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Shout-Out To Kind Airport Employees Everywhere!

, , , , , , , | Right | August 18, 2022

This happened a few years ago, back in 2017 or something. I was visiting my friend who lives in Seattle for a few weeks, and this was also my first trip to the USA; I live in Scandinavia.

After a few weeks, it was time for me to travel back home. I didn’t have to be at the airport until the evening, so we spent the day in Seattle, having a blast. I checked with my friend when I should be at the airport, and they said I should be fine with an hour or an hour and a half before my flight leaves, so we decided to drop me off at 18:00. Keep in mind, I was only twenty, I hadn’t traveled too much without my parents, and I also didn’t know the American airport rules, so I didn’t think of checking this myself; I relied on the information my friend gave me, assuming they knew. (Just so it’s said, I don’t blame my friend for anything. I should’ve checked things myself.)

We got there at like 17:50 and said our goodbyes. I walked in with my suitcase, looking for the check-in for my flight. But I couldn’t find it. I started to stress a little and walked back and forth looking for it. I don’t remember how I found out, but I apparently had to check in at the “other airlines” desk, or something like that, which was a tiny desk at the very back.

When I found the desk, it was 18:01.

Employee: “I’m sorry, but we closed check-in at 18:00.”

I immediately started to cry — like BAWLING. The tickets were like 800 to 1000 dollars, at least, and I couldn’t afford a new one. I had a complete breakdown, called my father, and freaked out.

Father: “I’ll figure out what to do and call you back in a minute.”

Meanwhile, the woman at the desk was typing furiously and looking at her computer for anything to help me. I’m sure she saw how upset I was, and I’m not sure if she felt sorry for me. But she found a flight the next day at 13:00. It was even a direct flight back home, while the one I was supposed to take had to land in Amsterdam. She put me on the flight and told me when to show up, where to check in my luggage, etc.

And… I didn’t have to pay anything. She never said anything about how much it cost or how to pay or anything. I never saw a bill. I didn’t really think about how kind that was of her, so I remember that in the midst of panic, I never really thanked her besides a rushed “thank you”. I regret it to this day. I don’t know the policy for rescheduling a ticket, but I’m pretty sure it’s supposed to be fairly expensive since it was my fault for not showing up at the right time. But this might be the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me.

This Is What Happens When You Make Unreasonable Demands

, , , , , , | Working | CREDIT: rphmel1992 | August 18, 2022

This happened in the early 1990s, during the start of the registered pharmacist shortage. I was paying off school loans and trying to save up for a house, etc., so when I was called for extra shifts, I rarely turned them down.

On this particular day, I was off and laying in bed. At 8:45, my phone rang. It was my district manager.

Manager: *Sternly* “I need you to be in [Store] by 9:00.”

This store was an hour away from my house, and I had never worked there before.

Me: “I’ll go in, but I can’t get there until 10:00.”

Manager: *Gruffly* “No! Be there at 9:00!”

Me: “Look! It’s an hour-long drive, so I will get there as soon as I can, but it won’t be by 9:00.”

I got there just before 10:00. In walked my district manager with four of his higher-up bosses, and he immediately started berating me in front of them and customers.

I took it for a couple of minutes, hoping he was just trying to impress his bosses, but he started getting worse and worse about how bad the store’s inventory, tech budget, etc. were.

I’d had enough. And since, at that time, a pharmacist could get a job the next day, I lit back into him.

Me: “You know good and d*** well that I’ve never even been in this store before and that those things aren’t my fault! If you’re going to humiliate me in front of your bosses, then consider this my two-week notice.”

I never heard from the district manager again, but his bosses all came back down to try to talk me into staying.

No Longer In The Dark About How This Works, We Hope

, , , | Right | CREDIT: Goobersniper | August 13, 2022

I work in a very popular small cafe in an upper-middle-class area. I start work at 5:50 am. The first job of the day is to bake trays of muffins, followed by unpacking our bread, fruit and veg, and milk deliveries. After doing this, I dismantle all the boxes and other packaging, fold it all up, and take it outside to the recycle bin. It’s usually quite dark at this time of day and there are a lot of rich, lonely, entitled women wandering the streets in their activewear.

