Not In Any Hurry To Make A Deal

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(We are three students looking for a new flat. I work not very far from campus, but we decide to try and stay in our hometown. I’ve been asking around for some time and I’ve finally found something that I like. I call to set a time and a date.)

Me: “You see, I finish work at 7:00, and I need about fifty minutes to get to the place and find parking. I think we could meet at 8:00?”

Agent: “Fine, we can meet next week there at 7:45.”

Me: “But I just told you…”

Agent: “Can’t you just get out of work ten minutes earlier?”

(I don’t like this at all, but being very anxious about confrontation, I agree. I also tell her my boyfriend and flatmate will be coming, too. Fast forward to the day of the meeting: I manage to get out fifteen minutes earlier, but there is not only a small jam on the way, it’s also August on a very sunny afternoon, and the flat is within thirty meters of the beach. I reach the place at 7:30 but need twenty minutes to find a parking spot. Meanwhile, my boyfriend and flatmate have arrived at the door of the apartment building at around 7:30 and are waiting for me and the agent. When I finally park and pick up my phone, I see four missing calls from the agent, starting at exactly 7:30. I call her.)

Me: “Uh, hi, I…” 

Agent: “You forgot our appointment!”

Me: “No, I didn’t. I’m just five minutes late.”

Agent: “I’ve been waiting for you since 7:30.”

Me: “Sorry, what? I told you I was out of work at 7:00 and needed almost an hour to get there; you were the one who insisted on meeting at 7:45.”

Agent: “Well, I’ve been waiting for you for 20 minutes and now I’m not there anymore.”

Me: “Excuse me?! What do you mean, you’re not there anymore?”

Agent: “I have another appointment now.”

Me: “And what did you expect? To show me the flat in five minutes?”

Agent: “Well, don’t be like that. We can meet on some other day; you just have to actually leave work early this time.”

Me: “No. No. I don’t think we will.”

(I ended the call and refused to pick it back up when she called back. I picked my boyfriend and flatmate up to go home. They told me they had been waiting since 7:30, and that there was a woman, too, across the street, looking at them. She never approached them, despite them being in the precise place she’d told me to wait at, and she left way before 7:45. Despite this, and some other occurrences that I’ll submit at another time, we found a place. Without “help”.)

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You Get A Post Meridiem Post

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(I work in a small ice cream store run by a local family. I typically work the 10:00 to 2:00 shift, which involves cleaning the machines out, restocking the front, and sweeping, and then opening at noon and working the register until 2:00. There is an older gentleman who usually comes in between noon and 12:10, when I’m still doing minor restocking things and am not in the “open/afternoon mindset” yet. I usually try to watch myself around this man, but sometimes I slip up. This conversation happens about 50% of the time.)

Me: “Good morning, sir!”

Old Man: “It’s afternoon! Now I’m not going to tip you!”

Me: “All right, sir, that’s a personal choice. Let me know if you need anything.” *sighs*

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They Be Calling Morning, Noon, And Night

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(I’m setting up my bar in the morning. On Sundays, we open at noon. I hate when the phone rings in the morning because I have a lot of prep work to do and it’s usually stupid questions or sales calls. The phone rings at 11:00 am.)

Me: “Hello, [Bar].”

Customer: “Hi, I was just wondering what time you open.”

Me: “We’ll be opening our doors at noon.”

Customer: “Thanks!”

(I continue setting up, doing the usual prep of making roll-ups and cutting a lot of fruit. At 11:55, the phone rings. It’s the same customer as before.)

Me: “Hello, [Bar].”

Customer: “Hi, I know you open at 12, but my family and I are outside now. Could you let us in?”

Me: “I’m sorry, but I’m not allowed to open the doors before our opening time.”

Customer: “But it’s just five minutes!”

Me: “I’m sorry, but the doors will be open at 12.”

(It’s finally noon, so I grab the keys and head towards the front door. Before I get there, the phone rings again, so I walk back to behind the bar to answer it.)

Me: “Hello, [Bar].”

Customer: “It’s 12; why aren’t the doors open?!”

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Real Estate Doesn’t Rely On Real Times

, , , | Right | April 9, 2020

(On a potential buyer’s request, I have booked a private showing with them at a summer cottage that is over thirty minutes away from the office. I arrange for the owners to be away during the showing, since they are using the property during their vacation. Like always, I hurry to get there fifteen minutes before the arranged time, to unlock doors, etc. I even almost get into a serious car crash when turning left as somebody decided it was a good time to overtake me and the three cars behind me at 100km/h. I have to park my car for a while to just remember how to breathe again. I get to the cottage a few minutes early, and for some reason, I am greeted by the very confused-looking owners and, supposedly, the potential buyer plus their family with their really big camper.)

Me: *introducing myself* “Hi, so, uh… what’s going on?”

Buyer: “Yeah, well, we came here almost an hour ago, and I have to say, this doesn’t meet our expectations at all!” *rant, rant, ranty rant*

Me: “Uh… didn’t we arrange the showing at 13:00?”

Buyer: “Yeah, but we had nothing to do so we came here an hour ago and have been waiting so long!”

(He continues ranting, and then he loads his family back in the camper and drives off.)

Owners & Me: “…”

(This happened somewhere around 2010, and absolutely everyone had cell phones even back then, so they could have at the very least given me a call… or maybe not showed up at the wrong time and bothered the owners during their vacation!)

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Why Won’t You Observe What I’m Saying?

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We’re having a parent observation for the last half-hour of class — 12:30-1:00. It’s 12:25 and a mom walks in.

Mom: “Oh, is it time for the observation?”

Teacher: “Sure! It’s a little early, but come on in.”

Mom: “Isn’t the observation at 12:15?”

Teacher: “It’s at 12:30, but because it’s an observation, you can come on in now. No problem.”

Mom: “Were you the one who sent the email?’

Teacher: “Yes.”

Mom: “And didn’t it say 12:15?”

Teacher: “I believe it said 12:30, but either way, you’re welcome to come in now!”

Mom: “No! It said 12:15!”

Teacher: “I can check the email, but it doesn’t matter; you can just come in now.”

Mom: “I’ll just sit in the lobby.”

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