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When I was in grade school I had a really terrible teacher I’ll call Ms. Trunchbull because she was a shot put champion in high school. Now Ms. Trunchbull hated my guts with a fiery passion and being all of nine years old just could not figure out why. In early October the district psychologist had diagnosed me with a mild executive processing disorder, so for the first time I had an IEP (many years later I learned that this was why she hated me). Immediately after she changed all her lesson plans to things that I absolutely could not do and denied me any extra time for tests and assignments. The smallest excuse was used to give me detention, so I was an hour late everyday and never got recess. I tried to tell the support teacher but she either didn’t believe me or didn’t have the power to do anything about it.

Now because I had an IEP our classroom got a computer a full year before every other class because it was supposed to help me learn or something. This was where the Big Bad Terrible Thing happened. You see Dad was a computer programmer, we had a computer so he could supposedly work from home, but if he wasn’t using it I could. Ours was a dos machine and far, far, more complicated to use than the simple IBM terminal in class that could only run programs off floppies (the big ones not the little 3 1/4 inch floppies). The day after we got the class computer, Ms. Trunchbull was very late. So late that the VP was supervising my class of very bored nine year olds. Me being a big nerd even at that age, asked to use the computer to play games and the VP agreed as long as I showed everyone else how to use the computer.

As I was walking my class through playing Number Munchers, the VP got called away. So out walks the VP and about ten minutes later in walks Ms. Trunchbull. To a crowd exclaiming how smart and cool I was. She absolutely lost it. She screamed at me that I was stupid, I was infecting all the normal kids with my stupid and that the entire class had detention for the rest of the week for allowing themselves to be infected with my stupid. From that point on any kid that spoke to me got detention, I was not allowed to participate in gym and she tried to get me barred from field trips.

Up until this point she had plausible explanations for everything but couldn’t explain this away. My parents didn’t believe me, but the other kids told their parents, who complained to the school. Then she screwed up big time. She just left me in the classroom after school for detention, while she went to a staff meeting; a three-hour staff meeting. I was supposed to go over to a friend’s so Mom didn’t know anything was wrong until about 4:30 when my friend’s mom called her wondering where I was. My mom called the school and of course Ms. Trunchbull lied. Unfortunately for her the janitor was doing an early room check and found me reading a book in the cloakroom. I’d like to say that they fired her on the spot but it was my word against hers and she remained my teacher for the rest of the school year.

It did however spark an investigation into her and eventually her contract was not renewed two years later. They made her the computer teacher the next year to minimize her contact with children, and the 5-8 gym teacher the year after. I found out through my friendship with the school secretary that her behaviour towards me was not an isolated incident, during the investigation several parents came forward about her bullying and it was suspected but not proven that she drove a student to suicide (she was his teacher the year he killed himself). She was deemed un-hireable by the school board, so I don’t think she was ever a teacher again.

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(Note: The store I worked at only sells items that you can see, we do not have a back area to the store because we get only a set amount of items from other companies to sell, also if something is missing from the item it’s likely we don’t have it if it wasn’t already with the product. I had just started cleaning clothing racks when a older woman approached me)

Me: hello ma’am

Customer: Hi this dress is missing it’s belt can you check the back for it?

Me: I can see if my coworker brought it to the front (I go and check and there is no belt. I come back and tell her this)

Customer: oh okay (leaves)

*I continue cleaning when behind me I can hear the woman on her phone*

Customer: I can’t believe the service here. They don’t even have all the parts of the dress. It’s over priced too. F***ing ridiculous. *Towards me* Hey why is this so d*mn expensive?

Me: It’s the prices we were given. We can’t change them.

Customer: I should get a discount for the belt missing

Me: If there is a problem with the dress you can ask the cashiers to help you with that. However it’s likely we didn’t get a belt with it to begin with.

Customer: Well that’s f***ing stupid. You are no help. I want my discount now.

Me: Ma’am I cannot authorize a discount, the cashiers can call a manager to help you. Or if you wish I can go find one to help you now.

Customer: I don’t want the d*mn manager. I WANT A DISCOUNT!

Me: *Gets one of the managers on duty and explains the situation.*

Manager: [My name] has informed of the situation with the belt. And she is correct if there is no belt on the dress and it’s also no upfront there is no belt. We cannot give you a discount for this because you can get a different belt or remove the belt straps.

