A Minor Case Of Bad Language

| Red Deer, AB, Canada | Right | February 16, 2017

(I work in the video game part of a toy store. A little kid is playing video games that we have on demo. We assume the man walking around looking at the other video games and consoles is the child’s guardian.)

Child: “Why the f*** did I die?! That was bull-s***!”

(When I hear this I walk up to the man who is browsing and ask him if the child is his. When he says no, I walk over to the child.)

Me: “I’m sorry but it isn’t appropriate for you to be using that language in this store.”

Child: “I say whatever the f*** I want.”

(At this time my manager hears what the child is saying and walks up to us.)

Manager: “Where are your parents?”

Child: “They know I’m here.”

Manager: “That’s not what I asked; I want to know who you are with and where they are.”

Child: “Fine. They are with my sister in the doll section.”

(My manager goes over the intercom to call for the child’s parents. Minutes later the parents came to the video game section angry they were called over.)

Customer: “Why was I called over? I was with my daughter!”

Me: “I’m sorry, ma’am, but your child isn’t supposed to be left alone in this department; if someone were to grab him—”

Customer: “But he’s playing video games and you are here. He will be fine.”

Manager: “It is not my associate’s responsibility to watch over your child while you wander around the store.”

Customer: “But he is right there!”

Me: “It’s still not my responsibility. We get busy pretty fast in this department and if your child was grabbed while I was with another customer, it would not be my fault. That isn’t the only reason we called you down here. He is using adult language and it isn’t appropriate for a child his age to say words like that.”

Customer: “He is ten; he can say whatever he wants.”

(After arguing with the customer she finally got fed up and left. She forgot her daughter, who she left unattended in the doll section. She came back five minutes later asking why we never told her she forgot someone.)

Driving This Return Backwards

| Oshawa, ON, Canada | Right | December 29, 2016

(It’s a couple of days after Christmas and we’re getting a lot of items returned to our store. A man comes up to me holding a small car – only a few centimetres long – and a remote control.)

Man: “Hi, my kids got this for Christmas, but it doesn’t work – it only drives backwards. Can I switch it out for another one?”

Me: “Of course! Right this way.”

(I take him to our section of remote controlled toys. We sell a few cars that are the same size as the one he’s carrying and I start looking at these, picking them up to identify which one he has.)

Man: “No, it was a car from this.”

(To my surprise, he points to a large set which includes tracks, two cars, and two controls, which goes for $120. My eyes widen.)

Me: “Sir, I’m sorry, but you’ll have to bring the entire toy in to exchange.”

Man: “What? But why?”

Me: “Because it was sold as one unit, sir; it needs to be returned as one unit.”

Man: “But it’s just the car that doesn’t work.”

Me: “I’m sorry; we need the whole thing to return it.”

Man: “Can’t you just open this box and give me one of the cars from it?”

Me: “No, sir, I cannot. You’ll have to return the entire set to exchange for a new one.”

(He walked off looking annoyed that he couldn’t just get the car itself. I laughed about it with my coworkers afterwards.)

They Slipped Up With Their Scam

| Daytona Beach, FL, USA | Right | December 15, 2016

(I work at a very popular children’s toy store. We often have incidents where children drop or spill drinks or food, and their parents don’t tell anyone and leave it all for us to discover… eventually.)

Coworker: *over walkie* “I need a manager to the baby department; we have a guest who slipped and fell in a puddle of something.”

Manager: “[My Name], can you get a mop and wet floor sign?”

Me: “Sure.”

(While cleaning up the mess, I hear the manager call employees up to write incident statements, as well as the guest and her friend to fill out statements and a few others standing around that may have seen something.)

Guest: *finishes filling out the form* “I can’t believe how careless your employees are to have just left a spill there! I’m going to be calling your corporate office and complaining!” *leaves*

Coworker #2: *about twenty minutes later* “So [Manager] showed me the security footage. We have, from four different angles, video of the two girls walking up, pouring their own drink on the floor, and one pretending to slip in it.”

(Needless to say, I doubt they’d seen any kind of pity from Corporate once my manager had sent the video clips.)

Never Graduated Past The Interview

| CA, USA | Working | November 3, 2016

(It is the summer of 2011. I have recently graduated from university and am looking for at least a part-time job. I decide to apply for a position at a toy store that’s been in my hometown for years, and I am called in for an interview. I am first interviewed by the store owner’s daughter, and everything seems to be going well until…)

Owner’s Daughter: “Okay, great! You seem like you’d be an awesome fit. My mother would like to talk to you, though, before you leave.”

Me: “Okay, sure. No problem.”

(The owner shows up, and she does not look particularly thrilled to speak with me; in fact, she looks downright disgruntled. She sits down in front of me without even shaking my hand or saying hello.)

Owner: “Okay, let me just ask you a few questions and then you can be on your way.”

Me: “Sounds good.”

Owner: “So, it says here on your résumé that you just graduated from college.”

Me: “Yes, I did. Just a month ago.”

Owner: “So you’re no longer in school.”

Me: “Nope.”

Owner: “And you’re not going back at the end of the summer.”

Me: “Well… no. I’m done with school. I graduated.”

Owner: “Are you sure?”

Me: *perplexed* “Yes. I am absolutely sure I graduated from college and won’t be returning at the end of summer.”

Owner: “It’s just that we’ve gotten some employees in the past who said they were all done with college, and by August, they quit and went back to school. I don’t want that happening again.”

Me: “I’m sorry to hear that.”

Owner: “So I want to make sure you’re telling me the truth.”

(By this point, I am absolutely flabbergasted by this woman’s complete and utter distrust of me. In fact, by the tone of her voice, she sounds downright accusatory. However, I keep my cool and stay polite.)

Me: “Well, you won’t have to worry. I assure you that I’ve graduated from college and I won’t be going back.”

Owner: *hesitantly* “All right, then. We’ll get back to you.”

(Not only did I not get hired, but also, when I tried contacting the owner asking what the status was on the job, I either was connected to voicemail or never received an email response. For about six months afterward, whenever I went to a job interview, I would always bring a copy of my college transcript to show the interviewer just in case they were paranoid that I was lying about my education. Turned out I dodged a bullet, anyway — I learned later that it was an absolute nightmare to work at that store, and the owner was always seeking new employees due to a high turnover rate!)

Mummy And Daddy Play Too

| ME, USA | Right | September 14, 2016

(I work in a little touristy/toy store for kids and all ages. Near the till we have a lot of gag stuff displayed like funny books, fake dog poop, etc. One of the items we have is a set of toy handcuffs. I am checking out a mother.)

Little Girl: *probably around four* “Oh, mommy, look! Handcuffs!”

Mom: “You don’t need those; put them back.” *continues with transaction*

Little Girl: “Not for me; for you! You said you wanted to handcuff daddy!”

Mom: “No, I didn’t!”

Little Girl: “Yeah, you did; you said you wanted to handcuff daddy but we didn’t have handcuffs, remember? Well, here. I think these are the ones. You can handcuff daddy now.”

Mom: “No, we don’t need those.”

Me: *now finished and trying very hard to not laugh* “Have a nice day!”

(They left without the handcuffs but the girl said ‘you wanted to handcuff daddy’ a few more times!)

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