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Customer: (Angrily puts her bag on the counter) You know, I came here last night at 5 PM and you were closed, and I was out of cat food. When did you change your hours?

Me: We’ve always closed at 4 on Sundays. (I hand her a business card) Here, this has our hours on it.

Customer: (Ignoring me) Well, I had nothing to feed my cat last night and I couldn’t just have my dinner in front of him, so I didn’t eat either. I’m starving.

(She pays for her food, gives me the death glare, and leaves)

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I was at the craft store and asked an employee if they had any thin, nylon rope.
Employee: Hmm, I think we have some over in “crafts.”
Apparently, there’s a “craft” section in the “craft” store.

Yogurt Brain Freeze

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(I am finishing my last shift at work before taking a leave of absence, as I need to have a minor surgery on my ankle the following Monday. I’ve been working at this frozen yogurt shop for six months. It’s locally owned and very popular, so I’ve seen people I know on just about every shift I work. Everyone I know is aware I work there, as it’s a fun environment and I post about it on social media occasionally. My friend is the one who recommended I apply to work here, so she’s been working at this store for about a year longer than I have. We have just under an hour left until close, so it is slowing down a bit. An acquaintance walks in as I am sweeping up some sprinkles a kid spilled.)

Me: “Hi, [Acquaintance]! Welcome to [Store]!”

Acquaintance: “Hello, I was just at [Burger Shop in the strip mall] and was stopping by in hopes of catching [Friend].”

Me: “Oh, sorry. She isn’t in right now. It’s pretty hard to catch her since she decided to only take a couple shifts a week right now.”

Acquaintance: “That’s too bad. Hey, so, what are you doing here? Just hanging with friends?”

(I look down at my broom, obnoxiously bright tie-dye t-shirt, and hair pulled back with a headband. The broom, shirt, and headband all have the store’s logo. I’m not sure if it is a sincere question.)

Me: “I… work here?”

Acquaintance: “Oh, yeah. I guess that makes sense.”

Me: “…?”

New Hires Under Fire

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(We have a coworker who is in the habit of playfully saying, “You’re fired,” every time someone makes a mistake. No one ever takes him seriously, since he is always smiling and laughing when he says it. That changes one day when we are training new hires.)

Coworker: “You’ll need to hold down the shift key while you make this selection so it’s a perfect square.”

(The new hire fumbles about a bit and has difficulty pressing two buttons at the same time. I can see they’re frustrated, and my coworker attempts to make a funny in order to put them at ease.)

Coworker: “You’re fired. Here. Let me take over, and I can show you again.”

(The new hire is oblivious to the second half of what my coworker has just said. They start to get a glassy look in their eyes and totally lose any color in their face. I can see that they have the first-day jitters very bad, so I step in to calm them down.)

Me: “Oh, no no no no! He was just trying to be funny! You’re not fired at all!”

New Hire: *wipes their eyes and looks at me* “You’re terrible! I quit!”

(They storm into the back room to where the time cards are and where we keep our personal belongings.)

Me: *to coworker* “I never thought that your joke would ever get that kind of reaction, but I guess you have to be more careful from now on.”

(The new hire suddenly appears behind us with a smile.)

New Hire: “Gotcha!”

Copied And Pasted Answer Over And Over

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(I go into the copy room at a research library to find out how much copies cost, so I know how much cash to get over my lunch break. I’m not holding anything at all, and, obviously, I am not about to use the copy machine.)

Patron: *from a table ten feet away* “I’m using that.”

Me: “Oh, okay. I’m just seeing how much copies are.”

Patron: “You can’t use it! I’m using it.”

Me: “Oh, no. I don’t want it now; I just want to find out how much they cost.”

Patron: “I’m making a lot of copies right now, and you can’t use it!”

Me: *having verified the cost and starting to move away* “I don’t have anything to copy right now; I just want to know how much money I need to get.”

Patron: “You can’t use it! I’m using it!”

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