Customer: THIS IS B***S*** I JUST WANTED A DICOUNT. HORRIBLE SERVICE. WHAT STORE DOESN’T HAVE THE BELT. (She than drops the dress and storms out of the store)

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(I work as a receptionist in the evening shift. Very rarely we get strange people coming in, but they don’t stay too long.)

A lady walks in. Her hair is a little unkempt, but I think little of it.

Me: Good evening, how may I help you?

Her: Is there anyone at the office right now?

(Our office is two floors and some agents don’t say hi when they come in.)

Me: I’m not sure, give me just a second to group page the office.

Her: Alright. I’m looking for an actor, who can work for about an hour. Preferably good looking.

I make the page and wait for a couple minutes. Usually agents would reply back as soon as they hear it, but it was just silence.

Me: I’m sorry, ma’am, it seems that no one is in the office at the moment.

She takes a seat on one of our couches in front of the reception desk.

Her: Is there usually no one in here??

Me: Not at this time, most have gone home for the day.

She gets up and stands next to the desk.

Her: What happened to the blond agent who used to work here? She used to be a barista of some sort.

I had no idea who she was talking about, and we had a few people with blond hair.

Me: I’m not sure who you might be referring to.

She waits a bit longer before asking if an agent is here.

Me: No ma’am, usually they call me right back when I make a page. There is no one in the office right now.

Her: Well then, why am I even here?! I got no time to be waiting around, I’m leaving.

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(I am a twenty-year-old woman and I recently went to a professional baseball game and bought a jersey there. I like jerseys that are loose and somewhat baggy, so the one I bought is a little long on me. During the middle of the game I go to get something to drink and I am waiting at the top of the stands to be let back down to my seat. A woman in her 60s or 70s has been glaring at me the entire time I’ve been standing there, but I don’t think anything of it. When a twelve-year-old boy walks up to wait, she storms off and returns with a security guard.)

Woman: *points at me* “There she is, Officer! I want her arrested right now!”

(Everyone is staring at me, and the security guard looks very confused.)

Security Guard: “Her? Um, for what, exactly?”

Woman: “For public indecency! Look at her! She isn’t wearing any pants! And with a child right next to her!”

Boy: “Child?! I’m almost 13!”

Me: “Um, excuse me, but I have pants on; I’m wearing shorts. My jersey is long, so it covers them up. See?” *lifts my jersey up to show her that I AM wearing shorts*

Woman: “Oh, um…”

Security Guard: *turns to the woman* “Ma’am, I think you’d better return to your seat.”

(I told my boyfriend what happened when I got back to my seat. He couldn’t stop laughing at the idea of someone thinking I would walk around a public stadium full of thousands of people with no pants on!)

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This Scam Is Reproduced All The Time

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(I am a cashier in the express lane. I call the next customer in line to my cash register station. I am of Chinese descent.)

Me: “Hi, sir, how is your day?”

Customer: “Good. I want to price-match all these toothpastes for $2.00 each, and everything else is regular price.”

(He has about ten toothpastes and five other items in the cart.)

Me: “Sure, just let me check the date on the flyer and the toothpaste size.”

(The dates and sizes match the ones he chose.)

Customer: “I have ten coupons for $2 off each of these toothpastes, too.”

Me: “Can I see these coupons, please?”

Customer: “Sure.” *hands it to me*

(I notice the coupons are obviously photocopied and are blurry.)

Me: “Sir, these coupons are photocopies of the original.”

Customer: “Oh. I printed them off my printer.”

Me: “Well, I can obviously tell these coupons are reproductions, and they are invalid. Trying to use photocopied coupons is illegal, and it can be considered fraud, sir.”

Customer: “Well, how do you know they are fake?”

Me: “These are newspaper insert coupons, sir, and plus, they are really blurry.”

Customer: “Well, you know what? I didn’t know cashiers were so smart. I didn’t know you could see so well, because I can tell you are Asian.”

Me: “Well, obviously I proved you wrong, sir.”

Customer: “You know what? F*** you!”

(I don’t say anything. He leaves all his unpaid goods and his cart in front of my till, and I have to clean it up. He also leaves his fake coupons with me.)

Me: *shows coupons to one of my coworkers* “Look what this dumb customer did to me.” *I repeat this story and show her the coupons*

Coworker: “You should have told that dumba** to go f*** himself, too.”

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