Why Don’t You Just Ably Walk Away In The Other Direction?

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(I work the graveyard shift at a truck stop. I also have a bad leg and walk with a cane. Despite my disability, I always manage to get my work done. This happens one night in the middle of my shift.)

Customer: *glaring at me* “You are way too young to be walking with that cane!”

(Having heard this a million times, I use my usual response.)

Me: “Yes, sir, I agree. My leg doesn’t, though.”

(I smile at him, hoping that answer is enough.)

Customer: *clearly angry now* “Now, listen here, young lady! Canes are for people who actually need them, not for youngsters who just want to get attention. Where is your manager? Does he know you use a cane when you don’t need one? This is outrageous.”

Me: *insulted and angry* “Sir, I do need this cane to be able to walk, and to be able to get my job done. My manager does know that I have it and that I use it. I do not use it just to ‘get attention.’ Canes are used, as you said, by people who need them. There is no minimum age requirement for needing a cane. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go clean a shower for one of our regulars.”

(I used my cane and walked away to do my work, but I heard the customer mumbling to himself about “faking youngsters” who “want all the attention.” I found out later that he spoke to my manager, who told him the same thing I did. I never got an apology, and I never saw the customer again.)

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(I work for a large Truck Stop at the diesel  desk. We had a “Summer Squall” come upon us out of nowhere and lightning struck our fuel price sign, frying the computer that controls the 24 gas and diesel pumps making us unable to sell fuel of any type. While management is scrambling trying to fix the problem, one of the fuel delivery guys walks up with an umbrella. While he is shaking off the water from his umbrella outside  I have this conversation with one of the truck drivers:)

Trucker: (Company) should provide us with umbrellas.

Me: (Thinking he is joking) Why?

Trucker: (completely serious) Because it is raining.

Me: (Still thinking he is joking) Really? What makes you think (company) controls the weather?

Trucker: We should be compensated because we can’t fuel. We are stuck here and are not out on the road. We are losing money.

(Note: there is another truck stop across the road that was not effected by the lightning strike)

Me: So how does that tie in with you feeling (company) should provide you with an umbrella?

Trucker: (pointing to fuel delivery guy) well how come he has one then?

Me: He probably has one because he bought it and keeps it in his truck so he isn’t caught in bad weather with no umbrella.

(The truck driver looks at me, looks at his buddy, and decides to leave well enough alone. I never did figure out if he was kidding or not.)

Not Taking A Spill For You

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(I work at truck stop that had been bought up by a national franchise. We have had a fuel spill, and being the only one with any experience cleaning up the mess, as well as being assigned janitorial duty that day, I am out there cleaning it up. Due to this, there is no one doing janitorial duties inside.)

Shift Manager: “[My Name], there are customers waiting on shower rooms. I need you to come in and clean them now.”

(The franchise likes to pride itself on providing the best customer care, and since it caters to truck drivers, clean shower rooms are something they like to always have ready. I, however, am aware of other things, and state how I view my current task as more important.)

Me: “I will do that the second I have this cleaned up.”

Shift Manager: “I need you to take care of the showers now.”

(He does not see the importance of cleaning up a fuel spill. He also doesn’t know who the local neighbors are.)

Me: “Fine. I clean the showers, as long as you explain to Corporate why they are receiving a huge fine from the EPA.”

(The local office of the Environmental Protection Agency is just down the road from us. When the place was under its original management, a similar fuel spill had resulted in a fine when they saw other employees not doing anything to help in the clean up.)

Shift Manager: *eyes wide as the implications hit him* “Keep cleaning up that fuel spill. The showers can wait.”

(Personally, I still think he should have taken on the task of cleaning the showers. The general manager would have done that in this situation.)

Wish You Could Give Them A Cold Shower

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(I am working as a supervisor at a truck stop that has shower facilities available for travelers and truck drivers for a small fee. If truck drivers purchase a certain amount of fuel then they’re be entitled to a free shower. I am paged over to the counter where I find a man and woman, visibly upset, yelling at the cashier.)

Me: “Hi, I’m the supervisor. Is there something I can help you with?”

Male Customer: “Yeah, this idiot won’t give me a free f****** shower! This is ridiculous! I bought enough fuel so I should get a free f****** shower!”

Female Customer: “She’s so stupid! Why won’t she just give us the free shower?! We bought gas!”

Me: “I’m sure I can sort this out; can I just see your receipt for the fuel?”

(When he hands me the receipt I notice that it is for a different truck stop.)

Me: “Sir, this is for [Other Truck Stop]. Had you purchased the fuel from us, or even one of our other locations we could give you a free shower, but not from our competitors.”

(At this point the woman’s face goes slack and she starts backing up towards the door, obviously realizing the mistake.)

Male Customer: “It doesn’t f****** matter! I got fuel so you have to give me a shower! I get a free shower as long as I fuel up!”

Me: “Sir, it’s like filling up your [Burger Chain #1] card and then trying to redeem it at [Burger Chain #2]. We don’t reward people for giving business to other companies.”

Male Customer: “This is f****** bull-s***! I’m gonna tell everyone I know to not stop here anymore! It shouldn’t matter where I get fuel; you still have to give me a shower!”

(He continued in the same vein as he walked out the door, his girlfriend having left some time before.)

Has A Decent (Dead)Pool Of Characters To Choose From

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(I am a 25-year-old female. A male customer, probably around my age, comes up to my counter where I’m cashiering. I notice his t-shirt, which has several Marvel Comics characters on it.)

Me: “I like your t-shirt.”

(Customer looks at me and raises an eyebrow, like he clearly doesn’t believe I’d be a comic book fan.)

Customer: *pretentiously* “Yeah, a lot of people say that. The real question is, which one is your favorite?”

Me: “Captain America, although I also have a fondness for the Hulk.”

Customer: “My favorites are Thor and Wolverine.”

Me: “I also really like Deadpool.”

(The customer pauses and looks confused.)

Customer: “Which one?”

Me: “Deadpool.”

Customer: *clearly having no idea who Deadpool is* “Oh…”

(The guy behind him in line gave me an admiring look.)

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