A Variance In The Rules

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(I work at an amusement park. Around midday we get super busy at my store. The Team Leads are the only ones allowed to void a transaction or do returns.)

Team Lead: “You bag; I’ll cash people out.”

(I am put on bagging while the Team Lead uses my account to do transactions. At the end of the night, after I am counted out by a supervisor, I have a $20 variance.)

Supervisor: “Was anyone besides yourself using your till?”

Me: “[Team Lead] got on it when we were busy.”

Supervisor: “Why would you allow that?”

Me: “Since [Company] doesn’t allow associates to void transactions anymore, it’s a pain to get the Team Lead whenever I need a void or a return.”

Supervisor: “You shouldn’t have allowed that. Now we can’t be sure who caused the variance!”

Me: “Can I ask why you won’t let associates void things anymore? We use to be allowed.”

Supervisor: “The Heads were worried about associates stealing money, and they felt it gave the associates too much power. You know teenagers can be really iffy; we fired two associates for stealing already.”

Me: “But now, I have no power over my till, and I could be fired since this is my second large variance!”

Supervisor: *clearly annoyed at Corporate* “I know! The rules are being made up by people who haven’t worked in retail for over 20 years. Don’t even talk to me about that! But regardless, you can’t blame your Team Lead because the Heads will just say they’re doing their job. I have to just have you sign off on it and hope we just miscounted.”

(Luckily, I wasn’t called about that variance, but the next time the Team Lead tried to take over my till I told her no, and I wasn’t fired.)

Laughter Is The Best Medicine

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I was diagnosed with an Atrial Septal Defect (ASD) at twelve. Basically, it was a hole in my heart the size of a quarter, that needed open-heart surgery to repair. After a year of cardiology appointments to get my heart up to surgery-worthy levels, we schedule it and are ready to go.

The night before my surgery, I am playing a board game with my sister and best friend. Mom walks into the room and looks at us, cracks up, and quickly leaves. We look down and realize what I was doing: Playing Operation, trying to get the broken heart piece out, and losing miserably.

Thankfully, my surgical team had much more success with my broken heart than I did with the plastic one.

Unfiltered Story #102202

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A customer who worked in the same mall came in with his uniform on, which is similar to ours but put close it was for another shop. He came in to browse around.

I sat behind the counter and saw someone come into the store. Instead of coming to me, the one behind the counter, she walked over to the guy. She asked him where a cellphone charger is but he was looking around and didn’t notice that she was talking  to him.

Though he did not respond, she followed him for a bit while he looked around. He finished browsing and walked towards the exit. She followed him, thinking thi was the direction and he would show her the chargers. When he left the store she clued in he didn’t work here.

She then looked at me, who was behind the counter the entire time and without asking I pointed where the chargers were.

She laughed it off but was really embarassed.

I told this my co-worker and asked why I didn’t step in.  I replied:

“I wanted to see how long this woman would follow this guy who didn’t work here.”

I am a woman working at an electronics store so I am used to people not thinking I am as knowledgable as the guys. However, I never had someone follow some guy who did not work here.

He Watches When You’re Sleeping

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(My daughter comes home from preschool in December with a stuffed animal that I know she doesn’t own. We do not celebrate Christmas so my daughter and I have no background knowledge in anything related that holiday.)

Me: “[Daughter], where did that giraffe come from?”

Daughter: “A man gave it to me.”

Me: “A man?”

Daughter: “Yeah, he came to the preschool and gave everyone toys!”

Me: “Did the teachers know this man?”

Daughter: “[Friend] says he’s always watching us. He was really nice.”

(At this point I’m about to call the preschool freaking out about a male stalking my little girl when my husband jumps in.)

Husband: “Watch this, honey… Did this man have a red suit on and a long white beard?”

Daughter: “Yeah! You know him too, Daddy?”

(And that is how I almost called the preschool freaking out because I thought Santa Claus was stalking my daughter.)

Diagnoses That Leave You Breathless

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(I was just recently diagnosed with pretty severe asthma. This winter, I start feeling odd in my chest whenever I breathe, and it’s causing me great anxiety, so I go to my GP.)

Me: “Whenever I breathe my chest feels odd, and it’s difficult to get deep breaths.”

Doctor: “So, don’t breathe; problem solved.”

Me: *awkward laugh* “Yeah, I guess so, but I was hoping for a more permanent solution.”

Doctor: “Take your inhaler.”

Me: “Yes, I am, but it doesn’t help.”

Doctor: “So, don’t breathe.”

(I ended up walking out and going to the ER. It wasn’t life-threatening and they just told me to take something over-the-counter medicine for a month, and to avoid going outside in extremely cold weather.)

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