Is This An “Oof” Or A “Yikes”?

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My mum’s the bad guy in this. For my 18th birthday, my mum and step-dad took me to a restaurant for dinner. They didn’t have table service, so my mum went to the counter to order for everyone while my step-dad and I found a table.

We sat down at a table for four and were soon joined by an elderly lady we didn’t know. She just smiled and said she couldn’t wait for dinner. Instantly, we both realised she likely had Alzheimer’s and so we remained polite and friendly while waiting for someone to find her.

Unfortunately, Mum came back first. With arms crossed and a frown on her face, she started berating this poor lady. Any time step-dad or I tried to interrupt, she’d just get louder. The poor older lady was clearly confused and near tears.

Mum’s yells attracted the lady’s husband, who apologised on her behalf and explained and confirmed that she did, in fact, have Alzheimer’s and had wandered away while he’d been ordering their food. Thankfully, Mum kept quiet after that.

It was a very awkward dinner and not the last time Mum has gone off at someone who was innocent. The worst part about it was that at that time, Mum was working as a carer for the aged.

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Try NOT To Catch Them With Their Pants Down

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(A customer comes up to the service desk with an expensive five-pack of underwear. This customer frequently refunds stock without a receipt, so I’m wary.)

Lady: “Hi, can I return these, please?”

Me: “Uh… How come?”

Lady: “Well, see, I bought these for my husband a few weeks back, because he doesn’t wear underwear, and I’m trying to get him to. However, he still won’t wear them, so I was just after a refund.”

(I am shocked at her being so open.)

Me: “Awesome, thanks for telling me that.”

(Anyway, it was the last refund we processed for her; she went shopping straight after, and we caught her stealing on the CCTV. She and her underwear-less husband are now banned!)

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Your Loyalty Is Numbered

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(My boyfriend is shopping while I’m looking after the trolley filled with things from a previous shop. When he returns he is smirking.)

Boyfriend: “So, the girl behind the counter just asked for my number.”

(My eyebrows shoot up in surprise.)

Me: “Really?”

Boyfriend: “Yep.”

(He throws something down on the table.)

Boyfriend: “For a loyalty card.”

Me: “Wha… oh. Oh!”

Boyfriend: *laughs at my expression*

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