Surprised That Minimum Wage Doesn’t Garner Minimum Effort

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(I am on a ladder putting up candy when I see two girls eating from the bulk bin below me. I warn them not to eat candy and direct them to where the bags are. I get called away by my manager and when I look back I see the girls eating candy from their bags.)

Me: “Guys, I already warned you once.”

Girl #1: “Okay, we’re f****** paying already.”

Me: “Let me help you at the front, then.”

(The unofficial rule at our store is if a customer is eating candy while in line, we add to their total weight to make them pay for it.)

Me: “I guess I’ll just add two for the candy you already ate. Do you have a [Store Card] for a discount?”

(They do and their candy comes up to $3.87 but they are upset that I added two grams. They demand to speak to my manager so I send a coworker to get her.)

Me: “Can you move over so I can help the rest of the line?”

Girl #1: “No.”

(However, my manager is, apparently, taking too long so they go to her. I finish with the line as they speak to my manager. I don’t know what they said but my manager brings them back to the front to call her supervisor. I don’t talk to the girls because I don’t want to make them angrier but they just rile themselves up anyway.)

Girl #2: “I’m going to rip your f****** limbs off, you minimum wage b****. I don’t know why you care so much for $11.25.”

(This isn’t what we make by the way. It is clear she’s never worked a minimum-wage job in her life.)

Me: “I’m going to get security. You cannot threaten me like that.”

(I get security but they just stand around and watch. My supervisor is unavailable so the girls take down my badge number and name and leave. After, I speak to the DM about what happened and he promises to back me up if the girls make a complaint.)

Coworker: “See, this is why I just let them steal!”

Me: “But if you just let them steal they’ll walk all over you!”

Coworker: “Eh, whatever. It’s not worth minimum wage.”

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Deactivated Brain

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(Our furniture company has a card that we use to finance customers’ cash for their payment; they then get a certain amount of months to pay it off. This customer has just received his. I’m trying to take a payment and the card keeps getting declined.)

Customer: “So strange, I just got this card!”

Me: “Sir, you need to call the number on the card and activate it.”

Customer: “Are you sure?”

(The customer calls. It is a very long automated system full of menus and submenus. It takes the customer five to ten minutes to talk to an actual person.)

Customer: “So, you’ll activate my card?”

Woman On Phone: “Yes, I’ll transfer you to the automated system; you just put in a PIN and it will be done.”

Customer: “Thanks!” *hangs up without activating the card*

(It took us TWO more tries and fifteen more minutes. He eventually got his furniture.)

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Can’t Finnish What She Started

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(I work with an EMS group and we are taking people’s blood pressure for free. I am taking an older woman’s blood pressure. I am a young, white, blonde, blue-eyed guy.)

Woman: “Are you finished?”

Me: “No, I just started.”

Woman: “No, no. Are you Finnish? My granddaughter is Finnish—“ *points to her beautiful, blonde granddaughter* “—and she is single.”

Me: “Oh, no, sorry. I’m married.”

Customer Next To Me: “I’m Finnish!”

(I bet you $5 he wasn’t.)

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Stealing Is Sweet!

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(I see a boy come into the store and go right for the candy. I follow him and he detours but comes back to the candy moments later. I see him take candy with his hands, instead of the scoop provided, and no bag, meaning he’s going to steal it.)

Me: “Sorry, no tasting of candy allowed. It’s stealing.”

Kid: “I was gonna pay for it.”

Me: *not believing him* “Oh, really? Well, then, I can help you at the front.” *grabs a bag, puts his candy in it, and gets him to follow me to the front*

Kid: “I don’t have any money.”

Me: “So, you weren’t stealing candy, and you were gonna pay for it, but you don’t have any money? Listen, kid. I’ve gotten people kicked out of the mall for stealing but I’m giving you a chance to pay.”

(Then, some random woman who has been listening nearby pops into the conversation.)

Woman: “I’ll pay. How much is it?”

Me: “The total came to 75 cents.”

Woman: “Here. You know, I don’t like your attitude.”

Me: “Excuse me? I caught this kid stealing—“

Woman: “How did you know he was stealing?”

Me: “Well, he took candy with his hands, without using a bag, and he said he didn’t have any money.”

Woman: “Your attitude is horrible! What’s your name?”

(I give her my name and, despite me wearing a nametag, she spells it wrong.)

Woman: “What’s your last name?”

Me: “I don’t have to give that to you.”

Woman: “What’s your badge number?”

Me: “Let me just call my manager.”

(She rants to my manager, and afterward, he pulls me aside.)

Manager: “You did nothing wrong; don’t worry.”

(That was the first time I saw someone stand up for someone stealing!)

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Time For Them To Face The Music And Pay Up

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(I work at a private music school. I had two students who were both quite young that came for lessons for a few weeks. One week they stop showing up for their lesson time and, after more time goes by, we put another student in their slot so that my time isn’t wasted. After nearly a month and a half of not seeing these children, they show up in our waiting room with their mother, who I have never seen before, as their other parent always dropped them off prior to this event.)

Me: “Hi, it’s been a while. I’m [My Name].”

Mother: “I’ll try and remember that.”

(At this point, I knew this wasn’t going to go very well.)

Mother: “Just so you know, my kids don’t practice. I just want them to be exposed to music, you know?”

Me: *pained* “Sure thing. I totally get you.”

(I bring the first kid into my classroom and start teaching them. A few minutes later, my boss knocks on my door.)

Boss: “Who do you have right now?”

Me: “[Student #1 and Student #2] are here.”

Boss: *shocked expression* “Oh?”

(She goes to speak to the mother, which I am not present for, but based on what my boss told me, I imagine it went something like this:)

Boss: “You were away for so long that we filled the spot with another student. I’m terribly sorry. I’ll teach them for today, since [My Name] has to teach the other student right now. Could we reschedule their lessons and find a day that works for both of us?”

Mother: “That’d be really difficult.”

Boss: *checking records* “Also, it looks like payment didn’t go through for the last month of lessons. Do you have a way to pay for that today? We can take credit card.”

Mother: *shocked* “It didn’t go through? I’ll have to ask my partner what happened.”

Boss: “So… would you like to schedule a different lesson time for them?”

Mother: *icily* “We’ll be in touch.”

(My boss taught the daughter while I finished up the son’s short lesson. The mother left without paying for the month of lessons from before OR the time she had taken up today. We haven’t heard from them since and my boss took great pleasure in removing them from our student roster.)

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