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“I really don’t see why I should pay you to write this for me. You’re a freelance writer. That means you should do it for free. Besides, I would do it myself but I’m not some dirty artist type, I’m a business woman!”

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I am working at a deli/bakery, and a perk of the job is all the free pastries and coffee I want. I have been working here for almost a year, when a regular walks in.

Regular: Hello (My Name)! You know, I’ve been seeing you here and just watching you grow. When are you due?

Me: *bursts out laughing* I’m not pregnant, just getting really fat. They let me eat free pastries.

The regular just stares at me in shocked silence. She doesn’t say a word as I pack up her goods. She didn’t say a word to me for the rest of the time I worked there!

Scariest Halloween Costume Turns Out To Be Middle-Aged Ladies Out On The Prowl For Conversations

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It’s Halloween and I’m walking home from work through a part of town known for its fancy stores.

I’m dressed in surgical scrubs and running shoes, with my work ID on a lanyard around my neck the way hospital employees wear theirs, and sprayed with fake blood.

A random woman, well-dressed and in her forties, stops me, and asks if I’m a surgeon. I tell her no. She then starts to talk to me about her medical problems.

Lady, seriously?

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(I’ve been working as a cashier at a grocery store for the past three years. One day, a kid who is a fairly regular customers comes through my lane.)

Kid: “I seriously hate my dad so much.”

(Every single time this kid comes in, he complains about his parents and the fact that they always make him stop at the grocery store to pick things up. I try to ignore it.)

Me: “Oh, sorry to hear that…would you like any bags?”

Kid: “Seriously he makes me come here to buy things all the time. It’s so annoying.”

Me: “Yeah I guess that would be irritating…is that cash or credit?”

Kid: “He’s such an a**hole. You have no idea who hard it is being thirteen!”

Me: “I bet it’s rough. Personally I was already 18 years old when I was born so you’re right, I wouldn’t know.”

Kid: *takes receipt and walks away*

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(For the past few years, I’ve been serving this older man who is probably in his mid 60’s. He seems to have a particular fondness for me and always comes through my lane. He’s loud and friendly, but thinks he and I are more familiar than we are. He came to my cash register one afternoon.)

Customer: “Hia darlin’, how you doin’ today?”

Me: “Good thanks, you?”

Customer: “I’m good. How’s school? You’re in grade 12 right?”

Me: “I am, and it’s pretty busy.”

(I finish the order and hand him his receipt)

Customer: “Thanks good looking’. Don’t let your boyfriend get too rough in bed with ya now!”

(I am speechless and can’t look at him the same anymore.)

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