.)

Wife: *to him* “I’m not going to demand he change his life plans because you guys just reconnected!”

(The three of us didn’t find an opportunity to hang out again before I left.)

Dogs Don’t Deserve Us

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(My mom’s friend says she is coming to the USA with her mother; she lives in a foreign country. My mom offers our house as a place to stay. She makes sure to warn her that we have a big dog, as many people are afraid of them. Apparently, her mother is afraid of dogs but they decide to stay here, anyway, because it’s free. This is what happens when they arrive at our house.)

Me: *opens door* “Hello!”

(Our dog walks over, his tail wagging, and my friend’s mom screams and HITS him with her purse. My smile fades and is replaced with a death glare.)

Friend’s Mom: “Get it away from me!”

(I take several deep breaths and hold myself back.)

Friend’s Mom: “Hurry!”

Me: *walks out*

(You are our guest. You chose to stay in our house. Respect our family — pets included — and our house. If you’re scared of dogs, then go pay for a hotel. Don’t subject the innocent animal to being locked in a room when you’re around. Yes, this happened, because apparently my friend’s mom’s feelings matter more than my dog does. Just for all the dog lovers out there, he was fine after the attack. I gave him some treats and a nice belly rub. Hopefully, they won’t stay for too long.)

Time To Reflect On Your Opinions

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My dad has always been a man of strong opinions, and this was no different back when he was in medical school. One of his professors was super passionate about a subject my dad thought was dumb and unscientific, and shouted at anyone who dared to challenge him in class, so Dad decided to take a more… creative route.

This professor always closed the glass-paned classroom door and pulled the double-sided chalkboard to a very precise angle before beginning to teach. One day, he had just finished his little ritual when his students began to point towards the door and laugh.

The professor, noticing that his students were snickering, started looking around for what had amused them. He checked the door, the back wall, even the reverse side of his chalkboard, but saw only some “gibberish stuff, must be Russian or something.” Eventually he gave up and just taught his lesson, to the accompaniment of much laughter.

My dad had sneaked into the classroom before the lesson and written on the reverse side of the chalkboard, in mirror writing so it would reflect the right way around in the door, “DOWN WITH PSEUDOSCIENCE.”

As far as I’m aware, he was never caught!

Would Have Been Ice To Know

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(I’ve just had major surgery on my leg and have been taken to my room. I begin to feel chilled, so I press the call button. The nurse who responds covered me with an additional blanket, but after a short time I am so cold I was shivering, so another blanket is added. Within about an hour two more blankets are added but I am colder than ever. Then the charge nurse comes in on her rounds.)

Me: *violently shivering* “C-c-cold!”

Nurse: *having just taken my vitals* “You’re practically hypothermic. Let me check your leg and then I’ll see what else we can do to warm you up.” *checks my leg* “Oh. How long has your leg been packed in ice?!”

Me: “Ice?”

(Neither of us knew, so it must have been done before I awoke from anesthesia which means it had been there for at quite some time. Each blanket that was added sealed in the cold that much more, so of course I was freezing! The ice was quickly removed and with five or six blankets covering me I warmed up pretty fast.)

Unfiltered Story #101658

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(*Keep in mind this story does not violate HIPPA regulations as none of the patients personal or health information is stated.* I am an EMT currently working in an ambulance company doing interfacility transport, taking patients from nursing homes or care centers to hospitals, from hospitals back home, etc. My partner and I are dispatched to a nursing home we have been to before where we don’t like the nursing staff as they seem to not care about their patients much, this call is no exception to that. We arrive and ask the nurse some basic questions about the patient, who they want to send to a hospital a few miles down the road instead of the one just down the road, less than a quarter mile away, and who has severely swollen legs, which they suspect might be DVT, blood clots formed in the legs that could break loose and cause blocks throughout the body in places like lungs, heart, or other organs.)
Us: How long has this been going on?
Nurse: I have no idea, the other nurse said they were swollen when I got here at 3 (it is now 5) and I’ve been on vacation for 3 days so I don’t know anything about it. Do you have any more questions or?
Us: You don’t have a timeframe? Did it start this Morning? Yesterday? Why do you want her to go to (farther hospital) instead (closer hospital)?
Nurse: Our doctor wants her sent there so that’s where we want her to go.
Us: But this could get serious quickly and we aren’t comfortable taking her to the farther hospital.
Nurse: You need to take her to (farther hospital) because last time the paramedics (meaning they called 911 not interfacility transport) took her to (closer hospital) and her family was angry because we told them (farther hospital) and they almost pulled her from our care.
(At this point I’m steaming because this nurse doesn’t seem to have any regard for what’s best for the patient and wants to blindly follow doctors orders and not only gave family what may have later been false information but didnt call to tell them afterwards and is now trying to blame what they did wrong on the paramedics. We let her walk away and continue assessing the patient and discussing which hospital we should go to when another nurse comes over and peeks through the doorway to the room.)
Nurse #2: *nicely* Oh, you guys are here to take her to (farther hospital)?
Us: Well we are more comfortable taking her to (closer hospital) because of her condition, we were just discussing this.
Nurse #2: *now a little angrily* No, she needs to go to (farther hospital) because our doctor works out of that hospital, this is something we can handle in-house but he wantrs the better equipment in the full hospital and to be able to oversee her care.
(Keep in mind it is entirely our decision where to take her, if a patient is stable enough we can take them to a requested hospital instead of closest but we feel this patient has enough risk of extra complications she needs to be seen as soon as possible, especially since we don’t have a timeframe for when the swelling started, and she had some concerning vitals along with it. After that nurse leaves we discuss it for a few minutes and ultimately decide to go to (closer hospital) and head out with the patient.)
My partner: *on the way out, to the patients nurse* You may want to call her family and tell them we are taking her to (closer hospital), we feel that is in her best interest as she needs quicker care. Have a good day.
(We left quickly with the patient and luckily didn’t encounter Nurse #2 again, and we made it to the hospital and got her into a bed without any complications, but still, the gal of the nurses still angers me and my partner to think about it!)

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