A Buildup Of Spice

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(I’m on a bus tour of Eastern Canada, and so far I’ve had no reason to complain about the tour or the guide. One evening, our guide takes our party to the revolving restaurant in the CN Tower for dinner and eats with us. Note that I have Asperger’s, which means that repeated small stresses accumulate into really big ones.)

Me: *between mouthfuls* “Hmm. It’s very spicy.”

(I’m just making a comment here. I’m enjoying the spicy food, as well as the view. However, the guide seems to take this as a complaint for some reason.)

Guide: “Oh, it’s all right. I can get you something else—“

Me: “No, that’s all right. I just—“

Guide: “No, really, let me—“

(I’m starting to get really annoyed at this point, since all I want to do is eat the rest of my meal and I don’t need her constant interruptions.)

Me: “I’m not complaining!”

Guide: “No, seriously, it won’t take me a moment to—“

(By now I’ve really had enough.)


(I felt guilty about yelling, especially in front of the others, but at least it shut her up and I was allowed to finish eating. I have resolved never to comment on my food in public again in case somebody takes it the wrong way.)

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This Encounter Really Accents Their Differences

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I am Hispanic, and I’m doing tourism in southern Canada. My spoken English is far from perfect, but so far, native speakers have had no problem understanding me.

At one point, I go buy an ice cream… and the Asian lady behind the counter doesn’t know what I’m saying. After a few tries, I realize the problem: her English is lacking, too. She can’t decipher my accent and I can’t decipher hers. We just laugh and communicate with mimic and pointing for the rest of the transaction.

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Looking A Gift Customer In The Mouth

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(My husband is out doing some Christmas shopping. He goes into a chain lingerie store and walks right up to the cashier to purchase a gift card. While that is going on, one of the sales reps on the floor calls over to him in a mocking or joking tone.)

Sales Rep: “What’s the matter, sir? Are you too scared to actually purchase something for your wife?” *laughs*

Husband: “Nooooo, I’m purchasing a gift card for my daughter.”

Sales Rep: “Oh, er, good call!” *walks away quickly*

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That’s One Long Walk

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(At my store, we don’t do holds. I ring up a woman and her total comes to $150.)

Customer: “My husband has my wallet, but he’s walking towards the store. Can I leave my stuff here while I go get it?”

Me: “Yes. We don’t normally do this, but because your husband is walking towards the store, we will.”

(I go on break four hours later, and they haven’t come back yet. My manager insists I put all her stuff back, so I do. Come ten pm, when the store is closing, the couple comes back angry that I put stuff away.)

Customer: “You didn’t say you had a time limit!”

Me: “Well, it’s been six hours, and you told me your husband was walking!”

(She walked around and gathered everything together but didn’t let me ring her up just to be petty.)

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Surprised That Minimum Wage Doesn’t Garner Minimum Effort

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(I am on a ladder putting up candy when I see two girls eating from the bulk bin below me. I warn them not to eat candy and direct them to where the bags are. I get called away by my manager and when I look back I see the girls eating candy from their bags.)

Me: “Guys, I already warned you once.”

Girl #1: “Okay, we’re f****** paying already.”

Me: “Let me help you at the front, then.”

(The unofficial rule at our store is if a customer is eating candy while in line, we add to their total weight to make them pay for it.)

Me: “I guess I’ll just add two for the candy you already ate. Do you have a [Store Card] for a discount?”

(They do and their candy comes up to $3.87 but they are upset that I added two grams. They demand to speak to my manager so I send a coworker to get her.)

Me: “Can you move over so I can help the rest of the line?”

Girl #1: “No.”

(However, my manager is, apparently, taking too long so they go to her. I finish with the line as they speak to my manager. I don’t know what they said but my manager brings them back to the front to call her supervisor. I don’t talk to the girls because I don’t want to make them angrier but they just rile themselves up anyway.)

Girl #2: “I’m going to rip your f****** limbs off, you minimum wage b****. I don’t know why you care so much for $11.25.”

(This isn’t what we make by the way. It is clear she’s never worked a minimum-wage job in her life.)

Me: “I’m going to get security. You cannot threaten me like that.”

(I get security but they just stand around and watch. My supervisor is unavailable so the girls take down my badge number and name and leave. After, I speak to the DM about what happened and he promises to back me up if the girls make a complaint.)

Coworker: “See, this is why I just let them steal!”

Me: “But if you just let them steal they’ll walk all over you!”

Coworker: “Eh, whatever. It’s not worth minimum wage.”

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