I leave the entry door open while I do the recycling; the bins are twenty feet away and it only takes a minute. All the outside furniture is stacked inside and the lights are all off except the kitchen at the back.

One morning, one of these ladies walked in without me seeing her and basically maneuvered past all the furniture and stood at the counter in the dark waiting to be served.

Me: “I’m sorry, madam, but we don’t open for business until 7:00 am.”

Lady: “Then why are the doors open?”

Me: “That would be the hinges, madam.”

Lady: “What is that supposed to mean?”

Me: “They allow the doors to be swung back and forth, giving our customers an easier method of entry or exit to the building.”

She stormed out, hitting her head on an upturned table and banging her shin on a full crate of milk in the dark.

They Probably Assumed You Could Apparate

, , , , , , , , | Working | August 11, 2022

One day, I am shopping. I get a bunch of ingredients for soup and eggs benny, get to the checkout, and… realize that I forgot my freaking debit card. Stupid online shopping, getting me to take it out of my wallet.

I am very apologetic, and I ask if they can hold my groceries, what time they close, and what time it currently is. I have about thirty-five minutes before they close, and it takes me fifteen minutes just to get home, so I need to hurry.

I. Haul. A**. And I actually do manage to get back to the store just a few minutes before they close, and I get in line to patiently wait for my turn.

After a few minutes, I get to the front, smile, and tell them:

Me: “I just had to run home to get my card. My groceries should be just behind the counter.”

Cashier: “Oh, we only keep them for fifteen minutes, so we’ve already put them back.”

Me: *Pauses* “Excuse me? I just ran all the way home and back because you said you would hold them for me.”

The cashier starts to get pissy.

Cashier: “Well, we can’t just hold onto food forever.”

Me: “And I get that, but you don’t think that would’ve been good to know before I ran all the way home and back?!”

Cashier: “Well, it’s not my fault!”

I wave toward the store.

Me: “So, can I go get my groceries?!”

Cashier: *Sarcastically* “Oh, sure, I’ll just stay half an hour past closing.”

I said nothing and went to grab a basket since all I could think to say were variations of “not my f****** problem”. I quickly retraced my steps and got most of my groceries; I wouldn’t be able to make soup without another trip, but I would be able to make eggs benny as planned.

I got back to the cashier, and she did have the good grace to thank me for being quick. She also agreed with me that the original cashier should have told me the fifteen-minute time limit before sending me on a thirty-minute round trip. Because she had made such a big deal about how late I was going to keep her, as soon as I exited the doors, I checked the time: 21:02. I had kept her past close by a whopping two minutes.

Is It Also A Time Machine Like That Hot Tub In That Movie?

, , , , , , , | Working | August 8, 2022

About twenty years ago, I was moving out of the rented room I lived in after starting my first job into a condo of my own. I was renting from a friend, so all I had to do after moving out was rent a carpet cleaning machine and clean the carpet in the room.

I went to the service desk at the local supermarket and rented a popular carpet cleaning machine. Time-check: 11:55 am.

I loaded the machine into the trunk of the car and drove it over to my old place. The room was about ten feet by ten feet, so the entire setup, cleaning, and packing back up took less than an hour. I grabbed a quick lunch, said goodbye to my friend, and drove the machine back to the store.

Time-check: about 2:00 pm.

I went over to the service desk to return the carpet cleaner.

Employee: “I’m going to have to charge you for an extra day, since it was due back by noon.”

Me: “But I rented it at 11:55 am.”

Employee:  “But it’s still due back by noon.”

Me: “So, I was expected to take it home, set it up, use it, clean it up, and return it in five minutes?”

Employee: “Uh-huh.”

Me: “I’m sorry, that doesn’t make any sense. I’m going to need to see a manager.”

She looked at the paperwork again.

Employee: “Oh! You rented this today! You can keep it longer. Do you want to just hang onto it?”

Me: “What am I going to do with a carpet cleaning machine? Clean random carpets? The job is done, and I’d like to get this returned.”

Now I have another story where it’s easier to say, “Uh-huh…” to me than it is to pay attention to the words coming out of my mouth.