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(I work for an international company that offers free tours in cities, and am scheduled to work on a sunday. On saturday evening I’ve come down with the flu, sneezing, vomiting, high fever etc – and managed to get one of the other guides, who is more experienced that me, to cover my shifts. On monday we get this review, with two stars out of five.)

[My name] must have had an off day. I specifically came to the tour because I had heard great things about him and even cancelled my plans so I could take his tour. When I showed up, the guides said that he was not working today, even though when I asked the day before, they said he would be here tomorrow. Not professional.

(So sorry my illness screwed up your holiday. Jerk.)

Needs Some Stupidity Insurance

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(I work in a call centre where we handle calls for several different insurance companies — primarily travel insurance — as well as our own in-house policies.)

Me: “Good morning. You’re through to [Company]. My name is [My Name]; how may I help you?”

Customer: “Oh, hey. I’m going backpacking next month and my mum says I need insurance.”

Me: “Okay. We do insurance policies especially for backpacking trips. I just need a few details and I can get you a price.”

Customer: “Okay.”

Me: “First, where are you going on this trip?”

(The customer rattles off lots of different countries, including Europe, America, and even Asia and Africa. It turns out he is travelling for almost a year.)

Me: “Okay, so, you’ll need worldwide coverage, but it covers you for—” *I tell the customer all the things it covers him for* “In order to determine a price, I just need a few more details. Let’s start with your date of birth.”

Customer: “Uh…” *long pause* “MUM! WHEN WAS I BORN?”

(I hear his mother in the background shouting his date of birth, which he then gives to me.)

Me: “Thank you. Now, do you have any pre-existing medical conditions, such as asthma?”

Customer: “Uh…” *another long pause* “MUM! DO I HAVE ANY MEDICAL CONDITIONS?”

(I hear his mother shouting in the background.)

Customer: *talking to his mother* “What? I have diabetes and asthma?”

Mother: *in background* “Why do you think you have an inhaler and an epi-pen?”

Customer: “OH! That’s what those are for!”

(At this point my jaw just drops.)

Customer: “Yeah, so, I have diabetes and asthma. Who knew?”

(I finalise the quote, add in extra medical coverage for his conditions, and he pays. When I hang up, my colleague, who must have overheard the conversation, turns to me and laughs.)

Coworker: “That kid is going to wake up in a bathtub of ice with missing kidneys before the end of his first week abroad.”

Having A Frosty Reception

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(I am in primary school. My teacher tells us that we are watching the movie “Jack Frost” at Christmas. I am not that much of a fan of the 1998 movie, but for me it is a passable story. However, when our teacher sits us down to watch it, I notice it looks very different.)

Classmate #1: “Er, [Teacher], I think the beginning’s different.”

Teacher: “No, it’s normal. Just sit back and watch this.”

Classmate #2: *voice getting high-pitched* “Miss, please turn it off!”

(The narrator is talking about gory stuff, DEFINITELY unsuitable for ten-year-olds.)

Me: “[Teacher], this ISN’T Jack Frost!”

(The teacher holds up the video case.)

Teacher: *in a sarcastic tone* “Oh, silly me! I must have picked up the horror movie by mistake! Oh, well–” *pauses the video* “–maybe you should learn from my lesson — after all, this is a school environment — and actually read what’s on the back of a box before picking it up. But that’s enough. Let’s get back to watching it, shall we?”

(She made us watch it for another ten minutes. I counted by looking at the clock on the wall, before the bell rang for break. We couldn’t run out of there fast enough. Some of us were crying, and one of us spent the entire breaktime on the toilet. When our headmistress came in to talk to the teacher, she simply smiled sweetly and asked her to look around. The headmistress couldn’t find any trace of the video. Instead, she found the Jack Frost movie that I thought we were going to watch. She had just fast-forwarded to a part where there was a car crash and said that this scared us. She never carried out this sort of prank again, but I think she was angry that some of us had failed in our recent test by not reading all of the information on the sheet. We were all terrified of her for the rest of the year, but after that she didn’t act horrible once.)


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(I work for a major fast food chain. It’s the end of a busy lunch rush. I am washing up and taking orders on the drive thru headset whilst my colleague is taking payments)

Colleague: Erm… someones driven straight past the order point, they look pretty angry.

(I walk over to the order booth and open the window, a woman no older than 45 comes speeding round the corner)

Customer: I AM NOT HAPPY!!!

Me: What seems to be the pr…


Me: If you like I can get the kitchen to make you a replacement free of charge.


(Before I get a chance to respond the woman grabs a paper bag from the passenger seat and throws it directly at my face. Inside the bag is a burger that looks… like every other burger that we sell)

Me: Sure, I’ll go and find her for her for you, just bare with me a minute.

(By this point we’re starting to lose it, I leave to find a manager when I hear more shouting… she’d spotted the smirk on my colleagues face.)


At this point my manger stepped in and the customer was likely offered a refund… We haven’t seen her since.

Throwing Lies Around

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(I’m working at a busy time and there is a queue. Our tills have a small bagging area. I’m a fast worker, so I tend to scan items quite fast and pass them towards the customer. This is one customer I deal with.)

Me: “Hello there. Thanks for waiting. Would you like a bag?”

Customer: “Don’t call me an old bag!”

(I assume she’s joking. She asks for a big bag eventually, and goes to start packing while her daughter puts more shopping on. I scan at my usual pace to clear the belt enough for it to be loaded.)

Customer: “Look! She’s throwing my shopping at me now!”

(I’m taken aback and start scanning slower. I was by no means “throwing” it at her; I was scanning at a pace which allowed her to pack and which let her daughter reload.)

Me: “I’m sorry.”

(I keep scanning slowly, and the customer looks impatient waiting for each item. I realise I can’t win.)

Me: “Okay, that’ll be [total].”

Customer: *throws a note at me and says sarcastically* “Oh, sorry!”

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