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I work at a call center for a major satellite TV provider, providing tech support for customers.  One day I get a call and the following exchange happens:

Me: Thank you for calling (company name) how may I help you?

Customer: Yeah, I got nothing on my tv.

(at this point, it seems to be an easy fix we get these calls all the time.)

Me: I’m sorry to hear that, but I’d be happy to help with that.  When you say “nothing” is it an error message?

Customer: No, what are you an idiot? It’s nothing a black screen.

Me: (Choosing to ignore the comment) Ok, we can fix that easily enough, some of these questions may seem basic but bear with me please.  Is the blue light on on your box?

Customer: No the blue light isn’t (expletive deleted) on, the box isn’t plugged in.

Me: Sir, if you could plug in the box I believe that will solve the problem.

Customer: What do you think I’m some kind of (expletive deleted) idiot?  Let me talk to your manager, maybe he can figure out what’s wrong with your (expletive deleted) box.

Naturally, I got him over to a supervisor.  While explaining the situation to the supervisor, we had a good chuckle over the customer’s seeming inability to grasp that electronics do, indeed, need electricity.

They’re Still Looking For A Cure

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(A coworker comes in late because he had to take his wife to the doctor.)

Me: “Hey! How’s your wife?”

Coworker: “She’s fine. She was showing some symptoms of Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. The thing you can get from ticks?”

Me: “Isn’t that more an out-east thing?”

Coworker: “You’re thinking Lyme Disease. This area gets Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.”

Me: “Okay. I once had symptoms of Rocky Horror Picture Show Fever.”

Coworker: “Yeah, I heard that was common back in the early 80s.”

(I laughed. At least he had the timeline right.)

Chairing This Situation

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Many years ago, I was in eighth grade and we had a yearly event for that grade that was basically a picnic. We had group projects to work on, so to be nice to the other people in my group, I brought folding chairs for us to sit on outside while we ate.

The teachers called all the students up to get our food, and when I got back to our spot, all four of my chairs were gone. I was pissed and went around asking for my chairs back. Two kids gave them up with no issue. Two other boys told me I’d just have to wait until they were done with them. When I pointed out that my (very girly) name was written on each chair they dismissed me and told me to get lost. Fed up, I did the only logical thing; I walked behind them and dumped them on their butts in the grass, taking my chairs back to my spot.

While I was eating lunch, a teacher came up to ask me if I had stolen some chairs from some boys. I calmly told her that, no, they were my chairs, and they had stolen them from me.

We all got sent to the principal’s office. When it finally came my turn, the principal looked at me and asked, “Who are you? I’ve never met you before.” She commended me on standing up for myself, but said I should have gotten a teacher to help. I pointed out that they were all busy and that none had been available. She gave all three of us detention. Guess who was the only one who showed up? The office worker who oversaw detention felt badly for me, so I got to watch videos on a spare computer and have some pizza that had been bought for the staff. I later learned that the two boys I’d dumped in the grass were detention regulars, and I was apparently the “nicest kid they’d had in detention.”

Got A Different Reading Of The Situation

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I have always been an avid reader, and always took a book with me to school because I rode the bus.

One day in my social studies class, we had a test. Half of the class time was set aside for the test, and I finished fairly quickly. Figuring I could put my time to good use, I pulled out my book and quietly started reading.

A minute later, my teacher was next to me berating me for reading in class. He said that it was test time and to put the book away. I apologized and then did what any book lover would do: I put the book under my desk and read it from there.

I felt like I was in the Twilight Zone, being told not to read in school.

Not Getting A Good Reading Here

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Me: “I’m sorry, ma’am, but that is the coupon for next week. Do you have the second half of this flyer, for this week’s coupon?”


Me: “Beg your pardon? The date is written in the standard format, right here.” *points to dates on coupon*

Customer: “Like, you expect me to actually read the coupon?!”

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