Dora Explores Racism

| TX, USA | Bigotry

(I am a seasonal employee at a well-known toy store. An old lady, we’re talking, like, eighty or so years old, comes up to me while I am organizing the shelves.)

Customer: “Excuse me, where are your Doras?”

Me: *smiling* “Oh, right this way, ma’am!” *I lead her to the large section of Dora toys and plushies* “All our Doras are right here.”

Customer: *looks troubled* “Oh, no, sweetie. I can’t give my grandbaby these Doras. I need a white Dora.”

Me: “I’m sorry but—”

Customer: “I can’t give my baby a brown Dora! You understand, don’t you?”

Me: “Sure, ma’am. But I’m afraid there’s no Doras that aren’t… brown. I can show you some of our… white baby dolls.”

Customer: “No, dear, that’s all right. Thank you for your help.”

(She left, and I was trying not to laugh at the whole exchange. I found out from my sister, who worked at the same store, but in the mall, that the same lady came in and asked her the same thing! She said about the same thing I did, except the woman finally bought a baby doll. A black one.)

Toy Sob Story

| USA | April Fool's Day

(I am working at the customer service desk in a toy store, when a red-faced angry looking parent comes running up to me.)

Parent: “What kind of witchcraft you all got running here?!”

Me: “Uh… pardon?”

Parent: “The toys! THE TOYS! You’re selling f****** possessed toys?!”

Me: “Possessed?”

Parent: “They’re alive! They move when you’re not looking, and they talk!”

Me: “What is giving you that impression, ma’am?”

Parent: “My son was surrounded, attacked and threatened by a whole bunch of them! He went crazy and started running down the street!”

Me: “Oh, my. Well, that’s—”

Parent: “He won’t eat! He won’t go in his room! He’s a complete wreck! We put him in therapy and he blabbered on about the toys coming to life! They put him in a mental hospital! He’s been there for months and they won’t let him out! IT’S ALL YOUR FAULT!”

Me: “All our fault?”

Parent: “Yes! You sell toys! Toys put my son in the loony bin! I demand compensation!”

Me: “I’m sorry ma’am, but that isn’t possible. I’m sorry about your son, but unless you have a receipt that proves a product you purchased from us was faulty, there’s nothing we can do.”

Parent: “This is ridiculous! I’m calling corporate!”

(She storms out, screaming at all the toys to stop watching her as she goes. Before I can even begin to process what has happened, my manager pages me.)

Manager: “[My Name], please come to the back room. The Buzz Lightyears have mysteriously tried escaping again…”

The Dessert Glass Is Half Empty

| CA, USA | Bizarre, Food & Drink

Customer: “What are these?”

Me: “They’re little glass desserts.”

Customer: “Oh… How do you eat a glass dessert?”

Me: “You… don’t.”

Wants To Have An Angry Word With You

| England, UK | Bad Behavior, Language & Words

Customer: *walks in and announces to the shop at large* “Kites.”

Employee: “Serendipity.”

Customer: *frowns* “KITES.”

Employee: “Definitely.” *points to kites*

Customer: “KITES!”

Employee: “Kites!” *picks up kite and holds it out to customer*

Customer: “LOOK, YOU F****** R*****, I WANT F****** KITES! IS THAT SO F****** DIFFICULT?!”

Employee: “Gosh, sorry. I assumed English wasn’t your first language since you were just saying the one word over and over. We have kites. Here is a kite.”

Customer: “Kites?”

A Minor Case Of Bad Language

| Red Deer, AB, Canada | Bad Behavior, Family & Kids, Language & Words

(I work in the video game part of a toy store. A little kid is playing video games that we have on demo. We assume the man walking around looking at the other video games and consoles is the child’s guardian.)

Child: “Why the f*** did I die?! That was bull-s***!”

(When I hear this I walk up to the man who is browsing and ask him if the child is his. When he says no, I walk over to the child.)

Me: “I’m sorry but it isn’t appropriate for you to be using that language in this store.”

Child: “I say whatever the f*** I want.”

(At this time my manager hears what the child is saying and walks up to us.)

Manager: “Where are your parents?”

Child: “They know I’m here.”

Manager: “That’s not what I asked; I want to know who you are with and where they are.”

Child: “Fine. They are with my sister in the doll section.”

(My manager goes over the intercom to call for the child’s parents. Minutes later the parents came to the video game section angry they were called over.)

Customer: “Why was I called over? I was with my daughter!”

Me: “I’m sorry, ma’am, but your child isn’t supposed to be left alone in this department; if someone were to grab him—”

Customer: “But he’s playing video games and you are here. He will be fine.”

Manager: “It is not my associate’s responsibility to watch over your child while you wander around the store.”

Customer: “But he is right there!”

Me: “It’s still not my responsibility. We get busy pretty fast in this department and if your child was grabbed while I was with another customer, it would not be my fault. That isn’t the only reason we called you down here. He is using adult language and it isn’t appropriate for a child his age to say words like that.”

Customer: “He is ten; he can say whatever he wants.”

(After arguing with the customer she finally got fed up and left. She forgot her daughter, who she left unattended in the doll section. She came back five minutes later asking why we never told her she forgot someone.)

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