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(I work in a travel bureau within a supermarket. Whilst not a part of this supermarket, as part of their promotion, we offer storecard points on their storecards)
Customer: *storms up to me* Do you have my (storecard)?!
Me: *takes a quick look around, although I know I haven’t had one left with me* No, I’m sorry, could you have possibly put it in with your money when you collected it?
Customer: No! Why would I do that?! You obviously still have it!
Me: I’m so sorry, ma’am, I’ve just checked and I don’t have any back here.
Customer: This is ridiculous! *scowls at me* This is the last place I had it!
Me: *goes on to suggest maybe she put it in her pocket or other alternatives, and she snaps each time*
Her: *rummaging through her purse again, pulls out the storecard and wanders off without apologising*

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(It’s a really dead Sunday morning, so I’m sitting behind the customer service desk reading not always working when a customer comes up and  I hear the following exchange)
(Colleague) {Scans goods} That’ll be £25 please.
(Customer) {Hands over £45}
(Colleague) Oh, it’s only £25 {Hands back £20, before finishing transaction and handing over receipt.
(Customer) {Goes to hand back £20} But it should have been £45
(Colleague) No, it only came to £25 so you gave me too much.
(Customer) My grandad gave me this money to spend.
(Colleague) You can always spend it on something else.
(Customer) He won’t like that, I’ll just tell him that the girl wouldn’t take it. {Leaves}
(Colleague) {Turns to me with a “did that just happen expression”}
(Me) That made my brain hurt.

A Good Friend Helps You Bury A Body; A Great Friend Digs Them Up

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(I’m talking to a colleague about a house that my parents looked at, but didn’t get. It’s just past a graveyard and is suspected of having pauper’s graves on the land.)

Me: “My parents would’ve liked to extend the place, but they’d be denied planning permission because of the high chance of digging up an unmarked grave.”

Colleague: “A friend of mine has the correct authority to exhume and move a grave; I could’ve asked him for a favour.”

Me: “I doubt he’d do 100 as a favour.”

Colleague: “Oh…”

(I told this story to my dad, who told me that the estimated body count on that land had gone up tenfold since I first heard it.)

Taken Aback By Going Back To You

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(I am at the tills and a customer approaches me with an item she wants to bring back. She also has a basket full of shopping.)

Me: “Okay, I have returned your item, so that’ll be £16.99 going back to you. Would you like me to put your shopping through the same transaction?”

Customer: “Yes, please!”

(I scan her shopping through.)

Customer: “And is that at zero now?”

Me: “No, there’s still £5.96 going back to you.”

Customer: “Okay. Let me go and find something else.”

(She leaves the till — bear in mind there is a queue building — and rushes to grab something from an aisle. A minute or so later she returns with a few items. I scan them through.)

Me: “That’s still £2.56 going back to you.”

Customer: “Really? I’ll find something else I might need.”

(Again she rushes off. She takes a little longer this time, and comes back with things from the very back of the shop.)

Customer: “Okay. What is it now?”

Me: “It’s 10p going back to you.”

Customer: “Ugh. What is there around here for 10p?”

Me: *with a deadpan expression* “Two carrier bags?”

(She actually bought the carrier bags so she didn’t have any money to go back to her. I have absolutely no idea why it was so important for the balance to level out at £0.00. Luckily I had patient customers who were as baffled and amused as I was!)

Star Wars Of The Sexes

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(I work in a video game store in a shopping centre, and am currently working floor, which means I go around and talk to customers about what games they might be interested in. A family of two boys, a little girl, their parents, and their grandmother come in. The two boys argue for a while over which game to buy, and for the most part I help them out and chat to them. After a while, I’m standing next to the checkout while they purchase their new games. The little sister, who can’t be more than five, comes up to me.)

Little Girl: “Are you a customer?”

Me: “No, I work here.”

Little Girl: “You work here? Why?”

Me: “Well, I get the money, and I like to talk about video games!”

Little Girl: *pauses, looking very confused* “Why?”

Me: *at this point, I am trying not to smile* “Because I like games.”

Little Girl: “You like games?”

Me: “Yep!”

Little Girl: “Do you like Star Wars games?”

Me: “I do, yeah!”

Little Girl: *at this point she gets a shocked look*You like Star Wars?”

Me: “Yeah!” *almost laughing at this point*

Little Girl: *pauses again, looking rather disapproving* “Are you a boy?”

(This makes me laugh, as I do have short hair and often wear a binder for the support at work.)

Me: “No, I’m a girl.”

(I also spot my coworker, who has also gone bright red in the face laughing at the conversation.)

Little Girl: “No, that can’t be right! Only boys like Star Wars!”

Me: *still laughing* “No, that’s not true! Boys and girls can like Star Wars!”

(It went back and forth like this while the checkout went. I did try to convince her that “Star Wars” can be for everyone, but she didn’t seem to have any of it! Her grandmother, who was also laughing, explained to me that her two older brothers often go on about “Star Wars” so she gets fed up with it! And the “Are you a boy?” question has become a running gag at work whenever someone mentions “Star Wars” or anything else typically for a gender!)

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