Their Argument Has Been Invalidated

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(We card for ALL tobacco purchases. It doesn’t matter how old you look, if we have seen you every day for the past year, or if you are an employee of the store; we still have to see ID.)

Customer: “I’d like a pack of [Brand].”

Cashier: “Sure thing. I just need to see your ID, please.”

Customer: *pulls out ID*

Cashier: “I’m sorry, but this ID is expired; I can’t accept this. It has to be a valid—”

Customer’s Wife:What?! This is ridiculous! All you said was you needed to see his ID; you never said it had to be valid!”

(My cashier yells for me to come up to cancel the cigarette purchase.)

Customer’s Wife: “I just can’t believe this! All you said was you needed to see his ID! You never said it had to be valid! No one else cares! Every other store accepts it!”

Cashier: “I’m sorry, but if a police officer were to come in and see me accepting an expired ID, I could get into a lot of trouble—”

Customer’s Wife: “THIS IS JUST SO STUPID!”

(The customer finally finishes paying for his other purchases, and they start to leave.)

Customer’s Wife: “I am going to call and speak to a manager over her—” *pointing to me* “—about this! You never said it had to be a valid ID!”

These Cigarettes Are Giving Me The WRONG Type Of Cancer!

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(A regular customer in about his mid-thirties comes in and immediately begins complaining to his friend as they grab a drink. They then walk up to the counter, where my manager serves them.)

Customer: “My buddy came in here last night to get me a pack of cigarettes, but you gave him the wrong ones. Can I exchange them?” *holds out the unopened pack of cigarettes*

Manager: “Sorry, sir, but policy states that once the cigarettes walk out the door, I cannot take them back into stock.”

Customer: “But, I’m here every day! You know me! You know what I smoke! The girl gave my buddy the wrong ones!”

Manager: “I’m sorry, and I understand, but policy states we cannot take cigarettes back once they have gone out the door.”

(The customer starts throwing his fists around and stomping.)

Customer: “I can’t believe this! I know it’s policy, but you know me! I’m in here every day! I can’t believe this! Oh, man! This is so unfair!”

(The customer’s friend is just standing there, watching all this happen. They finally pay for their drinks and leave.)

Me: *turning to my manager* “What is he? Two?”