It’s Taco Time Before Closing Time!

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(I’m the customer in this story, and it’s late at night. After I get off work at another location, I decide that I want to get dinner at a popular Mexican fast food restaurant. However, I don’t want to be that customer that keeps the lobby open late, particularly since I am kept at work late. I walk up to the counter.)

Me: “Before I order, what time does your lobby close?”

Cashier: “It closes at ten-thirty.”

(It is a little after nine, so I decide to eat in.)

Me: “All right, thanks. I didn’t want to keep it open later than what it needed be.”

(I place my order, which includes two rolled tacos and a dipping sauce. When it’s done, I notice I have four rolled tacos and two cups of dip. I don’t think anything of it at first, knowing they can’t take it back since I have already touched the tray. However, as I’m about to eat the second two, I pause and decide to try to clear my mind.)

Me: *back at the counter* “Um… I asked for two rolled tacos, and I got four. Can I pay for the extra two?”

Cashier: *looking at me confused* “You got four rolled tacos?”

Me: “Yes, and I’d like to pay fo—”

Cashier: “No, no! Don’t worry about it, but thanks for your honesty.”

Me: “You sure?”

Cashier: “Yeah, it’s just two; go ahead.”

Me: “Well, can I pay for [a different dip] then?”

(Smiling brightly, the cashier nods before selling me the other dip and, as I’m leaving at 9:55, comes to me and hands me a gift card.)

Me: *confused* “Uh… thanks, but—”

Cashier: “No, you are one of the few people who are honest, and you visit us quite often. It’s the least we can do, and I already had it approved.”

Me: “Well, thanks.”

Cashier: “No problems. Have a good night!”

Me: “You, too!”

(I stood at the door for a little bit and heard them lock it, right on time, and waved. As for the gift card, it covered the full price of my order.)

No Offense, But Sexism

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(I’m a female and work in a large computer lab with two other employees, both male. Although most patrons have no problem with me helping them, I have run into situations where patrons refuse my help outright and ask for a male employee.)

Patron: “Can I get some help, please?”

Me: “Sure.”

Patron: “Uh… No offense. I’d feel better if [Male Employee] helped me. It’s just that he looks smarter.”

Me: “Uh… Offense taken.”

(The kicker is he was using a program that I often use, and neither one of my male coworkers knows how to use it very well.)

Very Testing Without The Documents

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(I handle compliance for imports for a major retailer. We have a lot of vendors and we work with them to make sure all the required documentation and testing is in place for their merchandise. Children’s products are particularly tricky because of very strict testing guidelines that have to be met before the products come off of the boat. I’ve got a couple crates of kids’ furniture sitting on a boat that’s almost in port, and I can’t find the testing documentation. I call the manufacturer.)

Me: “I’m looking for the testing of your products, and I’m not finding it. We need this ASAP.”

Vendor: *a very friendly-sounding old man* “Why do we need all that?”

Me: “This… This is federally mandated testing. If we don’t have the documentation in place, we can’t take your products off the boat, and if they sit on the boat too long, they’ll be destroyed. And we’re not paying that bill.”

Vendor: “No, our products are fine. We’ve never had any complaints.”

Me: “Sir, that’s irrelevant. Have you not actually done the testing? That’s a pretty big problem if you haven’t.”

Vendor: “You know, my grandfather started this business in 1927. He passed it to my father in 1959, and I took over in 1995. We’re a family-owned business and active in our local community.”

Me: *deep breath* “Sir. We can’t take your products off the boat without the testing documents in place. If we don’t have them, we have to destroy them.”

Vendor: “Why would you want to do that? We’re a family-owned business with an 80-year history. You know we make the only [Product] sold at [Competing Retailer]? They didn’t even sell [Product] there before we came along.”

Me: “Are you familiar with [Congressional Act requiring testing of children’s products]?”

Vendor: “We’ve been around for 80 years. My grandfather started the business. We’ve seen a lot of legislation come and go.”

Me: “Okay, well, I’m going to go ahead and go now. You’ll be hearing from your vendor manager soon, I’m sure.”

Vendor: “Okay, that sounds fine. You have a nice day!”

(I contacted his vendor manager and explained the situation. Needless to say, his manager nearly flipped out. Don’t ask me how they did it, but less than a week later, I had the necessary testing documents from the vendor manager in my hand.)

Their Understanding Is Not In The Top One Per Cent

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(A customer calls to inquire about changing his deductible to a percentage deductible.)

Customer: “I heard a thing on a commercial about getting a deductible that’s just 1%. I want that. It’s less than I have now.”  

Me: “It looks like right now you’ve got a $500 deductible. Changing to a 1% deductible would actually increase the deductible quite a bit.”

Customer: “You don’t seem to understand; 1% sounds like less than $500.”

Me: “A 1% deductible is 1% of your entire dwelling coverage. So, in your case, your dwelling coverage is $350,000. A 1% deducible on that would be $3500. It’s only $500 right now.”  

Customer: “No, but see, it sounds like less.”

Me: “But it’s not less.”

Customer: “But it sounds like it is.”

Me: “The only way it would be less than $500 is if your house was insured for less than $50,000.”

Customer: “But it really sounds like it’s a lot less.”

(This went on for about ten minutes. I even walked him through using a calculator to figure 1% of 350,000. I finally told the customer I would be happy to change him to a 1% deductible as long as he was willing to come into the office and sign a letter I typed out stating that he understood that just because 1% SOUNDS like less than $500, it was not, in fact, less. It was quite a bit more.  He ended up coming in and signing it, all the while looking like he just pulled one over on us. He saved less than $20 per year changing his deductible to be 1%.)

I Only Take The Cute Drugs

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(It’s October, nearing Halloween. My mother’s workplace decides to host a Halloween party, and everyone is encouraged to dress up in costumes. After looking through several costume ideas, my mother decides to go as a “Pixie Dust addict,” aka a fairy with a drug problem. I work in theater, and have done costume design and stage makeup in the past, so I’m selected to help my mom get the look she wants.)

Me: *after spending over an hour on makeup* “There; you’re all done. What do you think?”

Mom: *looking into mirror* “Ugh, why did you make me look so awful?! I look strung out!”

Me: “Isn’t that exactly what you wanted? You’re supposed to look like a drug addict.”

Mom: “But I wanted to be a cute one!”

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