Wait Until They Find Out What Seven-Eleven Really Means

, , , | Right | February 28, 2021

I grew up in a small town where most things close at 6:00 pm and don’t even open on Sunday, but I have moved to a big city nearby. I call the grocery store by my house on a Sunday afternoon to find their hours.

Me: “Hi, what time do you close today?”

Grocery Store: “Eleven today.”

Me:At night?!

Grocery Store: “…”

Me: “Umm… sorry… Thank you.”

I am an idiot.

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Time Is Relative-ly Stupid

, , , , | Right | February 27, 2021

I am a hostess at a restaurant. This phone call takes place around 7:30 pm.

Customer: “Hi, do you have a table for three people?”

Me: “Yes, I do! What time would you like to come in?”

Customer: “In about an hour.”

Me: “Okay, so, 8:30?”

Customer: “No, that is much too late for us!”

The customer hung up and I was left staring at the phone in bewilderment.

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Snow Reason To Stay Open

, , , , , , | Right | February 18, 2021

It’s the first snowfall of the year, but it’s one of those nights where it starts as rain at 5:00 and then by 9:00 turns into snow. At 8:55, all the customers have left the store, and since we close at 9:00, my manager closes the doors, only to have this interaction happen at 8:59.

Customer: *Pounds on the door* “It’s 8:59! You have to let me in!”

Me: *Looking confused* “Well, we already closed up. Are you sure it’s not 9:00?”

Customer: “Yes, look at your phone!”

Sure, enough my phone says 8:59.

Me: “Well, I really want to get home as soon as possible given the conditions of the road.”

Customer: “I really want you to get home safe, too… but it’s 8:59 so you have to let me in.”

I turn to my manager, who’s out of the viewing distance of the customer and looks extremely confused. We exchange glances for ten seconds.  

Me: *Pulls out my phone* “Oh, no! Look, it’s 9:00 now. Sorry, we’re closed.”

Customer: “It was 8:59 when I got here! This is terrible!”

The customer walked away.

Seriously, we’re open for twelve hours and she just decided she needed crafting supplies at 8:59? No crafting emergency is that serious! Luckily, my manager agreed.

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After… Noon… It’s In The Name

, , , , | Right | February 10, 2021

I work in an appliance repair office. A customer returns our call to see if she is home for service, an hour after I called for her 12:00 to 3:00 pm time slot.

Me: “Thank you for calling [Office]. My name is [My Name]. How may I help you?”

Customer: “I’m returning your call. You left a message saying the technician was on the way about an hour ago. I’m not available. This is ridiculous; I was promised 4:00 pm.”

I check over the notes in her service ticket.

Me: “I do see that you requested an afternoon service, and when we submitted that request, we advised that we try our best to honor the requests we receive, and not every request can be made.”

Customer: “Well, I didn’t even get an afternoon time. You’re lying to me!”

Me: “Ma’am, we had you scheduled between 12:00 and 3:00, and both my technician and I called to verify if someone was home, to which we got no response, so the technician moved on.”

Customer: “You’re lying! I just checked my voicemail. It wasn’t an hour ago. And it’s not in the afternoon!”

Me: “I called you myself at 12:38; I have the notes logged in our system. And afternoon is after 12:00 pm… which it is.”

Customer: “I want to speak to your manager! You clearly don’t understand afternoon, or that I am a busy woman who needs to be accommodated.”

Me: “We contacted you yesterday afternoon regarding your appointment time, which you confirmed. It stated that our tech could arrive anywhere between 12:00 and 3:00 with a call when we were on the way. My dispatch manager is not in, but I can leave him your information for when he returns. As for your appointment, I have to reschedule as your tech is out of the area.”

Customer: “What is your name?! I will report you for not being accommodating to a working woman! What would you do if it was your appliance?!”

Me: “My name is [My Name], and I would schedule an appointment and make myself available for the time given if I wanted my unit fixed.”

Customer: *In a snide tone* “Well, you’ve just been a total pleasure to deal with. You have a wonderful day.”

Me: *In a reciprocating tone* “You as well. I do anything I can to help!” *Click*

Dispatch Manager: “Yeah, I’m not calling her. She wants her s*** fixed, she’d better answer and be available like everyone else. Not my problem.”

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Catch Train 22

, , , , , , | Working | February 5, 2021

My town goes into curfew at 6:00 pm because of the health crisis, and our station decides that this is a good time to cut back on trains. In my job, only [Coworker #1] lives far enough away to have to take the train every night, and when he gets out at 5:00 pm, there is no train for him.

I can hear his supervisor talking to the boss.

Supervisor: “But he leaves at 4:30?”

Boss: “Yes! Temporarily; we are trying to find solutions.”

Supervisor: “Everyone is grumbling because he’s leaving early!”

Boss: “It’s taken off of his days off.”

Supervisor: “But even so, it’s not normal for someone to leave early.”

Boss: “If he goes out on time, he doesn’t have any more trains, and I wouldn’t make him sleep outside, and if we leave him in the offices, we have to have someone to watch over him. Do you agree to stay here tonight?”

The supervisor left and agreed to let him go at 4:30 pm.

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