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(I work for a large retail company in the UK. I work the late shift and help close the store. today I had just pulled everything in and it was bang on closing the lights had dimmed inside and a customer just came round the corner of his van in the car park and I explain we are closed and he walks back to the Van. I think nothing of it an lock up the doors and put the shutter down and carry on as it was stock count night.

I look out the window a minute later and the guy has moved his van closer to the entrance got out and tried to walk in stood there staring at the doors walking back and forth a little then walked back to the Van. a few of us saw him and I gave them the rest of the story.

We Don’t Want Your Eggs Contaminating Ours  

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My wife was heavily pregnant with our second child. She had cravings for full English breakfasts. So, one Saturday morning my wife said we should go out for one. Never being one to turn down a cooked breakfast, my wife and I and our young son headed to a well-known franchise of pubs known for food and drink.

My wife, clearly pregnant, explained to the bar staff that she needed her fried eggs well done and not runny, due to being pregnant. Note that in these establishments you pay in advance for your food. Before paying, I relayed the importance of the eggs being well done. I was told this was not a problem.

The food arrived quickly, but the fried eggs on her plate were underdone and very runny. Naturally, my wife complained. We were told we did not ask for them well done. My wife said that she clearly asked and I stated that this was double-checked before I paid. I asked to speak to a manager.

The manager came over and barked, “We do not do refunds or substitutions!” loud enough for many other diners to hear. I began to lose my cool and explained the situation bluntly. 

I then stated that, as there is a higher risk of food poisoning from runny eggs, pregnant women (in the UK) are advised to avoid them, and that’s why I confirmed that the eggs needed to be well done before I paid for the food. I was told I had made that up. A simple Google search on my mobile phone proved the manager wrong. 

We were then told it would be fine and my wife should eat the eggs. I then said, “Can we have that in writing?” The manager swore loudly under her breath and then refused to replace the eggs. Due to cross-contamination, we were within our rights to demand a totally new plate of food. 

At this stage, we decided to leave, after spending £30+ for undercooked food served to a woman with child.

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Color Us Blind For Hiring Him!  

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I used to work in an abattoir/meat processing factory as an IT Infrastructure Engineer. I was first-line support, and although I was primarily responsible for desktop PCs, laptops, and servers, I did occasionally work alongside our factory IT support technicians, who maintained all the IT equipment used on the factory production lines.

Management once hired a young man who proved himself to be the most inept IT support technician any of us had ever had to work with. He was a really nice guy, in truth; it’s just a shame he was so inept and clueless when it came to his job. The problems with him all started during his first week on the job, when he announced that he was colour-blind. This wouldn’t have been an issue normally, except that he hadn’t bothered to disclose this information at interview, and since part of his job required him being able to do basic electrical wiring, you can see why colour-blindness would be a problem!

During his first few weeks, he nearly got the other factory technician in trouble. He couldn’t remember how to do something she had trained him to do, and instead of admitting that he couldn’t remember, he told our boss she hadn’t bothered to train him. Thankfully, our boss chose to believe her — backed up by my own testimony. We also discovered that our colleague didn’t believe in overtime, and at the end of his shifts he would drop what he was doing — sometimes literally — clock out and go home, even if he hadn’t finished his work. This nearly got our department into trouble once when he went home for the weekend having dismantled an important piece of factory equipment that was needed that evening. When our manager spoke to him about it, he did his usual trick of blaming us “for not telling him it was a business-critical machine.” The fact that most of the equipment on a production line is business-critical was lost on him.

His behaviour took a different turn when he got a new girlfriend. She had a daughter with her ex-boyfriend — whom she literally couldn’t stand — and used to use her powers of manipulation to bully our colleague into taking unauthorised absences from work to be with her and her daughter. These ranged from a couple of days off work “because of an ear infection” to getting his GP to sign him off work for “stress,” at a time which rather conveniently coincided with his girlfriend’s daughter’s school holidays. I suppose we technically shouldn’t blame him for these as he claimed he was only trying to keep her happy. He later got her pregnant and spent the next few months complaining about how he wasn’t ready to be a father.

Our manager eventually left the company, but not before warning his replacement about our colleague. A few days after the new manager arrived, we came into work to discover that our colleague had handed in his notice and was now leaving in four weeks. Or so we thought! At around 10:00 am that morning, he took a mysterious phone call to his work phone, said, “Okay, yep, I’m coming now,” and walked out. He was later seen sneaking round the far side of our premises, trying to avoid the perimeter CCTV cameras. He took with him a lot of company property, including his uniform. Our bosses decided it wasn’t worth pursuing this as theft and decided to write it off.

We were later told by the factory supervisors that he’d lied to them about “how much we all hated him” and that “we never trained him then blamed him for not knowing things.”

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What Amazing Lock Luck!

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(I am a grocery delivery driver for one of the largest supermarkets in the UK. I am having an off day, to say the least. Due to the hot weather, the freezer unit on my van hasn’t been operating quite as well as it should, so I decide to leave the engine running — and as such the freezer — while I am getting shopping out of the van and ready to take to the customer. In this particular instance, I get out of the van and manage to lock myself out completely — with the engine running so at least the freezer is still going. I phone my store and they agree to send out the spare keys. After I spend five minutes sitting around sheepishly doing nothing, the customer comes out from her house.)

Customer: “Did you lock yourself out of the van?”

Me: “Yes.”

Customer: “My husband is a locksmith; do you want him to help?”

(So, it turned out that by pure luck my customer’s husband was a locksmith whose job was to break into vans when drivers lock the keys inside. He used some specialist tools, popped the lock open, and retrieved my keys. I called my store and they cancelled the spare keys. I also refunded — at my manager’s instructions — a few items from their order as thanks for the effort.)

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They Both Landed On The Wrong Detail

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(I am on a flight from Austria to Bristol in the UK. Unfortunately, due to bad weather causing poor visibility, we are unable to land at Bristol airport. Our pilot informs us that we will be diverted to Cardiff, about forty-five miles away, land there, wait about twenty minutes to half an hour, and then take off and try again to land at Bristol. The party seated behind us calls a stewardess over.)

Male Passenger #1: “Can we get off at Cardiff?”

Stewardess: “No. We won’t be going to a gate, just waiting a little while until the weather clears at Bristol.”

Male Passenger #2: “But we live in Cardiff. Can’t you let us get off here?”

Female Passenger: “Guys…”

Male Passenger #1: “It really won’t take long just to let us get off, and we live in Cardiff.”

Male Passenger #2: “If we’re just waiting around, it won’t delay anyone.”

Female Passenger: “But guys…”

Male Passenger #1: “Yeah, nobody will be inconvenienced.”

Stewardess: “It just isn’t possible.”

Female Passenger:Guys! Think for a moment! Where did we leave the bloody car?!”

Male Passengers: “Oh.”

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