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(I am filling the produce section at a popular UK supermarket to the specifications given to be by my manager: stack it high. As a result, items often shift and fall off the shelves when a customer picks one up. It’s a busy day and I am stacking boxes of bananas when I see a bag of oranges fall off the shelf after a customer had picked up a different bag. Knowing this happens a lot, I assume the customer hadn’t noticed and I walk over, and put it back on the shelf. The customer and her husband who were halfway down the aisle stop and turn to me.)

Customer’s Husband: Excuse me, what do you think you are doing?

Me: I’m sorry?

Customer: Oh, now you’re getting cheeky? How dare you treat us like this?

Customer’s Husband: You have a serious attitude problem, no wonder you are stuck in a dead end job.

Me: I’m sorry if I seemed to have an attitude, this happens all the time I was just putting it back up on the shelf.

Customer: You rude little b***h! I’m going to speak to your manager!

(Off they go, and come back several minutes later with the worst manager I have ever worked with, who asks me to step into the office that is directly next to customer service and explain what had happened.)

Manager: Well why did you have an attitude about it? Why did you call the customer a “stupid b***h under your breath? They are hardly going to lie about that are they?

Me: I don’t know what they told you, I was just doing my job and I didn’t say anything to them before they talked to me

Manager: Well, you must be lying *begins to shout* YOU CANNOT TREAT CUSTOMERS THIS WAY IT IS UNACCEPTABLE

(He continues on his rant, and as we leave the office the two customers are stood right outside the door, smirking at me. I have no idea why they decided to pick on me that day.)

Tipped To Be A Great Night, Eventually

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(A few years ago, I worked in a small, family-run Italian restaurant. On a busy Friday night, a young couple comes in to eat and asks me for the bill when they finish. I take the bill over and they pay by debit card. After they pay, I thank them for coming and go back behind the counter to prepare another table’s bill. Afterwards, they come up to speak to me.)

Customer: “Hi, we’d just like to say thank you for the great service and food, but we feel really bad; we have no change for a tip.”

Me: “Oh, don’t be silly! That’s fine. Honestly, it’s no problem. I’m glad you enjoyed it!”

Customer: “Thanks for being so understanding; we really feel bad, though.”

Me: “Honestly, don’t feel bad; it’s enough for me to know you enjoyed it. Have a great night!”

(They leave and I get on with the night. About 20 minutes later, I am at the counter and someone calls out.)

Customer: “Hi again. We came back to tip you.”

(He hands me a £10 note.)

Customer: “We wanted to come back after we’d been to the cash machine; we really did have a great time.”

(I thanked them profusely and they left. I was so shocked they went out of their way to come back, even though I really didn’t mind I’d not been tipped. The service industry is hard work, but it’s people like that who make the difference!)

I Love That You Know That

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(I am asexual and aromantic.)

Friend: “Everybody needs love!”

Me: *glares at her*

Friend: *points to me* “Except you.”

Would Have You Do Hard Labor To Replace It

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(I am leaving the fitting rooms when I hear a woman scream in pain and shout that her waters have broken. I pull the curtain back to see her on the floor crippled with pain and call 999. Several store workers also arrive, and we try to assist the woman in the best way we can. A manager then approaches.)

Manager: “Did you damage anything?”

Customer: “What?”

Manager: “Did YOU damage anything?”

(The customer and I stare at each other incredulously.)

Me: “She’s in labour!”

Manager: “We have a policy, sir.” *to the customer* “If you damaged anything, you will have to purchase them.”

Customer: “Whatever!”

(The emergency services arrive and carry her out in a gurney. As she is leaving, the manager comes up with a soaked bag and a chip and pin machine.)

Manager: “You aren’t going anywhere until you pay!”

Paramedic: “Sir, this woman is in labour! Surely this can wait!”

Manager: “Not on your life!”

(Then the manager thrust the chip and pin into the customer’s hands. As if preordained, the customer experienced a contraction at the same time, and screamed again while, literally, crushing the chip and pin between her hands. The manager yelped and fled, shouting to just forget it. I couldn’t imagine the strength the woman had in that moment, but she certainly made my day. I never found out what happened to her after that, but I hope she and her child are doing well.)

You Get To Experience Your First Day Twice

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(It is my first day in a new job. Just to illustrate how much this job means to me, I had to turn down a guaranteed part-time job just to attend the interview for this one. The office is 29 miles away from my house, and I don’t drive. I’ve just been let in.)

Security Guard: *to me and another guy who is starting the same job* “Can you guys wait here a minute? I need to check something.”

(Ten minutes later he comes back.)

Security Guard: “Sorry, but I’m going to have to send you home. We have nothing saying you should be here today, and the guy who hired you isn’t here, either.”

(We were both pretty floored by this, but there was nobody else we could talk to, so we didn’t have much choice. Luckily, the other guy offered me a lift back to my house, so I didn’t have to wait for a bus. I got back home, took off my suit, put my PJs on, and prepared for a lazy day. I was sitting, checking my emails, when I remembered I had some brief correspondence with another guy from the company about a training course we’d been sent on, and he had a phone number listed, so I tried calling him to see what was going on. He basically described the whole situation as being down to an “overzealous security guard,” assured me that I did in fact start that day, and asked if there was any way I could go back in. Cue a mad rush of me shedding pyjamas and throwing my suit on like I was Superman in reverse. Thankfully, I managed to get a lift to a town halfway there, and there just so happened to be a bus back to the office as I got into town. Luckily, the manager was there at that point, as were the other three people joining my team. We laugh about it now, but honestly, when it happened I was absolutely terrified that something had gone horribly wrong and the person who told me I’d gotten the job had been playing some kind of awful prank.)

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